Saturday, 19 January 2013

Grow your Blog Party

Welcome to the Party!!

I'm Jo, your hostess for the day.  I comment as "Jo who can't think of a Clever Nickname" because when I started blogstalking I was very impressed by the neat nicknames people had but couldn't think of one for myself so I thought I'd make a virtue of my lack of imagination!

I started blogging nearly 2 years ago, for two main reasons.  One was that I didn't like "hijacking" other people's blogs and forum threads by going off on tangents triggering by random comments within the posts.  The other was that I really really wanted to join in with Daffycat's TUSAL!

So here I am, 2 years later with a great group of blogging friends and followers and loving every minute of it.  The name of the blog is explained in my header and comes from my love of words.  So many times things have just worked out perfectly (in my stitching life at least!) and I get such a buzz from that.

My two main stitching interests are Fantasy and Samplers.  You can see from the labels down my sidebar which designers I stitch the most.  Joan Elliott is up there with 29 posts!  So here is my latest Joan piece:

She's the January lady from the Diary which was the cover gift from World of Cross Stitching mag issue 198.  I'm in a FB SAL to stitch each of the designs this year.  Joan has joined us too!!  I'm stitching her on 28count evenweave with a silve sparkle woven into it.

Here's another FB project, Dragon Dreams 12 Dragonlets of Christmas:

This is a Partridge (and a Dragonlet) in a Pear Tree.  Again the plan is to stitch one a month until next Christmas then I'll make them into some sort of apres-Christmas "advent" calendar for my son who loves dragons.

The final project to share with you is my evening project.  I always have 2 projects on the go, a small one for daytime and a larger more complex one for the evening once the boys are in bed.  At the moment it's my Mirabilia Round Robin.  The blocks are twice as large as the usual 50 x 50 so there are only 4 people per group and the posting date is Monday so I don't think I'll be finishing my block by then!

No prizes for guessing which design this is!!  The other three will be August, July and June's Birth Stone Fairies to accompany my September Fairy.

As well as stitching and blogging I do like to organise Blog Hops of my own.  the next one is the Secret Stitching Sweetheart, all details found in this post - Secret Stitching Sweetheart.  If you'd like to join in then leave me a comment, make sure your email is attached to your profile so I can contact you!  All the details for the other Blog Hops I do are found on the special page in my top tabs - blog-hops-throughout-year.  For most of them you need a blog but for Easter and Hallowe'en non-bloggers can enter the competitons too.

Finally, it wouldn't be a party without a party bag.  Sorry I can't give you all a balloon and a piece of cake but I can offer some nice presents, three cover gifts from the magazines I subscribe to:

Prize 1 - giant floral chart

Prize 2 - chart, aida, threads and a card to mount it in

 Prize 3 - booklet of  35 Rustic style charts

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post ONLY telling me which prize you would like.  
I'll choose the winners on the 1st February.

Bye for now, safe journey home!!  
Please call round again soon


  1. I would love to win Prize #1!

  2. Hi Jo! I still need to send you that Valentine photo. Please include me it the giveaway. I would like #3. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Jo. This blog party is fun isn't it, I've found some great new to me blogs already. It is going to take a while to work though all 400 though.
    Don't bother putting my name in the draw by the way, I think we have the same cover gift collections already ;)

  4. I'm enjoying your blog! I'd love to win prize #3. Thanks!

  5. Always love your blog :-) Sign me up for #1 please!

  6. Ooooh, you've started the dragonlets - must get going on mine too. Could I play for prize 3 please?

  7. I would love prize no.3. I have actually just completed the flowers in 2 (no idea why you don't want to stitch that one yourself).

  8. Don't put me in any of the prize drawings although they are tempting. Your WIPs are lovely and I am looking forward to watching your RR's progress.

  9. Hello

    Just found you.
    Don't enter me into the competition just wanted to say your stitching is lovely!

  10. Hey Jo,
    The RR look amazing. I wont enter as i have all three already. x

  11. So glad you started blogging! Love your Dragonlets so far, I really need to get mine ready to start.

    Please count me in for #3, that looks like something I'll actually be able to finish!

  12. Hello Jo, are you having fun at the party? I love prize #3 (if I'm lucky)

    Evalina, This and that...

  13. This blog party is so much fun! Thanks for sharing about yourself.

  14. Hi Jo. Been reading your blog for a while. Would love to be entered for #2.


  15. Enjoy the party dear xxx

  16. Hi Jo..actually any of the gifts would be ok with me. I guess my fav would be the alphabet though.

  17. You have such a beautiful blog, and I love your creations. I do not cross stitch, but I knit, crochet and quilt. It is so nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog party.

  18. oh, wow... #2 please. nice giveaway. please drop by my blog when you can. take care. ( :

  19. I would love to win #1. Loving your blog xxx

  20. I think I already have those kits (a sign I have too many magazines?) But I would love to know the name of the group on Facebook for the joan elliott sal of the diary designs - not sure I could keep up but would love to see it none the less :)

    Emma xo

  21. Great giveaway Jo, please can I be included for the Giant Floral. I'm always on the lookout for flower alphabet charts for the Best in Show sampler I stitch each year. Thank x

  22. Hey Jo! Love your blog as always :)
    Thanks for stopping by mine again.
    I love all your projects. I've never done a round robin but yours always looks fun.

  23. wel, I have to say, I am a little bit disappointed that there is no cake !! lol !

    love the fabric on your Mira round robin , we just do not have anything like that over here.

    lovely charts you have for prices, I´m sure you´ll make some winner really happy !
    I´ll pass, as you know you can´t both be lucky in love and in games, and I am still waiting for Brad Pitt !

  24. Glad I found your blog. I have been wanting to return to some cross stitch and needed some beautiful inspiration. Looking forward to reading your blog. All great giveaways, my favorite is #2.

  25. Lovely giveaway! Love the prize 3

  26. Fantasy is my favourite thing to stitch as well ^^ I hope to do one of Teresa Wentzlers fantasy samplers this year but I can't decide which one!

    Please enter me for prize no. 3 :)

  27. Love your Mira RR. Nora is one of my favourite designers.

  28. Hello,

    Nice to meet you in this party.:)

    There is a giveaway on my blog,too.

    All the best.:)

  29. Hi Jo!

    I'd love to win Prize #1! You're stitching is looking great! I love the Round Robin!


  30. Hi Jo...I 'm already a follower of your blog but now that I am finally getting to the end of the blog list from the party, I wanted to stop and say hi! hasn't this been fun?

  31. Hi Jo,
    So nice to meet you via GYB. Your stitching is beautiful.

  32. I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" to a fellow stitcher who's participating in the Grow Your Blog party!

  33. Beautiful stitching and beautiful blog! So happy to have found you via Vicki's party! I dare say, any of your giveaways would be wonderful ;)

    On my way to Follow you now so I can come back and read more!


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