Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stitch from Stash August Update

Stitch From Stash 2014
Stitch from Stash is hosted by Mel from Epic Stitching

Essentially the idea behind Stitch from Stash is that we are limited to spending US$25 (or £15) per month. There are various exemptions (Birthday money, existing mag subs, clubs etc) but the idea is not to try and pervert the rules and to stitch some of that stash!  I will be posting on or around the 20th of each month because that is when I get paid!

Money from Christmas 2013
£ 40.00
January Budget
£ 15.00
January Spend
£ 25.84-
February Budget
£ 15.00
February Spend
£ 18.99-
March Budget
£ 15.00
March Spend
£   8.42-
April Budget
£ 15.00
April Spend
£ 16.19-
May Budget
£ 15.00
May Spend
£   0.00
June Budget
£ 15.00
June Spend
£ 51.00-
June Bonus
£ 30.00
July Budget
£ 15.00
July Spend
£ 17.00-
£ 37.56

Madame Chantilly 2 charts
£ 19.72-
Needleprint magazine
£ 10.00-

£   7.84
August Budget
£ 15.00
Available to carry forward to September
£ 22.84

Allowed purchases:
Jodyri Threads of Month Club : £ 5.54
Cross Stitch Collection subs: £11.39

I needed to buy a chart for my cousin's new baby.  OK there are three cousins having new babies this year!  Not bad considering I only have 5 cousins.  My actual cousin had her's four months ago and I stitched a C for her.  Another cousin's wife is expecting at the end of August, I stitched a JBW Noah's Ark for her first baby and am undecided what to stitch for this one.  The third pregnancy is actually my second cousin but who is counting!  They have a nautical theme for baby's room and this chart seemed perfect to me:

 I will stitch baby's name in the banner where it says Holidays.

The chart was not available as a PDF so I had to pay postage and as we all know, the rule is Always Maximise Your Postage.  So I bought this one for me too!

There is also a Christmas one and a Roses one (for Spring), so who knows I may buy those and stitch all four as seasonal pieces.  In the envelope there was also a free bunny chart and a cute little owl charm, totally unexpected and very lovely.  I would definitely recommend Madame Chantilly.

So those were my purchases for the month.  A little over the £15 but I have been carrying over money every month so it was OK.  Then I saw the Needleprint blog where they are selling off alot of their older books and magazines.  Usually they are out of my budget but this one wasn't:

It's a book/big thick magazine/bookazine/callitwhatyouwill and is packed with various different sewing projects.  Including this lovely little box with all sorts of things inside it.  A real challenge to my finishing skills but the instructions do look clear.

New Starts from Stash: No new starts from stash
WIPs and UFOs worked on: A Mon Ami Pierre Noel Blanc, Primitive Hare Spooky Countdown, The Little Stitcher 12 Days of Christmas, Just Nan Moon Riders

A Mon Ami Pierre - Noel Blanc
Finished that square border and started the over 1 stitching inside

Primitive Hare - Spooky Countdown

The Little Stitcher - 12 Days of Christmas

Just Nan - Moon Riders Jack and Jasper

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Vickie said...

On The Beach is a very cool choice for baby. :)

Beth said...

Love On the Beach and am now drooling at the Etsy site!

Linda said...

Great new stash Jo.


rosey175 said...

Love the witchy stash find! That cat with his own broom! <3

Thoeria said...

You sure are making lovely progress Jo! I love that magazine/bookazine/callitwhatyouwill! Never seen that before so will be heading over to their site and having a peak!

Mii Stitch said...

I was curious to see which Madame Chantilly charts you got :) Well, they are both fantastic. I find it too difficult to choose, all her designs are just so lovely. Have fun stitching those!

Julie said...

A post full of lovely new things and you still have money carried over too.

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on this months SFS. Lots of lovely stitching and your new stash is just lovely. That box looks just stunning. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIPs are looking great!

SoCal Debbie said...

"Always Maximize Your Postage" sounds like a great motto! What a pretty chart for the baby! Your stitching white on blue looks so pretty!

Michelle said...

A lovely design for Baby. I just sold off a lot of my charts on e-bay and made quite a lot of money which I shall take to Yarndale. Love the Inspirations magazine it looks wonderful xx

Christine said...

I love the "on the beach" chart, off to check out the website next.
I have/had 40 cousins, fortunately their baby having days are long behind them

KimM said...

Lovely charts - and ooooo - the magazine - I thought really hard over purchasing it…..glad to hear it's yours!!

Anonymous said...


Lovely stitching and great stash.
You are really doing well with SFS!
Happy wweekend (:

LKICT said...

What a fun report! Love the Madame Chantilly patterns.

Anne said...

You are doing an amazing job with the Stitch from Stash!! Great new stash haul! I always try to maximize my postage by ordering at least two things!! That way I don't feel so bad...hehe. Great progress on your WIp's!! Hugs to you dear Jo!

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on your WIPs. And well done on the challenge. I go with exactly the same rule about postage. No matter how little or how much you order, it's always a lot of postage, so it must be worth it, lol.