Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Poem and my Mystery WIP

Royal Wedding Day today.  Did you watch, do you care?  I wanted to see people arrive, hubby wanted to hear Jerusalem sung and watch the flypast.  Small boy wanted to run around setting his space rocket off and large boy enjoyed an uninterrupted go on the computer!

I'm not a big Royalist but we have a Royal Family, they bring alot of money in via tourism and the alternative is that man and SamCam as President and First Lady - give me a couple of octogenarians any day!

The stitching magazines have featured a number of Royal Wedding Samplers recently and none have tempted me, although I nearly stitched the bunting from Cross Stitcher.  Then I saw this picture in the newspaper of the artwork by Stephen Raw of Carol Ann Duffy's poem.  Wouldn't this make a lovely sampler on a piece of hand-dyed fabric.  I feel quite inspired now.  Anyone recommend a fabric in these colours?

 The latest WIP is now being rested while I stitch Bluebeard's Mermaid for my decimal week of the Mira SAL.  So here it is - so much more obvious what it is with the pink and blue added, don't you think?
What do you mean - NO?  It's obviously a llama with a shawl riding on its back!

I have added a page to my blog mainly for overseas followers.  I know how long it takes for UK magazines to reach your shores, sometimes they are hard to get hold off and people don't know if it's worth paying the extra they charge (they are expensive enough here if you don't like much in an issue).  So I'll be posting the Contents Page ONLY of each mag I buy.  I will not under any circumstances post any of the patterns from the mags, this is just to help you see what is in each issue.  Hope you like the idea.

I posted a picture of my finished Flower Fairy on the WOCS facebook page along with a moan about the threads.  So many people agreed with me.  Some had abandoned the project because they couldn't distinguish between the colours.   So I feel quite pleased I managed to stitch her at all.


~mj~ said...

I watched the wedding too, and it made me 'homesick'...(i`m not from England but my mom is and I have tons of family there...i`m in love with the country!) Wasn`t Kates dress GORGEOUS???? She looked so elegant, a la Grace Kelly...then I read her dress was designed to look like GKs...i`m the master of the bloody obvious!

Melissa said...

That pattern looks ambitious and I want to do it too! I have no idea what fabric! I saw some sparkly/multi colored fabric at my LNS but I don't think even that would work.

Oh shoot I have to go!

demeter83 said...

I'm liking the look, looks fabulous

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Melissa - it's not even a pattern yet! Just a limited edition print. I would have to chart it first, need to ask my graphic designer bro what the font is and download a copy of it, then spend some hours with graph paper, pencil and rubber!
I love that all the "o"s are gold rings too, such a nice detail.

Giovanna said...

It's so kind of you to post the magazine contents! Love your stitching, and yes, I loved the Royal Wedding (I'm like mj, not from England but with an English mum).