Sunday, 9 November 2014

Welcoming Two Old Friends Back into the Rotation

Welcome back Green Goddess.  She was started way back in September 2011 and I stitched on her regularly for four months.  Then didn't pick her up for an entire year!  She featured a few times during the early months of 2013 and then nothing until this month.

Here is where she was in May 2013 followed by the latest photo of her today:

The rest of the moth on the left is all metallic as are the two dragonflies at the top.

The second old friend is Prairie Moon's Thine is the Trick and the Treat.  I started this one in September 2012, put it away after Hallowe'en, got it out in September 2013, put it away after Hallowe'en again.  It will now take the place of Noel Blanc as my bath-time piece.  Hopefully the one-length-a-day approach will see the same steady progress and a finish before next Hallowe'en.

This is a hand-dyed 40 count fabric which was a gift from Karen.  I am stitching with two strands of DMC310 which gives a lovely dense coverage.

I am sure that you are all waiting for the results of the Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Mystery Phrase Blog Hop?  The answer was, of course, Pumpkins & Black Cats.  Which did feature on a number of the designs.  I picked two names at random.  Each picture poster got one chance and each correct answer got one chance.  So if you did both then you got two chances to win!

The two names chosen are:

Jacquie from My Journey


Cheryl from Today I Found

Congratulations to both of them!  A little something will be finding its way to you in due course.

Finally, the Advent Calendar Blog Hop will be starting on the 1st of December, same format as last year - sign up and be allocated a date.  Post a stitched Christmas picture on your date plus a comment about the festive season.  You can email me now if you like stating if you have a preference for an early date or later in the month or any dates you can't do.  I'll be posting about it regularly and adding a logo soon!


  1. What a great idea to pick up 2 projects you started a long time ago...I should really do this!
    Oooh yes I have seen The Green Goddess from Joan Elliott around, as well as her other face designs. They are really stunning and the way you have stitched your si stunning too... it looks so neat and perfect.. it will look AWESOME when finished. So pleased your stitching it again, and cannot wait to see your progress.
    And ooh yes a ~Halloween design! But of course! Its really eye catching, I am sure you will have this one done in no time!
    Just simply love taking part in your blog hops, they are so much fun :) Oooh another blog hop... Love them!! Yes please count me in for the Christmas one :)
    I shall have to start stitching something Christmassy!
    Happy stitching
    Smiles :)

  2. I just want to make sure that you do know that I want to do the Christmas blog haven't forgotten, have you?

    Your young lady is looking rather gorgeous! Not long until a finish on her :)

    I love your Hallowe'en one too. I will look forward to seeing progress on that too. It's amazing how much difference just one strand makes. xx

  3. Good for you getting older projects out and worked on. =)
    Count me in for the Christmas Blog Hop please.

  4. Green goddess is looking stunning, Jo, and I do love Thine is the trick or the treat. Congrats to the two winners, too.

  5. Hello to Green Goddess again! Not sure I have seen the other one but it looks like a great bathtime stitch being mostly one colour. I so enjoy your blog hops and would love to do another one - please count me in!

  6. Both projects are looking fabulous! I am quite partial to "Thine is the Trick and the Treat". I just love Halloween.

    I am so delighted to find myself as one of the Hallowe'en blog hop winners. Thanks so much for hosting - I had a lot of fun blog hopping!

    Please count me in for the Advent Calendar Blog Hop as well.

  7. Nice to see Green Goddess again. Look forward to watching your progress.

  8. Of course I would like to join the Christmas Blog Hop....

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by, it feels great to be back in the blogging world. Your two projects look great. I really like the trick and treat, I am glad you are getting back to stitch it. Looking forward to see it progress.

  10. Hooray for old friends! They both look grateful to be out and getting some love!

  11. It doesn't look like you've too much left to do on Green Goddess. She's going to be stunning.
    Please put me down for the advent hop

  12. Green Goddess is looking very nice !! :) good luck with your next blog hop! I won't be in but will stop by to see the posts :)

  13. Hello Jo

    Beautiful stitching, the colours of Green Goddess are just beautiful!
    Have a good week.

  14. Congrats to the two winners!! I had a lot of fun playing along and look forward to the next time. I would love to be included in the next one please. Doesn't matter when I'll do my best to post.

    Good luck with your two added pieces. They are both fantastic.

  15. Pretty progress on both pieces!!

  16. They're both great projects, I'm sure you'll have them done in no time. I know from experience that Thine moves along quicker than you'd expect :-) It's usually the other way round, isn't it?

  17. Those are great looking projects - enjoy your "reconnection!" :)

    And congrats to the two winners!

  18. So close! I remember when you started on her, when I was still but a noob to the blogging world. I think one length a day will see plenty of progress on Halloween and I bet you'll get more than one some days. :D

    Congrats to the winners!! I did hope avocados and purple deer was correct, though I would've taken to blaming cats too.

    I'll join in on Christmas, yay! But I'll have to email a few (known) unavailable dates this time.

  19. So glad you decided to pick these two up again as they are stunning. Well done on making great progress on them both!

  20. Yay for taking out two old friends to stitch on! Makes me want to do that and make some progress on pieces long neglected. They are both looking great Jo!! Congrats to the winners!

  21. Great to see both of these pieces back. I haven't done a lot, but the Quaker pieces seem to stitch up quickly.

  22. Good luck with your new 'old' projects - Julie & Mr Stick have a UFO forum on Needlecraft Haven for weekend stitching

  23. Hello Green Goddess! WOW it has been a while since we have seen here! It's great to see her again and you're right it really is like seeing an old friend again. How cool! Loving the Halloween piece too.

    xox Alicia

  24. It's always such a pleasure to get an old friend out and continue stitching on it. If the old friend is really old it's nearly like a new start. While I'm writing this I am thinking of one of my oldest friends, the America sampler by Jean Farish. Maybe it's time to pull this lovely piece out again and add some more states.
    Very nice progress on both your old friends.

  25. Thanks for hosting the Halloween blog hop - it ws great fun and I would love to take part in the Christmas Advent one.

    Love seeing your progress on your WIPs and your "one length a day" is something I plan to try. Like so many stitchers I struggle to find enough time to stitch but I know that even doing a few stitches every day makes a difference.

    Your dislikes really rang a bell with me. I do have some threads on bobbins but only where they came into the house like that. Not only do I not want to waste time "bobbinating" I don't like the kinks they make in the thread. I do like looking at them in their boxes though. And as for hard aida - horrid stuff. To me stitching is a tactile pleasure which I think is one of the reasons that Zweigart linen is my favourite fabric for cross stitch. I love the feel of it as well as the look.

    Sorry for rambling in this comment when the main thing I wanted to say is Can I join the Christmas Advent calendar please.

  26. Jo, take a display Halloween:

    good weekend!

  27. I'd like to take part in the Christmas Blog hop. Fit me in where you need me early or late I don't mind


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