Saturday, 14 February 2015

Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I hope that those of you in relationships got well treated today.

Over the last few weeks my email inbox had been receiving Hearts and Love in preparation for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart activity.  I have a lovely spreadsheet and each person has now been emailed a picture from a random participant.

At some point today they will post the picture they receive on their blog and wait for their Secret Stitching Sweetheart to reveal her identity by leaving a comment.

Here is the full list of participants (in no particular order):

So please hop over to the blogs and leave a nice comment.  Each participant will be trying to locate the photo they sent in and trying to find out who sent their's.

There are new faces in the blog hop again this year.  I have seen a few comments recently on FB that people don't seem to be blogging as much.  But this is definitely not my experience.  I have found there are the longtime bloggers who have been blogging since the early days, then there a group of us who started about four years ago when blogging was really huge and finally the newbies of a year or less.  People do come and go but there always seem to be new people coming in to take their place.  Which is nice, I always try to return the following and meet new people.  And it is also why my Reader is always so full!

This Blog Hop is just for fun but watch out for the Easter one coming soon!

I don't usually get a photo for this hop (because it wouldn't be much of a secret!) but this year one person sent in two photos and I chose this one for my Valentine.  Can you guess who sent it to me?

I made the border for the collage!

Here are a couple of little seasonal stitches I have on display this time of year:

(She has an Etsy shop too)

Finally, I will be back tomorrow with the Gifted Gorgeousness Link Up for February, never too late to join in with that one.


  1. Yay! I am so glad you got a Valentine this year. I might have a guess who your Valentine is. ;)
    Your seasonal stitches are great. You know I like the pink one, but the black and red are so dynamic!
    Off to have fun now. Thank you Jo!

  2. I guess Vickie!! The poodles are a definite giveaway! Her trademark! Having fun with the blog hop today... Hugs!

  3. love the stitching with the doggies.. so cute!
    thank you for organizing and having us.. I'm off to find that secret sweetheart.. ;)

  4. Lovely Valentine stitching .

    Thank you also for my card Jo , so pretty and is sitting on the dresser , your's will be on it's way Monday

  5. Oh no!I guess I missed the sign up....but Happy Valentine's day to all and I will stop by to visit everyone.

  6. Lovely pictures - and - of COURSE, the poodles have to be from Vickie!!

  7. Lovely pictures Jo. Love the poodles.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, Jo, and I am so glad that you got a pic this year, too. Great bloghop, as always.

  9. Jo yeuse Saint Valentin ! I'm still searching my secret stitching valentine, love your "stitcherhood - love" red/black, it's great! Thanks for the hop. Hugs. xxx

  10. Such adorable poodles. Happy Valentine's Day. Blogging has its very own niche and I don't think that will ever go away.

  11. Hi Jo, Happy Valentine's Day!
    Poodles point to one lovely person.... Vickie :) i am so pleased that you got a pic too :)
    Thank you for organising the blog hop.... I will start my journey now to see who got my photo :)
    Hugs xx

  12. Lovely Valentine's stitching Jo

  13. Thanks for doing this Jo. I still don't know who made my Valentine but hopefully they will reveal themselves soon.

  14. ... I have been hopping and have seen some very lovely Valentine pieces. Ha, not a lot of imagination needed to know who sent you these poodles. Nice idea to send something to you, too.

  15. I finally have computer time so I'm going to be hopping through the blog hop posts. I look forward to seeing who has mine. Thanks for hosting!

  16. No, I cannot guess who that could possibly be from... which lovely person likes poodles so very, very much? :D

    Your Drawn Thread freebie is great; love all those random stitches. It's one of those 'fondle-able' works of art.

  17. Thanks for hosting this blog hop, it was lots of fun visiting everybody's blogs :) I do adore your own seasonal stitching as well!

  18. Thank you so much for organising this even though I failed at the last hurdle

  19. I've just commented on those little poodles, such a wonderful little gift to receive for your own valentine.

  20. I loved the blog hop and am really glad I participated! THANK YOU so very much :D


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