Monday, 31 August 2015

August D.E.S.I.G.N. SAL


The idea of this Blog Hop is to choose a different designer each month and do a post focusing on a piece of their work you have stitched on during the month.  The hosts of D.E.S.I.G.N ask us to answer a few questions on our chosen designer.

1. What designer are you talking about this month?

Jamie Kile of Knotted Tree NeedleArt.

Santa's Hat Sampler
from JCS Christmas Ornie Special 2012

2. Have you stitched a project by this designer before?

Yes, I have now completed three different designs, two Hallowe'en and one Christmas.  Two are mini alphabet samplers.

3. Would you buy/stitch a design by this designer again?  Why/Why not?

Yes, there is at least one more Hallowe'en alphabet sampler and various other ornies in the JCS magazines.

4. What made you choose this particular design/designer?

Regular followers will know how much I love an alphabet design and I knew I wanted to stitch this one as soon as I saw it:

Little Owl Sampler
from JCS Hallowe'en Ornie Special 2012

5. Did you notice anything that distinguished this designer from others?

I have to say, KTN don't seem to have a "signature" look, apart from the alphabet samplers.  I would not have known this house was by the same designer if it hadn't have said.  In some ways that is a good thing because you are drawn to the individual design rather than the hype around a particular name.  You know, where everyone rushes to buy the latest release and then realises that it's not that different to ten other charts they already own!

Little Hallowe'en House
from JCS Hallowe'en Ornie Special 2013

The designs themselves are simple, full stitches only often charted using hand-dyed threads but always with a good DMC conversion.  They lend themselves well to adaptation.  I blended threads on two and changed some colours on all three.  I also added some speciality stitches to the border on the house design.


Finally, a pie chart for August.  More projects stitched for just a day or two this month.  The days were longer than usual because of the Summer holidays.  It's been a productive month indeed.


Heather said...

Cute stitching :)

gracie said...

Wonderful projects and stitching. Fun pie chart!

EvalinaMaria said...

I never even heard of this designer - I'm learning something new every day! Thank you for sharing. Hugs.

Kerryp77 said...

Lovely work, I do enjoy your design posts

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the adorable finishes Jo.


Barb said...

Those little Halloween designs are just delightful!

gominam said...

These are very cute designs you've stitched, love the last one against that fabric;)

Preeti said...

Beautiful pieces!! Thanks for telling about the designer.

Christine said...

No, I wouldn't have spotted that the house was the same designer either. I do like the alphabet ones

Brigitte said...

Another name that I hadn't known before. I had already seen the designs that you stitched from them and they are really nice, particularly these small alphabets. Thanks for sharing.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great DESIGN post, and yay for so much stitching time this month!

Brenda said...

You have such BEAUTIFUL stitching pieces!!! Love the whole DESIGN concept that you are hosting!!!

Julie said...

Very colourful pie chart this month, lots of lovely things got attention.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely stitching! I've never heard of this designer, so this was pretty cool to read. Thanks for the introduction! :D

rosey175 said...

Meep. Much as I loved the cats from earlier, I would run away screaming from those black widows, Halloween or not, those things are NOT welcome! Nice intro for a new-to-me designer! :D

diamondc said...

Love your stitching choices, I love Halloween and should get going on some stitching for fall.


Kaisievic said...

Yes, quite individual designs by this designer - lovely work, Jo.

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I agree with your assessment of how certain designers have a particular style and some don't! I've seen that in action. LOVE the pie chart!!