Monday, 8 August 2016

In The Summertime Doopy Doopy Doo

It's time for the very first Linky Party brought to you by the Tenuous Shoehorn, drum roll..................

The Tenuous Shoe-Horn Party

Little bit of history here.  I have always done Blog Hops where I get people to sign up in advance and plan what we are going to post.  With the Summer Postcard Blog Hop I receive and email photos each week to the participants keeping track of who has sent a card and received one.  This year I am celebrating a Big Birthday with a Big Birthday Blog Hop so I decided to save myself the work and not have a Summer one.

But it seems strange not hopping around so I thought a Linky Party would be a good idea.  Kind of like an Open House rather than a formal Dinner Party!   Bring your own food and who cares if we get 20 desserts and no sausage rolls?

So where does this shoehorn come in?   Ever since joining in with various themed activities I have tried to get my stitching to fit the theme rather than vice versa.  Occasionally I have needed a shoehorn to wedge it in there somehow!  So the shoehorn has become an in-joke among us for any project which is a little off-the-wall for a theme.

The theme is Summer.  Probably the season we stitch the least.  We have Hallowe'en, Christmas and Easter for the other three seasons.  But Summer?  Nothing!  Poor Summer.  At least the weather is usually nice.

(NB I am talking Northern Hemisphere here, I appreciate the Southern Hemisphere is having Winter right now)

The first three Summer pieces I have are all parts of seasonal series.  First is Just Nan's A Summers Day:

Then Summer Sampler from Cross Stitcher magazine (1998):

And a pretty Summer Heart freebie from Gazette94:

If you want Summer freebies, Gazette94 is the place to go!

Time for cake!  Brooke's Book's cake to be precise:

June Cake

August Cake

These are the only two I have stitched so far.  I should at least do July to have a run through.

I did stitch all the months for the JBW Alphabet Kitties series and here are the three Summer months:

And a very small piece of Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy:

I stitched her as part of a Birthday Card for a RR friend.

This is what I've been stitching on this week, the flowers and leaves on Gathering Honey by Jannlynn:

That seems to be it for me, I could shoe-horn in some more random floral stitching but I think I'll hand over to you all and see what you have to show.

Please link-up here with the actual blog post, not the generic blog address to help people find the right post.  The link-up will stay open for one week.  Please hop round and visit the other participants too.  This Link-up is open to anyone who has a blog, you don't have to be a regular commenter or follower, just a stitcher!



Finally, there will be a small prize for one lucky guest, so get your thinking caps on and get posting!


  1. Lovely summertime stitching, my dear. Look, I am first to link up to the Shoehorn Party and boy, did I shoehorn! lol!

  2. You have always have so many things to show whatever the theme be.The samplers are lovely.These blog hops are a good way to show your work from past years specially to you new followers.

  3. It's not really all that tenuous is it Jo? A whole post chock full of lovely summer stitching

  4. Gorgeous! The August cake is so very pretty.

  5. Lovely summertime stitching! I'm glad that I am able to attend the linky party.

  6. Love the cross stitcher sampler, fab vibrant colours. Thanks for hosting Jo.

  7. Never see those cakes before, August looks good. Love the way you stiched a piece of Joan Elliot for the birthday card, very nice idea. xxx

  8. Beautiful Summer pieces. I noticed when looking through Summer gets ignored a lot when I stitch too. I did find a few though so I'm off to post a blog post. Thanks for the Linky Party.

  9. Lovely summer stitching.

  10. Great projects and fun choices! Thanks for hosting. :)

  11. Adorable summer stitching! Love your blog hop idea :o)
    My post is up and linked!
    Hugs xx

  12. Lovely summer themed projects !! We are having rainy season here. For your part of the world, summer is full of flowers. For us, it is related with heat wave at 40-46 C in April-May.

  13. Great projects Jo. I hope I've linked OK! Well done for organising the Summer fun!
    Hugs, Barbara xx PS Its dry here at the moment, our plants badly need watering, and we are waiting for the rain!

  14. You found some lovely projects for your shoehorn! I love the Just Nan, and that little summer heart is so nice and bright...the cakes are great as well. Can't decide what I like best!

  15. I love your Alphabet cats. and I had to go directly to Gazette94 to see just what I could find in the way of freebies. Thanks for the link. Your stitching as always is wonderful

  16. I love your choices :). They're sweet :)

  17. LOL, I out my name in the shoe horn and not the name of the blog..silly me. It is a bit of a shoehorned thing too as the only connection the piece has is to the number of holidays it was the sewing project for. I recall a very hot holiday in the peak district sewing in a window seat overlooking a field as it was too hot to be outside and in contrast although also in a window seat in the Lacke District watching it rain.

    1. Hi Deborah, I remember I couldn't comment on your blog at Valentines, so I am writing to you by email.
      Barbara xo

  18. Such a lot of summer pieces that you have stitched. I would have linked up, too, but was a day late - but posted my summer piece anyway, just without linking up to your summer party. Great idea!

  19. You never run out of great ideas! Your summer collection is so incredible. I love that August Cake.


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