Thursday, 28 February 2013

Theme-a-licious Looking Back and Forward II

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather of It's Geek to Me
Each month Heather thinks up a theme for us to stitch to, or in my case, a theme to somehow shoe-horn my existing stitching into, no matter how tenuous the link!

This month it is

Figural February
Who are the people in your neighbourhood...your WIP neighbourhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Unfortunately I did not stitch alot of figures this February.  I intended to stitch an angel for Julie's Mira RR but first I fell ill then I had a more urgent RR to stitch.

Just about the only thing that qualifies is the Joan Elliott 2013 Diary February design:

You can just see the little cherub starting to emerge.

This is the Birth Sampler I'm stitching for my friend's Grand-daughter:

I finished the bear yesterday and stitched the little creature at Preschool this morning.  There is going to be a tall thin rabbit holding the little bear soon.  Then some hearts and stars, maybe stitched, maybe buttons.

I settled down to stitch this morning and my friend admired my stitching.  Then she said "I'm now wondering if they're spelling it with two n's".  So I told her it was too late.  I asked if they'd registered the baby yet and she said they are doing it today.  So I suggested she ring them and say "You can only have one n because Jo's not frogging that backstitch for anyone"!  Anyway she checked on her phone and all the messages say one n so it's staying.

Here are the pictures from the Mamas and Papas website I'm using to chart the little characters:

Next month is - 

March Madness
Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.

This really isn't me at all but I'll do my best!  This is how I did last year - March Madness 2012.  I managed to stitch on 12 different projects in March 2012.  Maybe I should aim for 13 this year?  Three ornies, one Needlecraft Haven, one Joan Elliott, two RRs, one Birth Sampler, one Easter thing - that's 9 already.
Right, that's the plan!  Thinking on my fingers here, I came up with that as I typed!

Finally the National Letter Writing Month went brilliantly!  I wrote a letter or postcard every posting date in February, 24 in total.  Once all the recipients have got their mail I'll do a little round-up.  It was great fun and not at all difficult.  I'm thinking of doing a weekly postcard from now on.  I have lots of stitchers' addresses in my little book I could start surprising people straight away!  Details to follow in the NLWM post!


Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Jo. Your March goals sound doable.


Karoline said...

Great progress on your wips, the birth sampler is looking very cute.

Good luck with your 'March Madness'

Anna van Schurman said...

I am so impressed that you sent something every day! And feel terrible shame that I am so terrible at picking up a pen. {smh}

KimM said...

Greetings! Love your blog - please stop by mine at I just started, so it's a quick read - HA! I've posted a free pattern and have one in the works for March.

Looking forward to following you -

Silverlotus said...

So cute! And I would have said the same thing about the name and the number of "n"s. Lol!

I didn't hear about National Letter Writing Month. It sounds like a good idea.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on your goals and for March too ... and cooo your wee birth sampler is coming along :)
forgot to say got your wee card :)
love sending letters out ... just need more time to write my missives
love mouse xxxxx

Christine said...

Well done on the letter writing challenge.
The birth sampler is looking gorgeous, I love the quirky little undead looking bunny (we don't use the Z word round her)

Julie said...

Phew, what a relief it's only one N, only a non stitcher would say something like that when you finished the wording and not realise the panic they could have caused.

Giovanna said...

That's such a cute birth sampler - thank goodness about the Ns :-)

Nic said...

I love how the name should be decided by the sampler, not the other way around :)
Very cute piece. Sorry you were ill, hope March is better

Karen said...

Love the pink fabric you chose for the cherub!

Hope you're feeling better.


Topcho said...

The cherub is super cute, and that sampler is just uber cute, lol!Love the little characters. And the name is beautiful too :) Best wishes to Danika :)
And congrats on doing great in February with both your stitching and mailing plans! This sounds really amazing :D

Preeti said...

Your WIPs are nice and looking forward to your March projects. The name Danika is very nice! Best wishes!

Anne said...

Lovely progress on the stitching. Have fun with the postcards! :)

Gillie said...

Hope you are back up to stitching strength - these nasties certainly linger, don't they?
Didn't do badly with FF but so far am on track with March, stitched on three thing, lol!

Susan said...

Wonderful progress. So funny on the call to the baby's parents!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That birth sampler is going to be so sweet!

TeresaB said...

Your WIPs are fantastic. I love how the baby sampler is turning out.

geeky Heather said...

Go go 13! Or maybe 14? =) That way it will only take 8 or 9 years to get you up to 31 instead of 18. ;)