Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Easter and Spring Freebie Links

Just to help you find the perfect chart for the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop I have searched out some of my favourite Spring and Easter freebies:

Of course no list is complete without mentioning-

If you know of any more please send the link and I'll add them to the list.

To be part of the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop all you need to do is email me or leave a comment to sign up.  I'll allocate everyone a letter of the alphabet which will spell out the Mystery Phrase.  You must post a stitched picture on a Spring or Easter theme along with your letter on Easter Sunday.  I'll have a list of all the participants on my blog so everyone can hop around like a bunny and guess the Mystery Phrase.

Finally, I ought to show some stitching.  There is slow progress on the Celtic Band Sampler but the Birth Sampler is progressing well.  I'm pleased with my colour choices and here is a teddy bear head:


  1. Love the little baby sampler. I thought the lettering was Russian!! I had to look twice after I was pronouncing it in my head with a Russian accent "Daneeka"...LOL! Thanks for all the freebie links. I love Gazette94 and Jardin Prive. I'm still trying to stitch Irish freebies for St. Patrick's day but I guess I better get on the ball with Spring!!

  2. Thanks for the links list, I'll be working through that later.
    The birth sampler is coming along well

  3. Thanks again for the freebie links! You can never have enough spots to visit with a pattern now can you :)

  4. Thanks for the links sweetie! x

  5. ooo nice to see some yummie links ... well done on the stitching front too .... must update my blog love mouse xxxxx

  6. Love the birth sampler Jo. Thanks for the free links.


  7. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure I'll find something I want to stitch... eventually!

    Your sampler looks sweet so far, can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Lots of lovely ones in those links.

    There's a link to the latest PS Easter bunny freebie at NH, I saw that yesterday.


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