Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Totally TUSAL Tuesday and Two new starts

Have been wracking my brains trying to think of how to say "new starts" using T words!!

Here's the latest TUSAL, the jar is nice and full now.  I'll have to squish it down a little to fit November and December's ORTS in.

Here's one of the new starts:

It's for the Large Mirabilia SAL starting in January 2013.  My theme is the Calendar Fairies and we've chosen June, July, August and September to stitch.  This is the centrepiece, a Papillon freebie design using my own choice of colours.  Actually they are Nora Corbett's choice of colours as she used them for July's Fairy so I knew they'd co-ordinate well with the whole piece.

The second new start is another of the Hallowe'en Kitties by Carand88.  I bought a four aperture frame for the Ghostie Kittie so I need to stitch three more to fill the other spaces!

Finally, the Advent Calendar Blog Hop is open for sign ups.  If you want to take part, email me and I will allocate you a date to post your picture.  This must be a seasonal stitched picture.  So either Christmas or winter or some other festival you celebrate in December, Christians, Pagans, Jedis, any other religion welcome as well as atheists and agnostics!!  We are a multi-denominational blog here!

On the 1st December I will post 24 numbered doors and a link to each of the participating blogs.  Each day I will copy the relevant picture onto my page so we can all see the lovely calendar grow.  You can also visit the posting blog to read about the poster's seasonal celebrations.


  1. Fun new starts! Look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Beautiful new starts. Looking forward to see more of ithem. And what a fantastic idea with the advent calendar.

  3. Very pretty new start :)
    Love for you x

  4. oooo well done on the start looks very pretty ... and mmmm think I have one or two Christmas photos
    love mouse xxxxx

  5. I think it is wonderful the effort you put in to making blogging fun for all of us.

  6. Love your new starts Jo. Where can I get the kittie designs your stitching. I love them.


  7. Ahaha, I'm so glad you are having so much fun with Carand88's patterns!! Your new start looks lovely and have fun squishing down your TUSALs; I freakin' love doing that to my own pile o' floss. :D

    I would like to participate in this blog hop if you still have open dates! :D I think I might have a few things up my sleeve that could fit the December Spirt!

  8. Great jar Jo and good luck for new starts, I know you will stitch them beautifully!

  9. Nice new starts! Love the orange fabric.


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