Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy Birthday Karen!

I was going to do this post tomorrow which is Karen's actual Birthday.  But since she has already opened her gift and posted it all over Facebook, I'll do it today so you can all go wish her a Very Happy Birthday for the 30th.

A long while ago when we were planning the first Joan Elliott Round Robin, Karen mentioned that Joan's designs often had lovely feet.  We joked that we should do a Foot Fetish Round Robin!

This made me play around with the idea of stitching some of the hands as a collage.  When the second Joan RR started up this year I felt I did not have the time to join in as I was already committed to the Large Mirabilia RR as well as finishing the Band Sampler RR.

Karen was so disappointed not to be stitching with me again we decided to do a small Birthday card exchange of one of Joan's designs.  Our Birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart.  This was when the idea of resurrecting my Hands collage came to my mind.  I decided on the Four Seasons as being the designs which went together the best.  The piece needed to work as a whole composition not just four random hands on a piece of fabric.

I spent some time with pencil and paper then started stitching.  The fabric is a piece of 28 count from a Craty Kitten grab bag.  Here is the final design:

Joan Elliott Four Seasons photo DSC04056JESeasons_zpse694447f.jpg

And here are some close-ups:

Joan Elliott Four Seasons photo DSC04058JESeasons_zps35c91349.jpg

Joan Elliott Spring photo DSC04061JESummer_zps7f7aca21.jpg

Joan Elliott Summer photo DSC04062JESpring_zps6b44c914.jpg

Joan Elliott Autumn photo DSC04060JEAutumn_zps835ef2f1.jpg

Joan Elliott Winter photo DSC04059JEWinter_zps2023d0fe.jpg

I attempted to make a flat-fold but it was a disaster!!  So I simply mounted the design on a piece of scrapbooking paper and sent it to Karen to frame as a picture.  Now despite saying "just a card" Karen had put some lovely goodies into my package so I had to reciprocate!!

Here is the package she sent me:

plus a lovely stitching project bag.

And here is the package I sent in return:

Stitching friends really are the best!!

Finally, I got my copy of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Special yesterday.  Love the Dragon Dreams design this year.  One of my targets for next year is to stitch a Dragon Dreams design each month.  The Large Boy does the most perfect impression of this little wide-eyed dragonlet!!


  1. Your stitching looks great :) A lovely exchange too.

  2. Very nice and unusual exchange. Love the dragon. Are there a total of 12 then? Looking forward to seeing them.

  3. Fun idea! And the end result is beautiful ^^

  4. Beautiful card. Lucky you to have the Christmas Ornament magazine ... I'm still waiting and hoping. I look forward to seeing all of your dragons.

  5. What a wonderful, thoughtful idea. Great gifts.

  6. how clever! my bday is coming soon! lol

  7. What a wonderful exchange. love the hands.

  8. What a clever idea, and executed beautifully! Karen must be thrilled.

  9. Wonderful exchange Jo. Your stitched piece is awesome.


  10. The JE hands look fantastic. Well done on getting them to all work together so well :)

  11. Oh wow, your hand stitching is brilliant :). What a great idea!
    Love the Dragon Dreams ornament :)

  12. The collection of hands is lovely, what a fun idea.
    The dragon one caught my eye too, though to be honest there really weren't very many that did this year, most of them were just "Meh, seen it before" and one or two were plain bad

  13. Beautiful stitching as always & great gifts!

  14. You've created something very special for Karen, it really is very effective.

  15. What a wonderful parcel you put together!

  16. Wow what a stunning piece you stitched for your friend. I love your dragonlet also

  17. OMG!!! I love love loooooooooooooooove those hands =) how gorgeous it looks!!!!
    wonderful! just wonderful :D

  18. Whoa you girls rock! You never cease to amaze me Jo with your creative super powers! Beautiful hand collage that you Designed AND Stitched.
    Alicia xo

  19. I'm a lucky girl to have such an awesome friend! Thanks, Jo.

    I love the dragonlet, too. I really want to do the Dragon 12 Days of Xmas.



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