Monday, 9 June 2014

A Little Behind

No, not a reference to my petite derriere, but the fact that the combination of frogs and a new SAL have made me fall behind on my self-imposed schedule for Spooky Countdown!

The plan was to stitch one block per weekend.  But last weekend I dedicated to frog-slaying and re-stitching Noel Blanc so I only managed half a block and then this weekend I became obsessed with the new Joan Elliott SAL on FB so I completed Block 18 and managed 3 lines on Block 19.

To be fair, there is quite alot of dense stitching in those pumpkins.

And Block 19 looks like nothing at all!

So here's the start on the SAL:

Remember last post where I was debating with myself about stitching it over 1 or over 2?  I finally decided on over 2 but with the option to stitch the faces over 1 as suggested by someone on FB.  This proves my point about asking for advice online - if you have two equally valid choices you cannot decide between, you can guarantee that someone will come up with a third equally valid choice just to confuse you!  Or in this case, help you out!

The fabric is a piece of Crafty Kitten Jazlyn called Snapdragon.

Thank you to everyone for your commiserations on the frogs over the last two posts, it's worth re-visiting the previous post to this one to read Christine's and Julie's in particular as they both made me giggle!

Finally, don't forget the Summer Postcard Blog Hop.  This year's theme is Gardens, click on the picture of the garden to the top right of the blog for more details.  I have received a few pictures so far and once I get to six I will start sending them round to people.


Linda said...

Wonderful progress Jo. I was going to do the Joan Elliott SAL but if there is over 1 stitching it won't work on 14ct.


Shebafudge said...

I'm absolutely loving the fabric you chose for the JE SAL! I have no idea at all as to what I am going to do about mine yet. The SAL will be over at this rate!

Sorry about the frogs you have encountered, hopefully they have left you now ;)

Krista said...

Great progress, Jo! SALs are addictive aren't they?

Christine said...

Hmmm, 19 looks like the top of a roof maybe?
Gorgeous fabric for the SAL

Julie said...

19 makes me think of Drac in a Box you stitched, but I bet its something completely different to that!
oooo what a lovely fabric you finally decided on.

Lili said...

Cute pumpkins!!
Lovely fabric!!


Lee said...

Welcome Jo as a follower to my blog as my newest follower there is some news for you under my latest posting "TWO"
look forward to hearing from you
Lee from under the mountain.

Giovanna said...

Nice new start, and nice pumpkins. I'm behind on the latest block too, will probably get two done together these days.

♥ Nia said...

Frog-slaying sound so funny :p
More work than you wished for but your wip looks very nice :)

The Crafty Princess said...

You go Buffy! That was quite a frogging experience you had! At least it's behind you and you can put down that stake! Your Halloween piece looks so cool, I love seeing the updates on it.

I agree the people on fb are a wealth of info and only too glad to help. Great bunch! Love the fabric Snapdragon, it's almost too pretty to stitch on.

Good luck with the JE SAL
xo Alicia