Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Brace of Round Robins

I've been working on Rahenna's Band Sampler for the Round Robin and was taking some photos when I realised that I never posted about the previous instalment of this RR.  So here's a double dose of Band Sampler glory.

Rahenna had terrible problems making decisions about her Band Sampler until inspiration struck in the form of this little Pokemon:

Snivy is Rahenna's favourite Pokemon so she used the colours as inspiration!  She also sent us a lovely collection of Lesa Steele and Patricia Ann samplers to choose our bands from with strict instructions not to use any other colours other than those provided under threat of being attacked by an angry Pokemon!

(quick joke - how do you get four Pikachus on a bus?  You poke 'em on)

My bands chosen from Lesa Steele's Sweet Harmony

Side shot to show beads

The whole piece as it goes on to Kathy.

The previous RR was Karen's Sweetheart Tree Autumn themed sampler.  Here are my bands:

I chose my bands from Heirloom Roses but changed the flowers into acorns and added the squirrel.

The whole piece as it left to go to Kathy.

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop is underway.  It's not too late to send me a photo, in fact you've got until the middle of August to do so.  For more details click on the garden photo to the right.

First postcard from Marcy goes to Gracie at Needles, Pins and Dragonflies
Second postcard from Krista goes to Jocondine at Jocondine
Third postcard from Michelle goes to Sharon at Shebafudge


  1. SQUIRREL!!! Those are both beautiful.

  2. Love the samplers. Clever squirrel addition. :)

  3. Wow Jo...that is some lovely stitching!!!

  4. Beautiful pieces Jo. You did a super job.


  5. Wonderful pieces. Loved the pokemon joke :-)

  6. Hehe...poke 'em on....gotta tell my kids that one!
    Gorgeous bands!
    Summer sounds beautiful right now....we're in the middle of a cold spell...we don't do well in minus temps!

  7. Beautiful stitching my dear..they truly so lovely
    Well done x

  8. They are both stunning. I do love band samplers even though they seem to be a bit out of fashion at present

  9. They are both stunning pieces. Your additions are just lovely.

  10. Stunning stitched pieces you've been working on Jo, wonderful additons you've made to them.
    I'm a fan of the band sampler, mnight be time to have another fix of one... plenty of charts to choose from in the cupboard!

  11. Magnifique, so great work and lovely colors, my preference goes to Karen's STA with squirrels so cute. xxx

  12. Beautiful pieces Jo. Thanks for the Pokemon joke my Son loves it x

  13. Incredible stunning samplers you've been stitching. I too love the darling acorns and squirrel you added:) Loved the darling joke too!
    love Annette

  14. The samplers are amazing. Such lovely work.

  15. Gorgeous stitching! I love the satin stitch hearts and the sweet eyelets on the first sampler :) And turning the flowers to acorns on the second one is just genius!!

  16. Those are amazing. The color scheme for both of them is perfect but you have to love the inspiration for the first one.

  17. Wooow, thanks so much for adding such gorgeous bands to mine! I'm glad everyone seems to have gotten a kick out of my silly inspiration and instructions! :)

  18. Both band samplers are looking gorgeous. And such wonderful bands that you added. A great RR indeed.


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