Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Just Nan SAL

Just Nan SAL
Just Nan SAL is hosted by Zeb of Keep Calm and Cross Stitch

Once again I have been stitching on Winter Typography.  I toyed with the idea of stitching a small instead but really want to finish this one this year!  It is taking so much longer than the Autumn one did.  No idea why.

Here is how it looked last month:

And here is the latest picture:

I stitched quite alot more white, two WINTERS and filled in some of the pale blue stitches in the white snowflakes.  They look really nice in real life.  There is a rabbit, a bird, a snowman, some more WINTERS and alot more border to do before I start on the beads.

The second postcard in the Summer Blog Hop went out today.  So watch out for that appearing in your Readers and Dashboards soon.  Once the recipient posts it to her blog I will put the link up.  Don't forget there is still plenty of time to join in.

Finally, Chiara the Grey Tail hosted her second Enigma challenge recently.  She has been posting a series of clues to a piece she is stitching.  Very enigmatic clues which have foxed everyone except Heather who had the inspired correct guess after just one clue.  Anyway Chiara reveals the answer today.  If you haven't been following the Enigma you should start with this post and work forward to see how long it take you to work it out!


  1. Wonderful progress Jo.


  2. Well done Jo they are looking great x

  3. Lovely stitch such a pretty color of fabric.


  4. Wow that is just so pretty and really stands put on the fabric you're using!

  5. It is looking soooo pretty!!!

  6. This piece is amazing!! Lovely progress!! :)

  7. Hmmm...foxed...that could actually be another clue. ;) It's been so tempting to post my own hints to Chiara's really was the luckiest of guesses, LOL!!

    Winter Typography is looking great. And I see you're braver than I am, posting the previous progress picture. I figure if anyone wants to chortle at my miniscule progress, they should have to put in the work to find last month's post!

  8. Lovely! It looks so delicate ^^

  9. It looks great. For me, stitching with white seems to slow me down.


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