Thursday, 21 February 2013

Some New Starts

I think I have Startitis!  The first start this week was for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog.  This is a Jaunty Fox freebie called Fence Cat.  Actually it's just a fence so far!!

Then my friend told me that her daughter-in-law had given birth and decided on the baby's name so I could start her Birth Sampler.  I downloaded the characters from the Nursery theme they are using and charted them and also found a nice font to convert to cross stitch for the name.  It's Slavic.  They are English and have no connection but liked the name and the meaning.  I liked the meaning too so I had to include it.  I think it's nice when a name has a special meaning.  Started stitching this week too.

 Then Sophia's Round Robin finally arrived!  She's designed a beautiful Celtic themed Rainbow for us to stitch.  I'm the last one so I have 2 shades of yellow.  This is one evening's stitching, it's really important to carefully count the first couple of pieces because if you make a mistake here and copy it through the whole thing goes to pot:

Not a start, but a progress picture on my Scarlet Letter Sampler for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Challenge. I'm stitching an English Transitional Sampler on 35count linen using AVAS for the first time.  I thought the coverage was lovely but the thread wasn't lasting very well.  Then I re-read the instructions - "on 35count use 2 strands" (so far so good) "of cotton".   oops.  Last sentence "use one strand of silk throughout".

Luckily this is all the outline for the band.  I've stitched those little circles in one strand to see how they look.  There will be other little circles in different colours then lots of satin stitch and stem stitch to fill in.

But I do have a finish to show you:

Another Red Letter, this time a freebie from this French website Broderie.  They offer 2 charts a week free then they can be purchased for 1Euro.  It's worth checking the site once a week to grab the freebies.  I have the whole alphabet, a lovely calendar and a set of 12 Zodiac Signs.  The N is stitched over 1 on 32 count evenweave.  I sent Nicola a little parcel of redness!  Various red things including some cute scissors and a JBW Monogram chart, all wrapped in some red fabric with a red ribbon.

Finally, I'll be hosting an Easter Treasure Hunt again this year.  For this Blog Hop you need to sign up and agree to post a Spring or Easter themed picture on your blog on Easter Sunday along with the letter of the alphabet I will give you.  The letters will spell out a seasonal phrase.  So if you'd like to be a Picture Poster then please leave a comment or email me if you're a "no-reply" person. 


  1. Love all your new starts Jo. We can never have enough starts.


  2. That's lots of great stitching, Jo. I feel so unproductive compared to you!

    Sign me up for the Easter Blog Hop, please. I think I've stitched something Easter-y. If not, I've got lots of time.

  3. Love your new starts..enjoy xx

  4. Oh I love that N you did for Nicola. I must have missed the V. I check them every week for many months. Rats!
    You can count me in please for the Easter Treasure Hunt. =)

  5. Great new starts and a lovely N for Nicola. Thanks for all of the links - I have picked them up this time!

  6. Love all your projects! Start-itis is a wonderful "disease" isn't it? I caught it last year and haven't even tried to fight it. Lol!

    I'd be happy to participate in your Easter Treasure Hunt as well. Sounds like fun.

    And, thanks for the link to the freebie charts! Sounds great.

  7. All your projects looked great. I think we all suffer from start-itis at one time or another.

  8. Me too...I want to be in the Easter Hunt again...

  9. Nice new fresh starts, gotta love em, lol
    You can never have enough
    I would be interested in the Easter hunt

  10. I adored my Red Birthday bundle Jo, thank you my friend for the thought and stitching that went into it. I am looking for a little box for my "N" to top.

  11. ohhhh love startitis ... its gettingitfinisheditis I have problems with
    I know some one called danika too lovely name isn't it ....
    hmmmm not stitched anything easterish at all but have done spring so count me in ....:)
    well done on your wee card too ... off to go and take a peek at the link :) love mouse xxxxx

  12. Danika is a beautiful name! Love all the starts :) Would have loved to do the blog hop....but have nothing easter or spring stitched and am trying to avoid new starts until I work through my WIPS.....will have to think about this....maybe have somthign smaller in my stash that won't be too time consuming to stich up :)

  13. Beautiful stuff, I love the N (will check out the link in a mo) - but your fence looks impressive too, lol! Hats off to you for keeping all these in mind - I can only work on a max. of 3 things at the same time... and even then there`s the risk that I`ll forget to make tea for my boys :)

  14. You keep your startitis to yourself, I've had that before ;D
    Great stitching there, and please put my name down for the egg hunt

  15. I agree with Mouse, starting is great fun, it's the other end that I never seem to reach! Great progress/start on all your pieces.

  16. Startitis is niiice! :-) Lovely projects, love the Halloween freebie in particular.

  17. Very nice new starts Jo. New starts are good!

  18. Wonderful starts Jo!! I love your English Traditional sampler so far. I made the same mistake as you and used two strands of AVAS to start then realized it was too hard to work with on 40 ct! Luckily, 1 strand provides fabulous the silks will go further!! Love your card for Nicola! I'm sure she will cherish your gifts!!

  19. Great new starts. My daughters partner has a sister called Danika, its was the first time i had heard of it.

    Love the red letter N, that does look a lovely design, reminds me of the Grand Marquoir design that was a free one.

  20. I know I want to start a new project and I should really finish my other ones!
    Should I reply here to be a part of the blog hop?


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