Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Money Pie

Not really a lot of stitching to show you as I've been focusing on the Brooke's Books' Stitchers Alphabet for this Saturday's Alphabet Club.  But I do have some pie and some stash to share.

First the stitching.  I have been taking part in a Ten-a-Day challenge this year and yesterday we reached 1,500 stitches!  So here is a photo of 1,510 stitches:

Just Nan - Spring in the Square

As well as the Ten-a-Day I am doing a Thirty-a-Day using a series of Just Nan freebies which I started as part of Kerry's March Madness this year.  Yesterday I completed the beading on Christmas Hearts:

stitched on 32 count antique white evenweave

I love the Rhodes Heart in the middle and will try get a better photo of it when I fully-finish this piece at the weekend.

And because I finished one - I start another one!  This is Victorian Rose, started on 12th March and restarted 31st May.  The first photo is the first 30 stitches from March:

And this is where we are today, with a much better idea of the colour of the fabric:

stitched on 32 count green linen from Sarah in Stitches

Tomorrow it's back to Hallowe'en and some spooky stitching!

This month's pie reflects the time I spent on Gathering Honey, not quite half the month.  12 Days got a lot of attention as I worked quite a few full days and that's what I take in as my lunchtime project.

Finally, the money part of the title is my Stitch from Stash round-up.

Cross Stitch Crazy £4.99
Stitchrovia £1.99
JN Summer Typo £13.19
JN 12 Days £0.00
Total £20.17

I spent a little bit more than usual this month but still within budget.  Cross Stitch Crazy had a great Emma Congdon Circus ABC, a mini version of the Emily Peacock design I stitched for my cousin ages ago.  The cover gift was two lovely Margaret Sherry hedgehog cards too.  There were also some mini mandala designs which would look good in beads.

I bought the second part of the Stitchrovia MIND SAL because I was trying to work out how to send it to the winner of my last competition.  Stitchrovia are silent in their response to my emails so far.

I also needed to buy a chart from SewandSo for another competition winner and I discovered that they were doing 3 for 2 on all charts!  So I bought one for myself and a freebie too.  Here are the two I got for myself:

The fourth one in the series.  I have stitched the other three.

Because I need another 12 Days for next year...


  1. I love the 12 Days pattern.

  2. You crack me up! I need to do my stitching from stash, but it will be bad! Love the new 12 Days piece.

  3. So many beautiful stitches to look at Jo. They are all fantastic! You know how much I love Spring in the Square but I also really love the summer stitch and your newest 12 days! Look forward to seeing more. Have a great week. RJ @stitchingfriendsforever2

  4. You are so good about that 10-a-day piece - wow, how it has grown! The finished JN freebie is beautiful, and the beads add so much.

    Pretty new charts! Looking at the JN 12 days, I'm caught by the partridge, which seems to be what *always* catches my eye. Good thing I don't normally buy 12 days sets - my tree would be filled with day 1, LOL.

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  6. Lovely stitching !! Looking forward to your new starts.

  7. Congrats on the cute finish Jo. Love your new stash. I love the summer one. Can you tell me who the designer is?


  8. Beautiful patterns and stitching Jo. Love the Spring in the Square design and colours and the Christmas Hearts with the pretty beading.

  9. You are so good keeping up with ten-a-day and thirty-a-day projects. Lovely finish. I love Emily's circus ABC. Would be interesting to see which pattern do you stitch from the magazine first.The new stash is pretty.

  10. The unfortunately named challenge is looking wonderful.
    I*'m glad you've managed to track down a new 12 days design

  11. I love the gold beads on Christmas Hearts, and the colors of spring square are great. I envy how you keep track of your stitching time, and the number of stitches you've done. I'm to scatterbrained to figure that all out!

  12. Jo, you were able to accomplish a lot this month! I'm impressed at all you get done and work too! I love the Just Nan heart ornament, I have to try beading myself someday, it adds so much to the stitch. Love the summer stitch you chose to purchase. Happy Stitching, Mary.

  13. Don't you just love those three for two deals?!!! A guilt free (almost!) shopping trip for you. The beads look wonderful on your stitching and I love the new 12 days of Xmas designs. Hope you hear back from Stichrovia, I was tempted to do that SAL too because I really don't have enough on my 'to-stitch' list.... haha!!!

  14. Very interesting to see that Gathering Honey was not quite half and how much progress the 10-a-day piece has! I laughed a bit with the 12 days for next year, quite right you need to do another set!

  15. 1500 stitches already...we're getting close to the half way point! Your little finish is lovely, and so are the additions to your stash. So far I have managed to resist the 3 for 2 deal...

  16. Your ten stitches a day progress just shows what a bit of stitching discipline can achieve.I must get me some of that there discipline for Little Moreton Hall.
    Love your new 12 days stash.

  17. Spring in the Square is looking so good and I agree with Lesley. Great stitching discipline. Love the new 12 days design - I haven't seen that one before. xxx

  18. P.S. And, of course it is a Just Nan!

  19. Such a wonderful variety of stitching designs, Jo! The JN Summer in the Square is a real beauty and I so love Rhodes Hearts in anything! I think that is why I'm drawn to The Drawn Thread designs--she uses so many lovely specialty stitches. (Just wish she didn't choose such expensive silks!!)

  20. lovely projects Jo, I just love how much detail the JN's have yet are so delicate. Crazy has had some great projects lately. I really like this months too.

  21. I love this JN 12 Days and have one hanging here each festive season.

  22. My May pie would be so sad. Only two days had any stitching at all. How sad. You are doing great though. Hope you can keep it up. Love your new pieces. The summer one is my fav. What a great series.

  23. Great May pie! Also good job sticking to your budget :D

  24. Nice little finish, Jo. And the JN piece already looks very lovely.
    You are doing great sticking to your budget but we all need some new patterns from time to time, don 't we? I know I write this every time but it's so good for me to see that other stitchers are not so very different than me, lol. Stitching from stash is a great thing and I really love going through my old pattern stash and magazines pulling out a project that I want to start immediately. And I often do so. And nevertheless I have a wish list. And whenever I need a new thread or needles some pattern from that wish list hops into my cart as well. And I really love that as well :)

  25. Lots of great stitching going on, Jo! Plus that summer design is a treat! :D


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