Friday, 5 December 2014

Is It Still Hallowe'en?


Oh well, Hallowe'en stitching is for life not just for October!  I finished Jack-A-Rachnid today.  I could have finished him a week ago but I didn't have the beads and while I got 15% off in SewandSo's sale I did have to wait a little longer than usual for them to be dispatched.  Think 2-3 days instead of next day!

I stitched him one colour at a time starting with the black so the photos show the addition of each new colour:

Black only

918 added

3776 added

720 added

3825 added

Beads added.

The Jack part!

Wow, you can really tell the difference between the first scanned pictures and the final photographs.  The fabric looks totally different.  In real life it is not as bright as the scanned pictures and more vibrant than the photos!  It is a random piece of 32 count linen from a Crafty Kitten grab bag.  The design is by Tempting Tangles and comes from JCS Sep/Oct 2013.

I hope you are enjoying the daily updates on the Advent Calendar and remembering to visit each new blog every day.  Update time depends upon whether I am working or not but it will always be done by early evening.  Assuming the poster has remembered to post!  I am loving the stories about Best Present Ever this year, it's been a lovely heart-warming topic so far.  

Although I don't have a door myself this year I thought I'd share my story today.  A couple of years ago we had a pretty tough year, it was one of those years when you look forward to Christmas because you know it will all be over soon and you get a nice shiny New Year!  Hubby and I had set a budget for presents which we stuck to.  I can't remember what I got but it was probably something stitching related I had chosen myself!

After all the presents were opened hubby gave me and the Large Boy an envelope with a clue in it.  We solved the clue and found another and so on around the house.  Finally at the end we found an enormous wrapped box addressed to us both with love from Hubby and the Small Boy.  Very curious.  We unwrapped it and were bowled over by the most awesome present you could ever imagine.

I will interrupt myself at this point to say when I told this story to my colleage at work and said "Guess what I got for Christmas" he guessed correctly first time because he "said the most awesome thing he could think of".  Shows how much we have in common LOL.

Anyway, here is a photo of the most awesome thing ever!

Yes, hubby bought us the Lego Death Star!!

How utterly cool is that?

Finally, we now have 25 people joining me for Gifted Gorgeousness so far!  More are welcome.  Don't worry if you don't think you can join in much, just post and link up whichever month you have stitched on something suitable.


Vickie said...

Okay, I did NOT guess the Death Star, BUT I did guess Legos! =)

Kate said...

Cool, indeed! :)

D1-D2 said...

That is the best gift ever! I've always wanted the R2-D2 model.

Caitlin D said...

Awesome Legos! The pumpkin - spider looks great!! I'm so excited to start this SAL! Glad you've got quite a few signed up :-)

Jacquie Morris said...

Love your spider... its turned out actually really nice, by that I mean not scary! Its really lovely :) The fabric is wonderful :)
OH MY!! The Lego Death Star!!! OMG!! Han would love this! She really still loveds lego too!
She has all the Lego Playstation 3 games and loves playing them :)
Brilliant response to the year long SAL.
Happy smiles :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Hmm not afraid of spiders and yours definitely has realistic qualities

Leonore Winterer said...

Nice finish on the spider...I agree, Halloween stitching is not just for October. There's way to much awesome Halloween patterns out there for that!

And wow to the Death Star! My scret dreams involve the more 'adult' level Lego Star Wars models, but those are way out of price range...but I'd love to build the death star as well :D

Katie said...

I'm afraid of spiders but little guy is just too cute! Congrats on the finish. To me your Christmas present is the best ever too. My son loves Star Wars and I love to build Lego's. Last year I got the HUGE R2D2 to do and had so much fun making it. I pouted when I finished it. LOL how funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

I love your spider and really like the fabric you used.
Lovely present story too (:
Wishing you a good weekend x

gracie said...

Magnificent the story.

Suz said...

Happy spider is still awful (lol), but congrats on the finish! It is a well done piece of art, even if it is a spider :)

And what a great story on the Lego Death Star! I'm jealous!

Linda said...

The spider is gorgeous Jo. I did Lego's with my daughter when she was young.


rosey175 said...

Oooh how suitable for Halloween; that spider with his face on his back is creepy (in a good way!).

YES LEGO DEATH STAR. I got my husband the 10k series Star Destroyer but I refuse to let him keep it assembled because they are such a PITA to dust LOL. But reassembling them is 99% of the fun anyway!! Now if only I could find a reasonably-priced Falcon. You definitely win the Most Awesome Present Award ahaha.

Nic said...

Such a smiley little spider, I do not like spiders but he is ok. I am so jealous you got the Lego Death Star - I can definitely see that in my - sorry my son's - future :-) We've got some Star Wars lego for my little boy for his birthday and I am so looking forward to building it for (sorry with) him!

Miss Lilly said...

Lovely stitching! I don't like spiders but this one looks pretty cool ^^

Awesome Death Star! The last big lego we got was the haunted house modular before it went oop. Can't wait to see it come together *___*

KimM said...

Love the progression on the spider - very nice - and the Death Star - AWESOME!!!

Mii Stitch said...

Love the spider! (it's the only time you'll hear me say such thing) and my hubby would agree with the awesome Lego Death Star... he has it too and is mad for these little plastic bricks :)

Julie said...

Mr spider looks a lot less spooky now he's dressed in some colour.

Astrids dragon said...

Great spider, I love the progression of pictures.

Your gift was fab, I bet that's something my boys would love too!