Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stitching up a Hallowe'en Storm

Lots of finishes added to my special finishes blog this week.  If you just like to drool over lots of pics and little chat then pop over and Come Happy Dance with Me.

And for those you like alot of chat, here are the latest two plus a mystery WIP.

First up is the completed Spooky Hallowe'en from Puntini Puntini (sadly no longer available).  I love this design and you can finally see the part that made me fall in love with it - the little witchy boots!

I stitched this over 1 on 28 count Burnt Orange evenweave (jazlyn or jobelan) using Sullivans black and GAST Harvest Moon.  It took exactly a fortnight!  There are so many cute details besides the little boots - the owl eyes, the spider and it's web.  I'm going to finish it tomorrow, maybe as a flat ornie using the bat fabric Sarah sent me and adding a Hallowe'en charm.

Next up is a very quick finish from JCS Hallowe'en Special 2012, the JBW Cat:

We had a very intense and long-awaited-for 90 minute paediatrician's appointment on Thursday and I was so drained afterwards I needed to chill out so I started and finished this little cat in one afternoon flat!

Stitched on the same 28 count again over 1.  I changed the "meow" to 2012.  I know this was in the Hallowe'en issue but TBH it would be lovely for any season, in green and red for Christmas, pink for Valentine's etc.  So don't be surprised to see him again!

Here's the WIP, any ideas now?  Giovanna knows because she has it in her stash and Evalina knows because she's stitching it too!

Stitched using 2 strands of 310 over 2 on 40 count linen.  Nice dense finish!

Finally, I really need some more people for the Hallowe'en Blog Hop on the 31st or the mystery phrase will be "Boo" and not much of a hop!  If you're concerned about your ability to post on the 31st because you'll be out on your broomstick then remember you can schedule a post to be published anytime.  Just ask how!

Click on the picture below to see how to sign up and what you have to do (post a picture basically!).


  1. Hi Jo,
    Your Hallowe'en finishes are so cute! Love them! I'm going to guess that your mystery pattern is "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" by Prairie Moon. I've been drooling over that pattern for quite some time now.

  2. You've done some GREAT stitching here! Love the new blog with the finishes...I might have to steal the idea from you. :)

  3. I really love the idea that you have a blog with just your finished pieces I hope you won't mind if I steal that idea. I have a photo book but a backup source would be great

  4. Wow, I absolutely love your Halloween design! The owl, spiderweb & the witch boots... Fantastic ☺

  5. LOVE the finishes...have no clue what the mystery is :-)

  6. I love your stitching. Your halloween designs are lovely.
    Greetings, Amarins

  7. Lovely Halloween Stitching!! Love the witches boots in the first design.

  8. ohhhh that is soooo cute .. those boots are fab :)
    love the wee cat too ... haven't started stitching my halloween stuff yet ... hopefully start something tonight ... if doo will email you to do the blog hop ... :) love mouse xxxx

  9. What a great stitching !!!

    BTW I send you an email for the halloween blog hop :-)

  10. Two great Halloween deigns.
    Hope all went well at your appt and the news was what you wanted to hear, and they were helpful.

  11. Ooooh, they look great, Jo! I love the kitty one. :D

    I like your finishing blog, which reminds me... I need to update mine. :S

  12. Lovely finishes, I was just thinking the same about that little cat, how adaptable he was

  13. I know what your new stitch is...Prairie Moon "Thine is the Trick and the Treat". I have this in my WIP pile too.

  14. All looks awesome! Finally I'm in a Halloween mood too.

  15. Congrats on the cute finishes, and nice going on the PM - which I haven't started yet :-)

  16. these Halloweenish smalls are so wicked!
    that's so sad that Puntini Puntini's chart is not available anymore.. as for the cat: you had a great idea, I'll make one for every season too.. just perfect for gifts as well!
    thank you Jo!


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