Monday, 13 October 2014

Spooky Counting Down

I've been counting down to Hallowe'en with my Primitive Hare Spooky Countdown tree this year.  Here are a few photos of the tree so far:

All the ingredients laid out ready to start

The scrapbook paper I used to make the markers from

First Eight Days

Days Nine to Thirteen

Regular readers may recognise that tree from last year's Advent Calendar!

I have been stitching away in black the rest of the time, on the Blackbird Designs Spell of the Moon which Kaye sent me recently.  I finished the black this afternoon during a Game of Thrones marathon TV catch-up session for my husband's birthday!

There is some grey and a yellow moon to add as yet.  It's a nice fun design although quite large on 32count.  Too big for an ornie really.  I bought a little canvas and easel during the week which I can stretch the fabric round and display it like that.  I like the way the border varies, it's not all the same zig-zags all the way round.  Much  more interesting to stitch,

Finally, it's time to sign up for the Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop.  Just leave a comment on this post (making sure I can contact you via email) and then a few days before the 31st October I will contact you with a letter to display on your blog on the 31st along with some Hallowe'en stitching of your own.  I will list all the blogs in order and people will hop around collecting the letters to SPELL out the Mystery Phrase.

To see how it all works, check out last year's Blog Hop here  


  1. Interesting decoration:-)
    Unusual for me:-)

  2. Very interesting tree. I was thinking about getting the Spooky Countdown pattern myself, but not yet. Looks amazing, very spooky! :)

  3. Your tree looks great Jo. Cute not quite ornie.


  4. You're tree looks so cool! I love it!

  5. Oooo --cool Halloween decorating. Congrats on the accomplishments.

  6. I was hoping we were going to have the Halloween Blog hop! Sign me up*

  7. The scrapbook paper is beautiful!
    Love your halloween tree!
    How cute the Blackbird Designs.


  8. Great looking spooky tree!!
    Isn't Game of Thrones just the best??! I missed the first few episodes of the new season when it aired here so instead of catching it mid-season...I'm waiting for the perfect day to head to the dvd rental store and have me a marathon too! :)

  9. Fantastic spooky tree! Perfect for Halloween :)

  10. Love it. The paper is perfect! Great progress on your BBD project.

  11. I love that tree, it's utterly fantastic. And your scrapbook paper/markers are just perfect!

    Congrats on the awesomeness!

  12. Did I sign up on the wrong post? LOL oops, please sign me up!

    I don't even have half of my Halloween decorations up yet! Your tree makes me jealous; it looks great. :D

  13. Hello!

    Great Halloween stitching x

  14. SPELL I see what you did there. Sign me up.

  15. Everything is perfect, the tree, the stitching of course and the scrapbooking paper is just amazing.
    House decorations will be settled next week. I am impatient to see the reaction of my grandson
    3 years old for his first Halloween party at grandmother. xxxx

  16. The tree looks great - so glad that you are enjoying the design I sent you. Happy Birthday to your dear husband. And, of course, count me in for the blog hop!

    P.S. Check out today's post on my blog - there is something to your advantage posted there. lol!

  17. Great pictures of your tree, those tombstones are looking gorgeous. I do love this idea very much. And a nice new Halloween piece nearly finished. BBD borders are often like that and I also love stitching them.

  18. Love your tree.
    The owl in the tree is a sweet stitch.


  19. You're right, the border certainly give it a new look and make is very interesting.

  20. Sign me up please :) love that orange fabric!

  21. No one rocks Halloween like you do stunner! Amazeballs.
    xo Alicia

  22. Spell of the moon is fabulous! I love that. And your tree is spooktacular. xox


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