Friday, 4 July 2014

Here be Dragons

I've been working on three WIPs since the last post.  The first one is the Teresa Wenztler dragon I am stitching as an end of term gift for the Large Boy's teacher.  She gave me some secret news this afternoon that I can't share yet, but let's just say she really deserves this special gift.

Teresa Wenztler - Futurecast

I'm using one of the colour schemes recommended by a previous stitcher with a couple of changes.  The darkest green was too turquoise compared to the other three so I changed that, and the yellows were too pale on this fabric so I moved two shades darker for each one.  All that is left is his book, the metallics, the backstitch and the lettering.  Not bad considering we still have two and half weeks to go.

The second WIP is the weekly stitching on Spooky Countdown:

Primitive Hare - Spooky Countdown

I've gotten a week behind on this one because I started Dragon at the weekend instead.  But it's OK, I have allowed 10 weeks at the end of the SAL for the header and footer pieces so if I don't catch up before then I will still have plenty of time.  I did all this block on the train and I have another journey planned for next week too.

And here is the ongoing saga of Noel Blanc:

I started that long reverse L of border back in January (2014), stopped at the beginning of March to work on the deer and the left hand borders.  Recommenced at the end of May and discovered a massive frog sitting on it.  Several frogs to be precise which meant nearly all of it needed to be ripped and restitched.  Now I can finally reward myself with a lovely alphabet.  Happy Days are here again.

Finally I will be sending out another postcard for the Summer Postcard Blog Hop this evening.  Keep an eye on your Inbox in case it's for you!  Still time to enter and send in your photos.  Don't forget to visit these posts and leave a nice comment too:

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Second postcard from Krista goes to Jocondine at Jocondine


  1. What a wonderful dragon....
    Your stitching is coming on really well... its lovely.

    Smiles :)


  2. The dragon looks great and I'm still loving that Christmas sampler

  3. Your projects all look wonderful. Do you follow a rotation to keep working on them? I now have TOO MANY projects going at the same time and am feeling overwhelmed - though am still buying yet more stash!

  4. Nice progress on all of your wips :-)

  5. I'm so behind on blog reading, but here I am looking at yours!

    Love your dragon, imagine that. Halloween and Christmas will be here before we know it, both your pieces look great!

  6. Wow amazing stitching on all your projects. The dragon is coming along really well, I love your colour choices.

  7. This little dragon is so sweet, really a special gift. I'm looking forward to seeing him with all his accessories.
    I love the two little birdies on the twig in the AMAP project. You must be so glad to be done with the border.

  8. Great progress on all your projects Jo.


  9. I love watching your stitchy WIPs. The dragon is lovely. xox

  10. All very nice but the dragon is my favorite :-)

  11. So much to catch up on! I must admit, white on blue fabric is probably my favorite for wintery pieces. Those snowflakes look divine.

  12. That dragon is so pretty :)))
    All your wips look great :)

  13. Oh my goodness - so pretty. Love the WIPs.

  14. As always, my eye is drawn to Noel Blanc - just gorgeous!

  15. They are all looking fab, but I can't wait to see the dragon with the book!

  16. Lovely stitching!
    The dragon is very sweet!!


  17. Sweet dragon, but NOEL is still a favourite for me.

  18. The dragon is looking great! What a tease you are...hinting at news and then not spilling the beans :D Noel is looking gorgeous!

  19. Its SOOO nice to see TW's being worked on out there in blogland!

  20. Beautiful dragon, and will make a special gift. Your Christmas sampler is very beautiful. You are going to get your wips done in time for the holidays. love Annette

  21. That teacher must've given you awesome news!!! :D Draggie looks great. Can't wait to see it finished. :D

    Love the white on blue of Noel Blanc. More, more, more! ;)


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