Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Postcard Blog Hop Starts Here!

Summer Post Card Blog Hop

The first postcard is winging it's way to Jennifer of Grasp the Stars.  Keep an eye on her blog to see what it is and who it's from.

I will send a new postcard every few days from now on until the end of the Summer so watch out for them.  If you'd like to join in then it's very simple:

All you have to do is email me a stitched picture of something Summery or Holiday themed plus a postcard type message.

See this post for more details.

Two blogging friends had Birthdays yesterday and two blogging friends were sent cards.  Here is Minnie's card:

It is the WOCS Flower of the Month in pink and pale green this time, just for a change.  The rose is probably the most versatile design of them all as you can stitch it in so many different colourways.

Finally, no pics yet but this last week's stitching has been the Needlecraft Haven Challenge and Angi's RR Band Sampler.  This is an amazing piece to stitch on, I'm totally loving it.  It's actually hard to limit myself to a couple of inches, I'd willingly stitch the whole piece but then it wouldn't really be a RR and since I'm only the second stitcher it's mean to use up 3/4 of the fabric LOL.


Vickie said...

Love the rose in pink.;)

Christine said...

OOPS! I'd forgotten the postcard. I'm off to work in a bit, I'll hunt my picture down and send it when I get home
Pretty card by the way

Julie said...

Me too Christine, i forogt to send mine too LOL

Love the rose, pretty.

Giovanna said...

Pretty postcard!

♥ Nia said...

another lovely card =) very pretty!!

Minnie said...

The card is even more beautiful in person, again thank you so much. I will cherish it always.

Angi said...

I can't wait to see!!! :) :)