Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mature Cross Stitching Lady, young-at-heart seeks Similar for Friendship, Fun and Stitching...

...GOSH and OHAC (Gift of Stitching Home and Own Hoop and Charts).

Yes, people of the cross stitch community it is I, Madame Muriel Arlene Myrtle Ethel Adeline "Flat Flossie" St. Clair aka The Travelling Granny.  I am seeking a new hostess for the Spring Season.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family of the Serendipitous Stitcher.  I have been immersed in family life although thankfully not in the family bath!

I have met many delightful children, become a militant Library Supporter and taken part in a Day Of Support, visited the Most Easterly every-darn-thing you can imagine, spent Christmas in the company of a number of portly Gentlemen of diminishing height and seen more finishes than you can shake a needle at.

I have been in blog photos, supervised blog giveaways, inspired blog posts and even written a few myself.  There has been 'tea and cakes', 'tea and biscuits', 'tea and teacakes' and even 'tea and fabric'.

But all good things must come to an end and my feet are twitching and itching to be on the move again.  But where should I go?  The world is my lobster oyster; according to the stats for this very blog there are people from all the continents reading about my activities.  (Technically not true, there are no blog-readers in Antarctica but who wants to go there anyway?).

If you would like to be my next hostess then please make a comment to this post explaining the delights which will await me chez vous.   I am an easy woman to please, I require a warm place to sit and stitch, pleasant company and the daily tea-based sustenance.  Personal butler optional but I do prefer my own waiting maid.  My time in England has accustomed me to the finer things in life.

As ever, if you do not understand a word of this post - please click here for a short history lesson on the Life of Madame Muriel.


  1. Dear Madame Muriel,

    How do you feel about traveling to the South? Music City? Nashville? Home of Country Music? Lots of Country music, boots, Southern food, road trips. You will be offered your own room, AppleJack is excellent caregiver and Miss Callie Mae shares.

    Quilting, rug hooking, gardening and stitching abound. Let me know what you think?

  2. Looks like she had a wonderful time with you, Jo. :D

  3. Well, Madame Muriel, we would love to have you travel to Seattle! Now, you WOULD be put to work, mind you - we have a little needlework workshop where we will need help with beading, grain-painting, and we are stitching a brand new sampler we've designed. We're also publishing a book later this year, and will need someone with good proofreading skills, and also someone who likes to design alphabet squares for needlework...

    But it won't be all work and no play - we promise to take you to tea parties and Jane Austen Society meetings, stitching parties with our friends and maybe even a quick trip down to San Francisco if you can get here in time...

    What do you say?

  4. Lucky Madame Muriel. I'm sure she enjoyed her wonderful visit with you!

  5. This is just way too cute! I would love to have granny come for a visit! She can even help me sort through the remainder of my stuff in preparation for what will hopefully be this year's move. This includes my cross stitch stash! I will even give her first pick of anything that catches her eye : ) A wee bit of traveling is in the future & she would be ever so welcome to come along : ) Incidentally, tea is important in this house so many tea parties will be had!

  6. My dear lady, you wouold love to visit with me in Arizona. You would love the cacti, the warm sun, the beautiful pool where I go walking, and meeting my pooch Zoe. My hubby is a fantastic cook and you would love our guest room. Tea is served daily and sometimes with scones that Mr H makes. I would gladly serve as you maid and companion. Think about it and consider sitting out on the lanai sipping refreshments daily.

  7. Oh Sweet Miss Muriel. I can give you the best of both worlds. You can bask in the sunshine and warmth of Arizona. You can sit by a cactus, have a date shake, stroll in the desert, make a day trip to Mexico and visit with my friends. Then, you can hop in the car with me and off we will go on an adventure across the U.S. stopping in Baltimore and then on into Canada. I know some wonderful stitching ladies who would be in awe of you and would love to share Canada with you. Please come along for the ride - I promise you quite the ride!

  8. LOL at the "Portly Gentlemen of Diminishing height" sounds like a great bname for a band.
    Cornwall is very pretty at this time of the year!

  9. Well since you are in the neighborhood, how would a trip to good old Germany grab you? I have tons of stash at home that you could look through, a lot of evening outings with my friends (stitching, Happy Hour, dinners). There is also a stitching retreat coming up in May that I would love to take you too... So maybe I have more luck this time to be your gracious hostess ;-)

    Hugs Billie

  10. Going to be a tough choice deciding where to travel to. Lots of lovely ladies already offering board and lodgings.

  11. I would like to extend an offer of room and lodging here in Northern Virginia. My guest is open and the cats are always welcome to guests.

    Soon it will be cherry blossom season in Washington DC. Last year we had breakfast at sunrise under the blossoms followed by a sighting of a current Presidential candidate. If sunrise is too early for you, we can try sunset instead. And who knows who we may see?

    There's tons of sightseeing opportunities here. And lots of shopping including some wonderful needlework stores.

    We can have tea or cocktails before dinner each night - your preference.

  12. LOL! I so enjoyed reading about the adventures of Madame Muriel! She certainly has been a busy lady! She seems to be the adventurous type and I'm sure she will enjoy wherever her next tour of duty is!

  13. ohh sounds like you have had a fab time there and ... not sure I could honestly beat that ... but there is plenty of tea on the go
    hope you enjoy were ever you end up :) love mouse xxxx

  14. Sounds like you had some fun! and a great time :D
    Your stitching looks lovely =)

  15. Dearest Muriel-
    Should you come to the wilds of western/central New York State, I would be happy to show you around. While you did miss the birthday celebration for the young human in our house, Easter is coming! And wouldn't it be fun to color eggs and perhaps nibble a bit of candy with a toddler?? Spring here is lovely. Also, at the end of April I will be attending Celebration of Needlework in New Hampshire, so you would be treated to a road trip across the state, a class on sym-stitching, many lovely hours with other stitchers, the Friday night dinner event, and at least one or two trips around the shopping floor!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you...

  16. Dear Muriel,

    How would you feel about travelling to Australia?
    I would show you a fabulous time, some of our unique wild life and while i am at work you could cuddle up to my gorgeous Ragdoll kitty, Puddles.


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