Friday, 23 November 2018

Not Hermitting This Weekend

But hopefully getting some stitching in anyway.  As well as arranging the Advent Calendar Blog Hop.

For this hop, each participant is allocated a day in December to make their post on.  They will show something they have stitched on a Christmas theme and answer the topic question I set.  I then copy their photo onto my blog post in the style of an Advent Calendar.

So if you'd like to join in, please leave a comment or send me an email.  Let me know if there is a date you would particularly like or one you'd like to avoid.  I will be in touch towards the end of the month!


This week I've been focusing on Joan Elliott's September Fairy from the 2013 Diary (Year of Magical Stitching).

stitched on 28 count Jazlyn in Aurora from Crafty Kitten

Once I finish the wings there is just an enormous yellow moon to stitch!

I've also caught up with the Temperature SAL from Hetti:

stitched on 22 count Hardanger

You can see we are back to greens again which is between 7 and 14 degrees C or 45-55 degrees F.  Below 45 goes turquoise.

Finally, I've still been busy with my rock painting and hiding.  The kids still seem keen to get out at the weekends and after school to look for rocks and the parents are still have fun painting them!

I've been doing dragons just lately, what a surprise!  Can anyone spot the two based on cross stitch?


Barb said...

September Fairy is beautiful. Not sure about the dragons.
I thought maybe number 2 and the last one. I would be happy to do the Advent Blog Hop. I am stitching one now I would like to share so mid to late December would be best.

Katie said...

Ohhh I love your rock dragons. I want them all!!! I bet they would cost just a bit to mail though haha. Great progress on your WIPs. I look forward to the Advent Hop. I always enjoy that one as I do with all of them.

Mary H said...

My goodness, you are one creative lady! I love your dragon rocks! My kids would be thrilled to find something like that! Your stitching is wonderful as usual, but it's always fun to discover people's other creative dimensions!

butterfly said...

Lovely Angel .
Love the painted rocks too ,the children love these .

Have a great weekend.

Kaisievic said...

Loving the rock dragons, Jo - you are so talented.

gracie said...

Waiting to hear when you need our photo! I have not forgotten to send you the patterns....just need to get to the post office.

RJ said...

Lovely work Jo. Your angel is so pretty. Can we have December 12th for the hop? Thanks RJ

FlashinScissors said...

Your fairy looks so great on that fabric!
Love your painted rocks, you are so clever! I don’t know about the dragons, but the fifth and sixth look like they should be cross stitch patterns!
Looking forward to joining in with the blog hop!
Barbara xx

rosey175 said...

You Were Hatched! The other I'm not so sure... Perhaps the last one of the blue moon? That one seems most familiar to me for some reason. You need a Toothless in there!

Rachel said...

Nice to see an update on the temperature SAL, and the colour changes now the weather's getting colder. Love the dragon rocks too; very apt timing for next Saturday's SAL. :)

Julie said...

A great way to get kids out in the fresh air and have fun finding and hiding the stones. You did a great job painting yours.
The temp SAL is looking really good.

Christine said...

I bet the temperature SAL is dipping turquoise now!
The fairy is looking good, and the dragon rocks are fabulous. Have you seen the ones painted to look like eggs with a hatching dragon showing through the cracks?

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress on your fairy! And I do love your rocks...your version of 'You were hatched' is so cute, and I think I have seen the middle one in the bottom row on HAED?

Bethan said...

The September fairy is gorgeous. Your rocks as always are amazing - the bottom left reminds me of Smaug, but hording books instead of treasure x