Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April TUSAL and Dancing Daffodils

This is April's TUSAL, posing with the two uncompleted Spring/Easter designs I started as part of March Madness.  The picture in the frame is a Travelling Pattern started by Cucki.  I'm not sure where it has reached now!

I also completed and mounted the Hallowe'en Ornie for March:

This is a freebie from La Contesse's blog.  I changed it slightly to make it square and added a little witch charm instead of the charted stitched bats.  It is stitched over 1 on 28count burnt orange Jazlyn.  Several people are taking part in the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL and post regularly but there aren't many Followers yet.  If you're a fan of Hallowe'en I do recommend following the blog just to see all the lovely designs there, even if you don't need another SAL challenge!

And now  for the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop:

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high oer blogs and hills
When all at once I worked it out
The answer's "Dancing Daffodils"

Thank you Christine, the answer was indeed "Dancing Daffodils", a sight usually seen at this time of year but not under the snow so many of us have had.  The only reason we've not had snow here is the wind has come straight from Siberia and blown it all inland!

I did the draw this afternoon, aided and abetted by the Large Boy.  There were 15 picture posters and 37 correct answers (zero incorrect ones!) so we simply assigned everyone a playing card and picked 2 at random, one from each category.  The winners were 2 of Clubs and 9 of Spades, aka Lynda and Linda!

The first Lynda blogs from her Cozy Little Place for Stitching and the second Linda says SUch is Life.  I'll be in touch soon to discover your addresses if I don't already have them.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year and to all those who became new followers for the participating blogs.  It's a great way to discover new friends.

Finally, my Blogaversary Giveaway is still open.  See the previous post for the competition question.  Another big Thank You to everyone that has shared their answers already.  It's so much fun to find out more about you all.


  1. Love the ornaments! Thanks for hosting the blog Hop, it was fun!

  2. Congratulations Linda and Lynda! :)

  3. Congratulations to both the Lynda/Lindas! ...and thanks to for the great freebie link, I have just spent an enjoyable time checking out La Contesse's blog.

    Now, I am going to check out your previous post which I think that I may have missed.

    hugs, Kaye

  4. Beautiful stitched pieces - particularly like your Halloween ornie must check out the blog.

    Thank you for entering me into the draw - yippee!

  5. Thanks for hosting the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop! Congratulations Lynda and Linda!
    I enjoyed visiting everyone's blog & look forward to participating in the next one!

  6. Great ornament Jo. Congrats to the winners.


  7. All of your stitching is gorgeous and the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop was so much fun. I love the haunted house, I went to La Contesse's blog but couldn't figure out how to fine the chart.

  8. Belated - but Happy blogoversary!!! All of the ornaments look lovely. The Halloween witchy charm looks so cute on the stitching, and with that cool fabric, can't wait to see this ornament finished!

  9. Congrats to Lynda and Linda on their win.

    The halloween designs is wonderful, i have loved watching the black stitching on the orange fabric grow each week, it looks super on the page Jo.

  10. Thank s for the Hallowe'en link Jo. I love Hallowe'en stitching so I will admire all the pieces in the SAL.
    Love your happy Hallowe'en.

  11. Actually I think Wordsworth wrote most of it ;)
    Congratulations to the winners

  12. Lovely Halloween finish, well done!

  13. The witch charm looks cute!!

  14. It is a great way to meet new friends!! Thanks Jo!

  15. Congratulations to Lynda and Linda on winning. Your ornaments look amazing. I particularly like the orange fabric.

  16. I just found your blog (from another blog I read).... Congrats on your blogaversary!

    Linda in VA

  17. Love you blog. I came over while reading Samplers and Santas blog - she had a link to your blog about secure needle stitching. I never even thought of doing something like that so thanks for the info!


  18. Look at your beautiful stitching on display with your orts!

    Great job on the Halloween ornament, thanks for sharing the link!


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