Wednesday, 28 May 2014

TUSAL of Birds and Little Animals and Smalls SAL May Update

It's TUSAL time again!  For those of you new to blogging, the TUSAL is a project run by Daffycat, click on the button on the right hand bar for more details.

This year I am intending to stitch The Little Stitcher's Twelve Days of Christmas as a monthly project.  Laura has designed twelve charts with a different theme for each one to represent the days of Christmas.  She has invented the different themes herself using her lovely imagination!

This weekend I have stitched The Day of Birds and Little Animals.  Here it is as part of my TUSAL photo:

I realise that cows and sheep are not really "little" animals but my son made them at school last week so I thought they should be in the picture.  NB the Small Boy made them, not the 11 year old!

Here is the design close-up:

And to keep in the theme, here are some birds and little animals that come and visit our garden:

Muntjac Deer

Pleasant Pheasant

Owl (of some description!)

We also have the usual range of pigeons, blackbirds, magpies, robins, sparrows etc but they are not so unusual so don't get their photos taken.  Neither do the moles who are the bane of my husband's existence!

Today is also the day to post my Smalls SAL update:

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Stitching Lotus

I chose three different monthly themes to follow this year:

Hallowe'en Ornie SAL - 12 different themes
Little Stitcher Fairy Tale 12 Days of Christmas - one per month
Primitive Hare Spooky Countdown - one per week starting 31st January

The theme for Hallowe'en was Monsters so I stitched Frankenstein's Kitty from Carand88:

The Little Stitcher Day 5 you can see above and here is the latest on the Spooky Countdown again:

Finally, I will be running the Summer Postcard Blog Hop again this year.  The theme will be Gardens.  Click on the picture of the stitching in the garden on the right for more details.  This Blog Hop lasts for the whole of the Summer so it doesn't matter if you are away on holiday for a week or two, you won't miss it!


Linda said...

Great finishes Jo.


KimM said...

Wonderful stitching - great pictures!!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! I have never heard of or seen a Muntjac Deer. Neato!

Kaisievic said...

Beautiful stitching, as always and I love the animal pics - all of them.

Pamela said...

Your winter small scene is very sweet!

Shebafudge said...

Gorgeous stitching. What a lovely lot of wildlife you have too. Tell hubby that molehills are supposedly VERY good for the garden, not sure about the moles though!

cucki said...

Sweet x

Pull the other thread said...

Great stitching!

Lili said...

Beautiful stitching!!
Nice visits!! ;) Cool pictures!


Julie said...

Lovely visitors, I'd never get any stitching done watching them out of the window.

Great stitchy progress for this month.

Meri said...

I really like the Halloween ones :)

Thoeria said...

Great stitching Jo!

Wendy said...

you have been busy! Some great finishes there

Susan said...

Love the frankencat! Small Boy did a great job on the sheep and cow. Thanks for the photos - that type of deer is a new one to me. I love pheasants but have not seen any here. I have to agree with your Hubby on the moles. I step in too many holes or through the tops of tunnels while mowing the lawn to think they are anything other than a pest.

Marcy said...

Great set of smalls. And very cute work by your son -- love that sheep.

Shirlee said...

I really need to start stitching those 12 Days ... lol! What fabric are you using again?

Faith... said...

How cool of the animals come to visit you! Your son's sheep and cow look awesome. You got in lots of stitching and it all looks great!

Elunia said...

Great stitching :)