Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September WIPocalypse Who Do You Stitch For?


WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi of Measi's Musings.

The main focus of my WIPocalypse this year is my "14 in '14" a list of 14 projects I wanted to complete in 2014.  In the last month I have worked on four of the list.  Here is the current stitching status of each one:

6. Primitive Hare - Spooky Countdown
Having completed all the blocks I decided to make a start on the header which I have now completed!
To make it smaller I decided to stitch it over 1 on the same 32count fabric.  I did the stripy border over 2 because it was so much quicker that way!

7. The Little Stitcher - 12 Days of Christmas

12. A Mon Ami Pierre - Noel Blanc
There has been slow progress on this one because the design in the bottom left border is all over 1.

13. Jannlynn Designs  - Gathering Honey
Got loads of this done on holiday because there was poor internet!

Measi also gives us a topic to discuss:

Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?

I haven't done a countup of all 429 finished pieces on my Happy Dance blog but I suspect it would come out as roughly 50/50.  My older son has the most pieces of any individual person but I have also stitched a lot of wedding samplers and baby samplers.  I have a slight preference for baby samplers as the recipients tend to stay together and not get divorced two years later!

I do have quite a good track record for weddings, only two have actually ended in divorce (other people's that is, not mine!!)

There was once a custody battle over a baby sampler I did.  The father was a friend of my husband and I stitched a sampler for his new baby.  When he left the mother shortly afterwards she phoned us very upset because he had taken the baby sampler with him!  So my husband phoned him and told him in no uncertain terms that the stitching stayed with the baby.  

I have stitched for teachers each year and support workers for my younger son.  Now I have a blog I stitch for other stitchers which is both rewarding and nerve-wracking!  According to my Happy Dance blog I have also stitched on 29 Round Robin pieces with five more to be added when they are completed.

Out of the pieces I have kept for myself, the majority are framed and on the walls somewhere in the house.  I do rotate my display pieces seasonally.  I also scrapbook alot of the smaller pieces and display one of those per month.

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cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
So sweet xxx

diamondc said...

Great progress, love ALL YOUR WIPS.


Linda said...

Wonderful progress Jo.


Marcy said...

Everything looks great. I can't wait to see your Halloween piece finished.

Christine said...

Great stitching. I love how the word Spooky and the bat underneath make a face.

Thoeria said...

Great going as always :) I do love the banner for the countdown!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching Jo (:

Preeti said...

Nice to read about so many projects of yours. I am into third year of blogging now and still haven't accomplished many finishes. But then it's ok because my time is divided into crochet and cross stitch. I hope to get some more cross stitching done...but I dread to finish it into something.

Mii Stitch said...

Love your Halloween stitching :)

Julie said...

Gathering honeys looking wonderful. Still loving noël though.

diamondc said...

There is a pattern simnilar to the Gathering Honey in a very old Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine from way back in the late 80s early 90s love the look of your stitching, great projects.


Anne said...

All of WIP's are coming along nicely Jo! I had to laugh when I read about how the baby sampler was taken by the Wow. That's a good amount of stitching you have done for others! I stitch for me and others all at the same time. I wish as a teacher I would get something stitched...hehee!! HUGS!!

KimM said...

Lovely progress.

Kaisievic said...

I ALWAYS love to read about your stitching projects, Jo. You are so prolific and so talented.

CathieJ said...

Your stitching is very pretty. I hope you keep making progress on your "14 for 14".

Jan Jones said...

Lovely progress Jo, Can't wait to see "spooky Countdown" all assembled...

Brigitte said...

I was sraying away from the computer for a while and when coming back I noticed hundreds of new blog entries in my feedly reader. Wow and sigh. BUt I will continuously work on them until everything is read, lol.

Great to see the header of Spooky Countdown. And all this progress on your other WIPs. And thanks for mentioning your Happy Dance blog. Maybe I should do the same because all the platforms where I started storing my finishes went out of business after a while.

Giovanna said...

Love the Countdown top! I started the bottom yesterday :-)