Thursday, 6 February 2014

Starting a New SAL

because I don't have enough to stitch already!!

The new SAL is actually part of my planned stitching this year so that's OK.  Back in 2013 Chiara of The Grey Tail sent me a signed copy of Spooky Countdown by Primitive Hare.  Giovanna also has this chart and so we decided to do a little SAL, one motif a week until Hallowe'en.  By starting on 31st January this actually gives us 30 weeks to stitch the motifs and 10 weeks spare to stitch the top and bottom pieces plus fnishing (and catching up on missed weeks!)

Here is the finished design:

And my progress so far:

I found it very hard to decide which fabric to use, 28 over 1 or 32 over 2.  Anyway I started on 32 over 2 and it seems rather large to me.  Maybe this weekend I'll do a test piece on 28 over 1 and see how that looks.

My main focus has been my Scarlet Letter Sampler, Elizabeth Burrows.  I really want to finish this by 20th February but it will be pushed to the wire!  I do have the 19th off work so maybe I will spend all day frantically stitching and post a finish at 11.59pm.

The other piece I am working on is Noel Blanc by A Mon Ami Pierre.  I stitch one or two lengths of thread each evening while supervising the Small Boy's bath.  The first photo is from 20th January:


and here is today's photo (16 days of stitching later)

This is the full width of the piece and it is now too wide to fit on the scanner so I have to photograph it.  I like this piece alot and have every intention of finishing it to display next Christmas.

Famous Friends - WOCS magazine recently featured a link to IHSW on their FB page as a rather brilliant new idea (only slightly spoiled by FB deciding to add the WIPocalypse logo not the IHSW one!!).  This raised lots of interest among their FB readers and one lady said she would like to join in but didn't know how to start a blog.  Ever helpful I sent her a copy of my "How to Create a Blog" crib sheet.  And here is the result - Pam's Stitching Diary.  She has posted some of her finishes, including a gorgeous lifelike Alsatian dog.  I am not a dog-lover but if I was forced I would have an Alsatian, I think they look like such intelligent animals.  Obviously not as intelligent as cats but they are only dogs LOL.

Finally, only three days to sign up for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop.  Just send me a photo of something suitable to be sent to another stitcher as a token of friendship/love before 10th February.  More details found on the link from the Big Heart to the right of the blog.


  1. Love the new SAL and great stitching update! The winter design on dark fabric is gorgeous. I just hopped over to Pam's blog too...

  2. Hi Jo! I do have a new Valentine piece stitched. I need to finish it, and I will shortly. Then the picture will come to you before the 10th. =)
    Hit it hard with Elizabeth! You can do it!!

  3. Your projects are looking lovely, great progress

  4. Just been to visit Pam...told it's all your fault!

  5. Wonderful progress on Elizabeth! I am sure you will make it to the finish line. I am working on the big push too, we can root for each other!

  6. I'm looking forward to following your Spooky Countdown SAL! Noel Blanc is beautiful. I'm a new follower of Pam's blog now!

  7. Great progress Jo and I love your new start.


  8. Oooh the new SAL looks awesome! Can't wait to see more :)

  9. Lovely new SAL you are doing :)
    The Noël design is really lovely - great progress happening with that one
    Just been over to say hi to Pam. Saw the article on FB... Shame the wrong logo came up!! Never mind :)
    Well done helping Pam start up a blog... I think that's a lovely thing to do :)
    Hugs x

  10. That's going to be a nice companion piece to the one from the Note of Friendship girls, forgot the name. Went and left a nice comment on Pam's blog. Fingers crossed for the 20th!

  11. Such beautiful stitching and I look forward to your Halloween stitching throughout this year.

  12. I love Spooky 'Countdown! It'll be fun watching it all come together.

  13. Love the new SAL - look forward to watching it grow xx

  14. Gorgeous progress Jo!
    Thanks for introducing me to Pam's blog and bringing her into this wonderful community of stitcher's!

  15. Hello Jo

    Lovely stitching update - the new start is great!
    Happy weekend (:

  16. Oooh, good, I was going to ask you about posting Spooky - I'll get my second block done tonight and post both tomorrow :-) I like the tomb shape variation on the borders! I'm doing mine all in one piece though. Everything else looks great too.

  17. The most perfect SAL design for you, it will definately be finished in time. Keeping my fingers crossed for your sampler finish too, it's very pretty.

  18. Lovely new SAL and your Scarlet Letters looks great, I'm sure you'll finish on time

  19. Have fun with the SAL. I love the Christmas piece. In fact, I love it so much, I'm off to buy it, I think.

    I admire anyone who can work on multiple projects at once. It just hurts my brain.

    Well done.

  20. Great progress on everything. The Spooky Countdown looks like a fun stitch.

  21. Great stitching - enjoy your SAL with Gio, I'll enjoy watching how both of you progress over the year

  22. Beautiful start!
    And your Noel is so pretty!


  23. Awesome SAL
    I'll have to check out that chart
    Have fun

  24. SALs are always great, I love doing them as they help you to stick to a certain piece. And your new SAL chart is so lovely. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your and Gio's blogs.
    Nice progress on your other pieces, too.

  25. I love Spooky Countdown and looking forward to seeing your weekly progress.


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