Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Year of Flowers

I've just finished and sent off the final design in the Year of Flowers published in The World of Cross Stitching magazine and here it is:

Regular followers will know that I stitch the back stitch on these designs then colour them in using felt-tipped pens.  Several people have asked about the pens over the year.  They are just ordinary children's felt-tipped pens not special fabric pens (although I do have a set of those as well).

The cards have mainly been sent as part of a Birthday Card Exchange organised by the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Board.  When there wasn't a NH Birthday in a month I sent a card to a blogging friend instead.

Here's the full Twelve Months as a photo montage:

Which is your favourite? 

The Scarlet Letter Blog has gone completely stellar over the last two weeks.  There are now exactly 100 contributors (the maximum Blogger will allow) plus several others that Nicola is posting for.  I offered to post for people called Joanne and Nicola will post for everyone else.  That's fair isn't it? LOL.

I have finally made my decision about which sampler I'll stitch first.  I narrowed it down to three, Ann Johnson, Judeth Payne and the English Transitional c1711.  I switched from one to another several times but finally decided on the English Transitional as I think it will look the best on my walls.  Here's a picture:


Nicola had offered to treat me to my first sampler as a Thank You for the help withe hordes of participants and as luck would have it, she already had this one kitted up and ready to go so it arrived on my doormat this afternoon.  A quick iron of the fabric and I can start stitching tomorrow evening.  I really must finish the boring border on my Mira RR first or it'll never get done!

Finally, I hope you're all enjoying the Advent Calendar as much as I am.  I'm now off to check out today's post and update the entry.


  1. Good for you Jo! That new chart is gorgeous.
    Your cards are too. =)

  2. I like your choice for the Scarlet Letter SAL.

    As for which one of the cards is my favourite, that is a toughie. I like daffodils, carnations and gladioli. They are all lovely though. 12 very lucky recipients in my opinion :)

  3. Your cards are so beautiful, I can't pick just one as a favorite!

  4. Love your choice for the SL SAL and a well-deserved gift, too. Too many lovely flowers to choose a favourite!

  5. Love all the birthday cards Jo; but, mine is my favorite.


  6. I have ummed and arred and cannot choose a favourite flower, they are all beautiful.

    Can't wait to see ETS grow. I have failed to find any close ups of the details on this one.

    I enjoyed participating in the Advent Hop Blog, thank you for running it.

  7. I am rather partial to the April card. 8-)

    I love your choice for the Scarlet Letter SAL. The colors are amazing. Looking forward to seeing it stitched.

  8. I couldn't pick just one :-) They are beautiful!

  9. Another lovely card. Great choice for the Scarlet Letter, that one was on my shortlist too

  10. I like the January one because that's the one you stitched for me, but they are all lovely...xx

  11. Hello Jo,

    I think all of your Birthday Year of Flowers Cards are stunning. All 12 are beautiful.

    I love the yellow Daffodil you did for Angie.

    I heard about Nicola's Scarlet Letter through Chris's blog Tot Hill Farm Stitches.

    I went to the web site and picked out a pattern and ordered it. I'm still not sure if I want to join or not. I might after I finish the Spiritdancer. Decisons, Decisions....

  12. Lovely choice for the Scarlet Letter, that will an interesting one for me to watch grow.
    How could I possibly choose a favourite from all those beautiful cards.

  13. Jo, what spectacular cards! Way to go for sticking with it and stitching all 12 flowers!

  14. Hi Jo,
    Great job on all the pretty flowers. I loved Sheila's one the best but it was a hard choice they all had something special about them.

    Lovely colours on the sampler that you chose; looking forward to your wips. xoxo

  15. That's a great set of cards, well done. And a great choice of sampler, I'll love to watch you stitch it.

  16. Each one of your beautifully stitched floral cards are so special. Ooooh...I love the gorgeous sampler that Nicola sent to you for your very FIRST sampler. How kind of her. Hope that you love every minute of stitching it!


  17. Amazing to see all your cards in a montage Jo! WOW!! They are beautiful!!! That sampler is fantastic and so sweet of Nicola to get it as a Thank you for all your tech help! Big thanks from me too :D


  18. Even though my birth month has the Lily of the Valley, my favorite is DAFFODILS! (!!!!!!!) O man, if I could cover every surface with daffodils, I would.

    I think that sampler will be simply stunning and I look forward to watching it grow! :D

    And yay, the advent calendar is so much fun!! I'm glad I participated and it's leading me to all kinds of new and nifty peoples~ :D

  19. They are really lovely, and I like the look of the sampler also. Have fun stitching it!! :)

  20. gorgeous finishes all of them and I love your new start, very pretty.

  21. All 12 cards are lovely, it's impossible to pick a favourite!!


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