Monday, 15 October 2012

TUSAL and Theme-a-licious October updates

First of all, the TUSAL shot:

Posing here with my three-pages-a-week calendar and my latest WIP.  Several people have named it now, it is Prairie Moon Thine is the Trick and the Treat.  I'm stitching on some hand-dyed 40count Newcastle linen the lovely Karen sent me.  It's an enjoyable stitch because there's a variety of techniques, from the solid black of the shapes, the repetitive borders and the more interesting letters.  I can switch from one to the others as I get bored of one type of stitching.

Several people have admired the calendar each time I've featured it.  It came from a mail order firm called RU Craft and has three charts a week usually on the same theme.  Currently Autumn!  I haven't seen one for 2013 yet although they are advertising Quilting and Knitting versions.

Next is Theme-a-licous:

Obligation October

"Wow, the holidays are only a couple months away! Avoid that last-minute crunch and work on some gifts now"  I decided to go for pieces I am obliged to work on due to mailing dates; cards and round robins. 

I finished one Round Robin this month and have two more to stitch on.  Here's my leaf for Stephanie's Fairies in the Garden piece:

I have also stitched two Birthday cards for October ladies which I can't show because they haven't received them yet.  So instead, I'll show another Birthday card I stitched way back in August for a lovely blogging friend you all know.  Unfortunately the card seems to be flying south very slowly and it hasn't arrived
:-(  I gave it a good 6 weeks and emailed it instead.  We are both keeping our fingers crossed it will arrive one day, maybe in time for Christmas!

I'm still looking for a November Birthday to stitch the November flower for if there's anyone out there celebrating next month?

Finally, don't forget my Hallowe'en Blog Hop.  Click on the Primitive Needle pic below for more information.


Joysze said...

DOH!! Forgot it's TUSAL today. :S Jar's filling up nicely, Jo. :)

Love your leaf for Stephanie's Fairies. That's going to be such a gorgeous RR.

Hmm.... hope Cucki's card gets to her sooner rather than later....

geeky Heather said...

I love how Thine is the Trick and the Treat is looking! I am a sucker for things on small counts, though!! How clever is that fairies RR gal to put them in leaf shapes! Your fairy turned out great! Hmmm, the only November birthday I know of is my niece! I think I need one more sentence that ends with an exclamation point! =)

Kaisievic said...

Always love reading your posts, Jo. We have similar calendars here but they are are design a day. I have one from a few years back and I always mean to stitch some of the designs but never get around to it. Love your Thine is the Trick or Treat (off to 123 Stitch Wishlist I go!). Keep meaning to join the blog hop - note to self - Join tonight! (about to leave for work shortly). Lovely chatting with you.

hugs, Kaye

cucki said...

Love your leaf for Stephanie's Fairies. is really looking so cute..
Lovely Orts ..I hope my card come soon to me
It is so sweet :) finger crossed
Hugs xxx

Karen said...

Love your Thine is the Trick and the Treat. I'm enjoying watching it grow, and you're making it look too darned easy on that 40-ct. ;-b


Julie said...

Stephanie's RR is a stunner.
Loving the card, so bright and colourful, I hope it turns up soon.

Giovanna said...

Awesome stitching as always - well done!

Vickie said...

Your leaf is fantastic!
That is so sad about Cucki's card.

Linda said...

Beautiful stitching as always Jo. The leaf and card are gorgeous.


Kerryp77 said...

I couldn't imagine stitching on 40ct, but it looks lovely so far. Cucki's card is so pretty, lets hope it does arrive eventually. I'm a november birthday! lol (no really I am!) ;-)

Susan said...

Nice work! I hate obligation stitching, which is why I gave up stitching on exchange pieces and RRs a few years back.