Saturday, 27 August 2011

Vote for me!

I have been told it is okay to say that.  The Gift of Stitching online magazine is having a tape measure competition this weekend.  Last issue they printed some little patterns ideal for covers and asked people to post their finishes here.  You won't see them until Sunday 29th August then you can vote for your favourite.  Which will be mine of course!  Truthfully I don't expect to win, I stitched on aida and stuck it to a square tape measure, no fancy finish or anything.  But it does have nice colours and it's all "stitched-from-stash" so very eco-friendly.

This is my second attempt at finishing:
It's a notebook cover made from one of the fabric samples I was given earlier this year.  But I think the fabric was too thick to be used in this way and the corners are rubbish!  The picture is too exposed on top and will get battered during use.  So this was my next attempt:

Our local papercraft store was having a 20% off for Bank Holiday weekend and I bought a stack of cardstock, all postcard sized and ideal for mounts.  The colours go nicely together and I could cut a shape out of the middle to frame it or just stick it on top.  I also bought some more frames from a charity shop (honestly, I'm obsessed with them) including 2 square ones and a gold hinged triple set which will look great with Christmas designs in.

The rose is a freebie from Free Patterns.  Great name, does exactly what it says on the tin!  You have to register to download the patterns but you can opt out of getting emails afterwards.

The final picture is Part 2 of iStitch's Mystery SAL.
This is stitching up really quickly.  There are links on the blog to all the completed Part 1s.  I like my white and blue but I also like all the other colour schemes too.  I know at least one person has decided to redo her's in variegated having seen how good they look.  I did think about stitching it twice, next time over 1 on 28 count.  That led me to think about stitching a design alot of times in different ways.  Which led me to think about the Crazy 15 Challenge, 15 starts in January, which I opted not to do in favour of "11 in '11".  Which made me think I could choose a small project and stitch it 15 different ways, starting one on each day in January.   This requires more thought.....

So, in conclusion - Vote for Me, and let me know which one of those finished for the rose you prefer - the notebook (if I sort those corners out) or the simple picture mount.


Anonymous said...

Love your tape measure. Those colors are perfect. Very Bright and Cheerful.

Cute idea about the notebook. Sorry the corners turned out so bad.

I like the roses on as a frame mount.

Your doing a great job on the Mystery SAL. I like the blue on white. The design just pops.

Jennifer M. said...

Beautiful stitching Jo and kudos on your finishing attempts. I am a novice too so I am no position to critique anyone's else work. I really like the notebook cover. I think the finish design is the perfect size for that little notebook.

Your SAL is looking great! I've been watching the posts on everyone's update. Seeing the design in the different colors is too cool.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Love your SAL and your tape measure is very colourful and a pretty design.

cucki said...

i love your sal so much..growing so sweet..
your tape measure is very sweet...and notebook cover is simply beautiful..well done dear..
happy sunday xx

Jenny said...

Jo, that SAL looks better and better! I wonder if it is too late to sign up? LOL

Jenny said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love your finishing work! The second fabbie looks fabulous, but I liked the first version too.
Thanks a bunch for the link to the freebie site - time to skip over there to have a look around! ;-)

wendy111 said...

Love the colours in the tape measure cover. I like your SAL in the blue.

I like what you have done for your roses both ways (I have decided corners are a trial and error process to get right)

Good luck with the tape measure

Sally said...

Your finishes are beautiful Jo. Love the colours you've used for your tape measure.

Joysze said...

Your tape measure looks great Jo. I went to the link, but can't find a place to vote. :(

Love what you did with the notebook cover, it's so sweet and springlike, so I definitely like the 2nd one better.

Loving your mystery SAL. :D

Susan said...

Love your tapemeasure finish! Brave on the notebook cover finishes - not something I've talked myself into trying yet. I'm doing iStitch's SAL in varigated, but I really like your blue and white version. Thanks for the link to Free Patterns.