Saturday, 21 May 2011

Smokin' Needles

That's what I have this week!  I have romped through another Drawn Thread freebie, All You Need is Love.

In this tiny little finish (3 x 2 inches) there are no less than 14 different types of stitch.  How many can you see / name?  No prize, just the satisfaction of being a sharp-eyed clever clogs!

I stitched it on a piece of 32 count evenweave I got from the LNS before it closed.  It is quite a loose weave so not a Murano.  The greens are from my bits bag and the pink is a hand-dyed from Oliver Twists.  I have had it for ages and never used it.  It is quite subtle for a hand-dyed, not much variation but perfect for this.  The frame has been languishing in my stash chest for approx 12 years just waiting for this design.  I bought it at the Olympia Cross Stitch Show.

"Smokin' Needles" is an expression lots of us use from time to time.  Someone told me in Germany they say "glowing needles" (I think) so I wondered what other expressions do you know in other languages?  And Yes - Australian and American are other languages as far as I'm concerned (heeheehee).

Thank you to everyone who came up with suggestions for the Raspberry Fairy.  I hadn't thought of white/cream but will do a floss toss and try them out.  Thanks for your help.


Susan said...

Beautiful finish! Your fiber and frame choices are perfect for this piece. "Smokin' Needles" works for this American.

Mouse said...

ooo cute finish and well done on having that "just in case" perfect frame I've seen four sided , rhodes , queen stitch , leaf stitch , satin stitch, cross stitch , rice stitch,long armed stitch I think heheh (I have got my new glasses Whoop whoop can't tell many more though ... hope your floss toss brings some good results :) love mouse xxxx

Joysze said...

Oh, it's lovely, Jo. I don't know the names of all those stitches, but I bget they were fun to do! :D Congrats on the finish.

Blu said...

Lovely finish! I loved stitching this one. All the specialty stitches were fun, but there weren't too too many so I didn't get frustrated. And the directions are really good too!

As for the SAL, I'd love to... except guess, just guess what I started on Friday night for IHSW!

Giovanna said...

Very pretty indeed, Cynthia's freebies are the best!

Lisa said...

What a lovely finish Jo, the frame is perfect for it. I'm sure I have this chart saved somewhere, I really must stitch it as I love all the speciality stitches in it.