Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Mystery is Beeeeees!

That's a quote for a children's cartoon we like and which my son says every time I get out the next project!

I've been stitching this piece for quite some time now and aim to finish it this Summer.  I was given the kit by a friend who had stopped stitching.  She passed me her stash and only requested that I stitch this piece for her.

By the end of 2016 I had completed all the centre and this top left corner:

As someone commented, it's not really obvious why it's called Gathering Honey.  It's more of An English Garden Sampler.

But now the piece looks like this:

The missing ingredient was bees!

I just loved stitching the honeycomb.  It is in 3 strands of cotton rather than 2 so it really stands out.

So far in May I have finished backstitching the bottom left corner bees and started on the leaves in the bottom right.  This corner will be as complex as the top left was.  Lots of backstitch too.

I also have to finish those two bushes in the centre section, there are about 100 French Knots to make the little flowers.

The large empty spaces will have words backstitched which won't take long.

After I finished my SALs this month I decided to support a friend and join her for a new start for Maynia.  CraftyCreativeClare is a FlossTuber who is also a FB friend.  When she showed her list of projects for Maynia I saw that she had a chart which I had just won in a Giveaway.  So the serendipity meant I just had to start that one with her!

It's funny because we didn't consult with each other apart from to say we'd start on Friday, but we both started in the middle although she went up and I went down!  I wanted to have a definite part of it completed.  Also, I used 35 count Country Mocha linen and she used 18 count aida so they will be almost the same small size.

Can you identify the chart?  It should be easy for Nora Corbett fans.

It's Gathering Eggs which I won from Carol of Stitching Dreams.  The title goes rather well with Gathering Honey too.

I've been making progress on my Ten-a-Day project.  This is another FB group where we each chose a project approximately 60x60 stitches which we could complete in a year doing just ten stitches each day.

Here is Just Nan's Spring in the Square, Day 131:

stitched on 32 count Light Mocha linen

I am currently stitching the dark purple in each of the corner pansies.  The fabric looks like a weird colour because I take a quick picture with my iPad each day and the light is coming through the window on the left.  I'm not going to get my camera out and mess around with the settings every single day of this project!

I am also stitching 30-a-Day as an advance start on Linda's So Many Stitches project for next year.  Back in March I started a bunch of Just Nan freebies for March Madness.  Now I am working my way through them, stitching 30 stitches per day with the goal of completing one per month.

Here's a much better photo:

stitched on 32 count Twilight Blue linen

The chart says add some gold eyelets and gold beads next but I think silver would look so much better so that's what I am going with.  One day for the eyelets, one day for beading and one day to finish as an ornie.  Once I get to the end of the cross stitching I drop the 30 a day and just do what needs doing to finish it.

Finally, I do intend to have a Blog Hop this Summer.  I'm thinking of doing another Friendship Hop where each participant is given the name of another participant and they have to make a blog post featuring something that they think the other person would like to see.  So if you got me, then you might show a dragon or something Hallowe'en themed!  So stay tuned for the sign-up post.


D1-D2 said...

Gathering bees looks like a lovely design. I'm sure you're friend will love it when it's finished. If you don't want to stitch those french knots why not use beads to give it some bling?

Vickie said...

Gathering Bees is wonderful. The honey comb is cool. Gathering Eggs is looking lovely already. :D

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

You do such beautiful work! I especially love the Gathering Honey piece. I've seen it stitched before, and it is just beautiful. I love the idea doing just 10 stitches a day (or 30 a day) to finish up a project. I'm fairly new to blogging, and I am finding there are so many fun groups to join in on. Thanks for posting pictures of all your lovely updates.

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous stitching, Jo, that honeycomb is looking sensational. As always, you are an inspiration with your SALs and beautiful stitching projects.

CathieJ said...

You have some beautiful projects in the works. I love Gathering Honey. Enjoy your stitching.

RJ said...

Jo, you amaze me with all the stitching you are doing. I love Gathering Honey and know your friend is going to be very happy when it is done. What a treasure! I especially like the Spring in the square stitch and love the idea of 10 stitches a day. I have to try this on something. Great job as usual. Have a great weekend. RJ

Linda said...

Awesome progress on all of your lovely projects Jo.


Ann said...

Hi there,
You've got quite some lovely projects on the go!
I've also got the bees sampler in my stash (bought on Ebay) and now I want to star it as well (after seeing your progress :-)! Gathering Eggs is also one of my favourites!
Have fun stitching and a great weekend as well!

Christine said...

The honeycomb really brings that sampler alive!
I love seeing how the ten a day (never not going to be funny) sampler grows

Carol said...

Just love all of your current projects, Jo! But, Gathering Eggs is the one I'm going to be following most closely. Who knows, I may end up stitching it myself some day (I have another copy of that magazine in my stash!). The colors in that one are amazing!

Bekah said...

All of the projects look awesome. The gathering honey piece really comes together with the addition of the honeycombs. The bees look so lively down in the corners. Good luck on all those french knots.

Rhona said...

Gathering honey is such a beautiful design, and the addition of the honeycombs and bees is just perfect! Hope you enjoy doing french knots....that's an awful lot to do :)

Lili said...

Great progress on "Gathering Honey"!! (wow, there are so many french knots...)
Lovely new start!!!

Happy weekend!

Barb said...

Love your Gathering Honey piece. Great job on it so far and I look forward to seeing it finished, it doesn't look like you are that far from the finish line.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful work on both projects! The look of the honeycomb is really fantastic, I can understand why your friend would like to see this one finished.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Your projects are all beautiful! I am really enjoying watching your 10 A Day and 30 A Day projects. I still don't know how you can stop yourself -- especially since they are so lovely! But all your work is lovely!

jocondine said...

Gathering Honey looks great, honeycomb is so nice, love it. My last discover of honey (I'm great fan) is coffee plant honey (delicious, perfect for you). xxx

cucki said...

Great progress on gathering honey..
Love your new start.
Hugs x

Julie said...

Your friend is going to love Gathering Honey.
Spring in the Square looks super.

Von said...

Gathering Honey is coming right along, Jo! It's really beautiful - a true heirloom!

Melinda Forbes said...

I love the Honey Comb - wow!! it is Gathering Honey for sure. I have added CraftyCreativeClare to my watch list. I know I will enjoy her videos. Thank you for sharing her link.

Leonore Winterer said...

I always love seeing Gathering Honey - it looks great! The last corner might be complex, but I'm sure it will be so very pretty as well. Great progress on your x a day pieces too.

Bethan said...

The honeycomb looks really satisfying to sew - I can see why you like it. Great project updates x

Astrids dragon said...

The more I see of Gathering Honey, the more I love it! It really looks beautiful, your friend will treasure it. I think I have it in my stash somewhere when I subscribed to Cross Stitch and Country Crafts years ago. But that would mean I have to remember where it is!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Great stitching! Gathering Honey is beautiful. Your friend is going to love it so much. Spring in the Square is lovely too! :D

Brigitte said...

You are so perfectly right - the bees and the honeycomb make all the difference. Great!
It's always amazing to see a ten-a-day or a 30-a-day piece growing steadily.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You've made lots of progress on 'Gathering honey' this year as well as on your other projects. Your '10-a-day' project keeps me motivated to continue with mine.

Kathryn P. said...

I love the Gathering Honey. I have had it in my stash for decades since I was a subscriber and have had it on my list since I first got it. I've decided that now that school is out, it will be my summer project. Hopefully I will get a good start on it. Yours is beautiful! Wish me luck!