Friday, 13 September 2013

Sleepy September

Here is the piece that gives today's post its title, Andie's Mirabilia Round Robin with Dreamers as the theme:

Lilly of the Woods photo DSC04048AndiesRR_zps4119cc74-1.jpg

And some close-ups so you can see the bling:

Lilly of the Woods photo DSC04049AndiesRR_zpse37bdf82-1.jpg Lilly of the Woods photo DSC04050AndiesRR_zpsa495f53e-1.jpg

And one of the whole piece so far:

Andie's Dreamers photo DSC04047AndiesRR_zpsce67a392-1.jpg

The top space is empty for Andie to stitch Sleeping Beauty, then it's followed by The Dreamer stitched by Orchid Julie and Sleeping Princess stitched by Karen Stitchy Woman and finally my Lilly of the Woods.

I posted this piece off to New Zealand last Friday expecting it to take a week-ten days to arrive.  I got an email from Andie on the Tuesday saying it was there!!  Less than 3 working days to cross the world!!  Amazing.

Also for September I had the JBW Alphabet Kitty for September:

JBW Cat September photo DSC04063_zps21c9fc1b.jpg

The charm for this month is a lovely acorn pin I received from Shirlee some time ago.  The fabric is a tan 28 count evenweave and the thread is a Stef Francis variegated.  I was going for an Autumn Leaves effect.
JBW Cat September photo DSC04067_zpscbeff62d.jpg

And talking of Autumn, here is my latest progress on Just Nan's Autumn Typography:

Not too sure about that bright orange in the row of leaves under the large Autumn.  They look a little like Chinese words rather than leaves.  I'll see how it looks at the end.  I have a boring border to stitch and the squirrels plus another crow then it's all done.  I like it alot!

Finally, as more people move to Google Plus, I wonder if they are aware that their email does not necessarily follow them there.  I've had comments from people that used to have emails attached to their profile but now appear as "No-Reply".  So if you've moved recently and haven't had an email response from a comment you've left me then that is why.


  1. Beautiful stitching, especially your cat finish (:
    Happy weekend.

  2. Great work on everything. Love the kitty.

  3. The Mirabilia RR looks awesome, and I just love the monthly kitties.

  4. Congrats on the great finishes Jo. I'm still lovin' that autumn sampler.


  5. Wonderful pieces and stitching

  6. They truly live up to their name. I had a tiny nanna nap after looking at those sleepy ladies. Unfortunately at the time I was at work! Nice bling work Jo. Love the acorn pin too, it sets the theme nicely. I think the leaves look good, but then I love anything bright and vibrant. LOL!!
    Alicia xox

  7. The Dreamers are so pretty love it!

  8. Beautiful finishings I love the sleeping beauties !

  9. These sleeping beauties are just gorgeous with all their bling. Very special RR.
    Lovely projects you have finished.

  10. That Mira RR is spectacular and unique!!!

  11. I just found your Blog...I really like your Blog. I love looking at all of your Photos too....

    Congratulations on your finish...she is sure beautiful.

    I am now a Follower of your Blog and I would love for you to be a follower of my Blog as is the link:

    Happy Stitching :)

  12. Wow, this RR is looking fabulous :) Can't wait to see more of your WIP's, they are all fab :) xxx

  13. Such a beautiful lady :) Wonderful work :D

  14. It's all looking lovely. The JBW cat is gorgeous. Definitely the autumn leaves effect :)

    I like Autumn as it is but maybe it looks a bit different IRL.

    That RR is simply stunning. No 2 ways about it, I love it. I would love to do a Mira RR but as I haven't got time, seeing others is the next best thing.


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