Tuesday, 29 April 2014

TUSAL of Trees

It's TUSAL time again!  For those of you new to blogging, the TUSAL is a project run by Daffycat, click on the button on the right hand bar for more details.

This year I am intending to stitch The Little Stitcher's Twelve Days of Christmas as a monthly project.  Laura has designed twelve charts with a different theme for each one to represent the days of Christmas.  She has invented the different themes herself using her lovely imagination!

This weekend I have stitched The Day of Trees.  Here it is as part of my TUSAL photo:

The bag had the present from Martha in it and was too nice to put away!

And here is the close-up:

I made a few minor counting mistakes in this one, one tree-trunk is a stitch longer than the other and one tree is a stitch closer to the centre than the other.  But you wouldn't know it was wrong unless I told you!
The themes are working out nicely considering they are based on 12 Days in Winter (hence all the snow!).  This month is the Day of Trees and Laura recommends bringing evergreens into the house and decorating with a red ribbon.  Instead I went out into the garden and took a couple of photos:

The lilac hedge is mine but the blossom tree is my neighbour's.  I can see this from the dining table near my kitchen window and it is beautiful.

This next one is one of those conifers that the label says "reaches 5 foot within 10 years".  They don't mention what happens in the next ten years!!  This one must be over 10 feet tall.

Here are the first four Days of Christmas designs:

I have a new online collage-maker -  Apparently there is a collage-maker already installed within Picasa but I couldn't get it to work (the option was greyed out).  So I found this one. It's free and really easy to use.  So I experimented with a nice border for this one!

Finally, I have been stitching my owl for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL and I'm not happy with it.  I used the DMC conversion and the colour for the alphabet is all wrong for the fabric.  I stitched the tree and it still looks wrong so I feel a frogging session coming on!

I'm thinking dark navy?


  1. Love your stitching - and like the blue idea. xxx

  2. Gorgeous stitching and that lilac hedge is wonderful. I bet it smells lovely!

  3. The little stitcher series is so lovely!

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  5. love the stitcher series ... wouldn't have seen the wood for the trees ... hehehe
    cute border thanks for the link ... gorgeous hedge and hmmmmm 930 perhaps ??? love mouse xxxx

  6. Love the day of trees! I just adore trees! Beautiful hedge of lilacs out back. The lilacs around here are just starting to open. Adorable 12 days of Christmas stitching. I didn't notice the tree heights and still can't see it! Hugs!

  7. Lovely orts! I love this 12 days series, the designs are so sweet.

  8. Lovely photos! Really like your four Days of Christmas finishes : )

  9. Your four blocks look so pretty! All lovely :)

  10. Nice jar!!
    Twelve Days of Christmas is so pretty!!

    I like the colours on your Halloween ornament :)


  11. I enjoy so much the Twelve Days of Christmas!
    My TUSAL post is here:

    take a look!

  12. I think the purple alphabet is perfect for a Halloween design and would only do all that frogging if you truly can't stand it!

  13. Thanks for the link to the collage maker - very useful.


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