Thursday, 28 June 2012

And Another 11 Things

This is a Brooke's Books design I stitched for a blogging friend's Birthday, I emailed it off to her last weekend.  I stitched it on 32count lavender evenweave using the recommended DMC.  I subbed the 818 for some beads which look great.  I also added some straight stitches to the flower centres.  I stitched the border in one of the variegated threads (105 from memory).  It's a nice chocolaty colour anyway!

I'm planning on stitching all 12 of these, there is one cake for each month, so if you'd like an "e-card" for your Birthday then let me know when it is!  I'm going to scrapbook the originals in pairs as I stitch each one.

Ruth the Musing Badger has just answered her 11 questions and posed these for anyone who wanted to have a go!

1.      Does all of your family understand your stitching obsession?

Pretty much yes.  The Large Boy is very interested in what I'm stitching and the mechanics of it.  Hubby is fascinated but can't understand why I can't sell the finished pieces for large amounts of money.  He points out the hours of work and the fact that they look as good as any painting!  Small Boy thinks "it isn't food, what's the point!"

2.      Do you own an e-book reader (Kindle, Nook, etc)?  If you do, do you think it makes you read less or more, and do you think it will make a significant dent in your physical book purchasing?

No, they are the work of the Devil LOL.  I also really dislike that the word "kindle" is used by the general public to mean an e-reader.  It's a bit like "hoover" and vacuum-cleaning.  Since working in the bookshop I often have several different books in different rooms, some being advance copies not available yet.  If I had an e-reader it'd forever be in the wrong room or lost under a cushion!

3.      Do you have a theme song—or a pet song?  One that you always catch yourself humming?

"It's just another Manic Monday" every Monday!  We use rhymes and songs with the Small Boy alot to help him.  How about "Let's go change your nappy" sung to the Conga tune!

4.      What’s your favourite trip you’ve ever been on and why?  Would you want to go back, or is the experience in one way, shape, or form non-repeatable?

I won a holiday to New York in 2001, we flew back to the UK on Sunday 9th September, 2 days before 9/11.  I guess that trip is pretty much non-repeatable.  I collected my photos 2 hours before the planes hit, I have some of the last pics of the Twin Towers.  Weird.

5.      What stitching piece of yours are you most proud of and why?

Teresa Wentzler's The Castle, my first BAP with a multitude of blended threads.

6.      What piece of your stitching do you sometimes wish you had never started?  Or did you/do you love them all?

A gorgeous alphabet on the most hideous scratchy 14count aida.  I actually have a burn mark on my wrist from where it rubbed!  I'm using a variegated thread too so have to think about the placement of the colours.  It's a UFO for a reason!

7.      You have an entire weekend free and clear to stitch – do you want your stitching time to be enlivened by:  a TV show marathon on (if so, what show), a movie (or series of movies) (which movie/s), a new music release (what music?), or a new audio book (which one)?

At the moment life is so hectic I actually like stitching in silence.  Usually I like an audiobook, it's great if it matches the stitching.  I listened to the Empress Orchid while stitching an Oriental lady for a RR.

8.      What’s the goofiest thing you have ever done because of your stitching?

Stitching standing up to finish a challenge piece to a deadline because if I sit down the Small Boy thinks it's lap time!

9.      Can you cook without recipes?  Or do you only like cooking with precise guides?

I don't enjoy cooking at all.  My idea of precise instructions is "place in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes.  Remove and eat".

10.  Iron  Chef America or Iron Chef Japan?

I don't do cooking!  Or watch it happening!  I don't think we even have those programmes in the UK unless they're on some obscure cable channel?

11.  Do you have antique stitching passed down through your family?   Have you ever bought antique stitching?

I have two of my Great Aunt's stitched pictures which she left to my Mum and Mum passed to me when she moved into a smaller house.  They are on my bedroom wall well shaded from natural light.  See this post here for pictures.

I hope you're all enjoying these 11 things because Minnie has tagged me back!

Finally, a reminder about the Summer Postcard Blog Hop, the postcard must be a stitched picture rather than a scenic photograph.  You can send a photo too and I'll forward both but this is mainly a stitching blog hop!  I'll be accepting photos until the end of August so there's no hurry!  Hopefully even more people will join in as we go. 


Kaisievic said...

Last photos of the Twin Towers - Wow! TraderVic and I went to Ground Zero in March - very moving.

Jan said...

What a lovely birthday card! I would be delighted to see August's cake as that is my birthday month :) Do you scrapbook much?

Christine said...

Great card, and 11 more interesting little insights.
I agree about the e readers, I wouldn't have one if they paid me. The invention of the printing press was one of the pivotal moments in human history, thinking you can top that seems like arrogance to me

Julie said...

Super card design.

Mmmm Shame i didn't read the instructions properly, i'll send a stitched pic when I have the other PC on! I blame being too busy recently to take in correct information lol.

Giovanna said...

Lovely cake! I'll have to dig up that series on my disk and take another good look at it :-)

RuthB said...

lol lap time ... lol too funnny

Thanks for taking up the 11 questions again. :)

Love the cake --- and it has no calories too-- what more could we want?!