Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Gooooooooooooolllllllllllddddddddddddddd Rings!

So did anyone else sing the song like that?

Here are the Five Gold Ringwith a sleepy little Dragonlet on his pile of treasure.

This is the fifth in the series available as a FB exclusive from the Dragon Dream page

I stitched the rings in two different metallics, one darker, thicker from Madeira and one paler and thinner from DMC.  The DMC was definitely nicer to stitch with on 28 count.

Here is my evening piece:

This is Karen's Mermaid for the Large Mirabilia Round Robin.  I'm really enjoying stitching this design, anyone want to take a guess which mermaid it is?

Finally, there's been alot of talk on Facebook about Pinterest and copyright, that old hot potato!  I do enjoy looking at Pinterest boards but have been a little bemused by people pinning actual cross stitch charts instead of just a picture.  No-one does that on blogs, everyone links to the original blog or site, so why are people doing it on Pinterest?  The whole point of a designer or blogger giving a free chart is to encourage traffic to their website, by pinning the chart anyone can download it and not even acknowledge the original designer.  That's just not cricket!!  And is, in fact, illegal, even if the design was a freebie.  So come on Pinners, give credit where it's due and only pin pictures of the finished designs and always add a link.  If you're repinning and the information isn't there, then ask the original pinner.  If they can't give it then don't play with them, they're not nice people LOL.


  1. Congrats on the cute finish Jo. I love the fabric on your round robin.


  2. Cute finish and yes, I sing the song that way and occassionally add in Miss Piggy's ba-da-bum-bum because it's fun! No idea which mermaid, but it's very pretty. Very nice summing up the Pinterest issu.

  3. He is a very cute dragon. Well done.

    And, yet, pinning charts drives me nuts! I never do it, unless it is a freebie and the chart is the only image provided (i.e. the designer hasn't provided a picture of the finished design, just the chart).

  4. Cute finish, congratulations

  5. Nice dragon! Loving the fabric for this RR, so pretty.

  6. i haven't been for a while on your blog, I love the little hearts. Promise to come more frequently. sunny kisses from Rio.

  7. Well done on both - the dragonlet is really cute.
    I've been pretty bemused by the chart-on-Pinterest thing lately... I even saw a pirated French chart re-pinned by an American *designer* (!!!!) yesterday... go figure.

  8. The golden rings are great!! Love the bling :D Hmm, pinterest baffles me. I tried pinning once but couldn't really figure it out. I think I need a friend to walk me through it. I've heard of people pinning the actual chart and not the blog which isn't good.

  9. Lovely stitching with the metallic and a beautiful mermaid in the making

  10. Congrats on finishing another cute dragon!

  11. That is so cute - great work :)

  12. Nice dragon. The fabric for the mermaid is really pretty.


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