Friday, 28 April 2017

April Smalls SAL

Stitching Lotus Ornament SAL

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Stitching Lotus

This year I will be showing both my Hallowe'en and Christmas SAL partworks as well as any actual smalls I stitch.

I stitched the N for Happy Hallowe'en by Imaginating for the Winged Creatures theme:

Stitched on 32 count Lime Green Murano

Here's how the whole piece looks now:

For the Christmas SAL I completed Four Calling Birds from Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas:

I finish-finished two Easter designs, one for my scrapbook and one as a cube:

A start and finish in just four days:

Spot of Spring by Drawn Thread

I've been trying to finally-finish some of my smalls and was pleased to get this one done the very day after I completed the stitching:

Just Nan Christmas Rose
stitched on 32 count Antique White evenweave
stitched as charted except for the small hearts,
I substituted satin stitches for the beads.

Finished as an ornie:

The reverse:

This was one of my 23 Just Nan starts for March Madness.  I stitched for one day on each design and then on the 1st April I picked up the first one and stitched 30 stitches per day until I finished it.  Once I completed all the plain cross stitching I stopped counting and did the satin stitches and beads in one day and then I finished it as an ornie the next.  The following day I picked up design number 2 which is Christmas Star.  I will continue to stitch 30 a day until this one is done too.  I chose 30 because that will enable me to average one finish per month.  Here is Christmas Star after 6 days of stitching:

stitched on 32 count Twilight Blue Permin linen

Finally, it's Friday so there's a  new Blogger of the Week, follow the link to find out who the featured stitcher is this week - 


  1. I really like Happy Hallowe'en,it is a great design and Christmas Rose is very pretty.

  2. Wow! You have been one busy girl! I love the Easter things. I really need to stitch more spring themed pieces.

  3. You are really busy with some great stitching. I love the Halloween piece!

  4. Jo: You are one busy Lady, Halloween is beautiful, all your designs are lovely.


  5. Christmas Rose is so pretty. What a perfect Ornament. Those Halloween projects are looking amazing

  6. Nice work completing the N for Happy Halloween. I'm really enjoying your progress on this Halloweenie project. I also really love your Easter finish-finish that looks supercool!

    I think if you put all your small stitching together you would have stitched a BAP.
    xo Alicia

  7. Four Calling Birds and Christmas Rose are very sweet. Nice finish!

  8. Beautiful stitching Jo, the. N is fab with the tree growing out of the top. Christmas rose is beautiful. Well done on fully 'FFO-ing it too.

  9. Great stitching and finishes! Love the Christmas Rose finish. I can't keep the exact count of stitches I make, how do you count 30 stitches?

  10. Oh my goodness, you are a prolific stitcher, one is prettier than the next! Love the Halloween stitch and the rose is beautiful. I just followed you, my friend RJ and I just started blogging, would love for you to come by for a visit. Mary at

    1. Mary thank you for listing your blog I am off to have a look at it now

  11. What a great update - you have been busy! I love that Halloween design, it's so cute.

  12. Love your work. Your Easter finishes are so precious and I love your ornament.

  13. Beautiful Jo, your Christmas Rose is gorgeous

  14. Gorgeous finishes and awesome progress on the others Jo. You must do 50 stitches a minute.


  15. I love the Christmas Ornament, I am in the habit of finishing the stitching but then procrastinating on finishing off the item. I am in awe of you finishing the stitching and then making the ornament only one day after. I must follow suit.

  16. Pretty stitching Jo, love the Christmas Rose design and the perfect backing fabric.

  17. You have been very busy stitching! The Hallowe'en piece is lovely; enjoying how different each letter is! Your Christmas ornament is great too x

  18. Such pretty projects, Jo--I simply must stitch that DT Spot of Spring! It is so adorable :)

  19. Such pretty projects
    I love them so much
    Hugs and blessings x

  20. The Just Nan ornament is gorgeous!

  21. I must take a leaf out of your book and finish some of my smalls. My stitched 'Spot of Spring' has been sitting around for a year and I've cut the backing fabric for it! Love your Just Nan ornament.

  22. Lovely ornament finish, you'll have a tree full by the end of the year.

  23. Oh, what cute little finishes! I'm glad to see you're 30 a day is paying off.

  24. Lovely finishing on Christmas rose. The easter finishes are cute too.When do we get to know your Blogaversary giveaway(hint hint:its better be me)

  25. Love your Easter smalls, how cute cube!! Lovely colours on "Spot of Spring"!
    "Christmas Rose" is so very pretty!! :)

  26. These are all so pretty! I especially like "Spot of Spring" and "4 Calling Birds." I admire your strategy for completing these projects at 30 stitches a day. I recently decided that if I was reluctant to dive in on a project, I could do 10 stitches--less than 30, but it works!

  27. All your stitching is so lovely! Spot of Spring especially is really pretty. Congrats on the finishes! :D


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