Sunday, 18 November 2012

Meet Isaiah the Witchy Kitty

This is another of the Spooky Kitties series designed by Carand88 from original animations by Hygaea.  Stitched on 28count Burnt Orange Jobelan, my favourite fabric for Hallowe'en stitching.  
I changed the main colour from cream to a nice silver grey (DMC 415) because it looks better on the orange fabric.  I also changed the eyes to metallic green DMC.  

Framed as part of a quartet of Spooky Kitties.  Two done, two to go.

The frame is a just a cheapy from Wilkinsons.

What's that I hear you ask, why is he called Isaiah?  Well, I started stitching him last week and only managed a few stitches.  When I picked him up to carry on I reached the other side of his head and his left eye and said to myself "I've made a mistake in counting, one Isaiah than the other"  hahahahah I crack myself up sometimes.

You know how you catch yourself sometimes and think "I'm turning into my Mother" well I seem to be turning into my Dad!  My Mother never tells really bad jokes like that.  My Dad also has this habit of making anyone's name into a joke.  Never ever tell my Dad (or me!) what you're intending to name your child before it's born.  I was so glad my best friend has a boy because she liked Lydia for a girl and Dad said "Lydia Dustbin" and I sang "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" all throughout her pregnancy.  She also liked Delilah but I can't do a Tom Jones impression.

Talking of names, here a nice trick to play on someone.  Bet them that you can think of a song with any name they like to mention in it.  They'll try really hard to come up with something strange.  See if you can think of an actual song if possible so they have a couple of goes.  If they stump you then simply sing "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear ....."

Okay, enough jokes, here's some stitching progress.  The centrepiece for my Large Mirabilia RR starting next year.  Yet another Serendipitous event occurred this weekend.  I wanted a nice scrolling border for the blocks and had fiddle around with pencil and paper and come up with a nice enough look.  Then I popped over to the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Board, looked at the freebies page and found this from Reflets de Soie blog.  Isn't it just perfect?

The fabric is the August Ltd Edition from Crafty Kitten and the design is a freebie from Papillon.

I've gained a few more followers (probably from IHSW) so I'll wave and say Hi to them!  First of all, if you're a newbie then remember to include your blog in your profile so people can find you and return the following.  While you're in Settings then add an email so people can reply to comments you leave.  And a word about "word verifiers" these are to try stop robot spammers leaving comments.  A much easier way (for your followers!) is to disable "anonymous" posting.  I did that right at the beginning and haven't been troubled by spam.  If you absolutely insist on having a verifier (maybe down to a bad experience in the past) then please be nice and have it on the first page so we know it's there and don't waste a load of time typing a lovely long complimentary comment only to find we can't post it because the verifier pops up AFTER we've pressed publish and is playing up (yet again!!) and won't accept whatever I type.

Finally another mention for the Advent Calendar Blog Hop.  I have over half the people needed but there are still 10 doors to allocate.  If you'd like to take part then just email me.  I will give you a date in December when you must post a seasonal stitched picture and a comment about your Christmas Traditions.  I'll copy the picture to my blog and a link to your's so everyone can come visit.  It's a lovely free way to share a special time of year, find some new blogs and gain some new followers too.

This is a door.  There'll be 24 soon!


Mii Stitch said...

Nice updates!! Love the Halloween set!

Steph said...

Very sweet kitty stitch

EveningEmma said...

The kitties are cute!

I will have to remember you song trick for future use.

cucki said...

Aww super cute kitties xx

Gabi said...

Cute finish. Congrats.
Lol @ the name games

Kathy Ellen said...

Awwww....such sweet little kitties. Love the name, Isaiah too!

Lovely design for your Miriabilia piece, and the fabric is beautiful.

I would love to take part in your Advent Calendar Blog Hop. Would you tell me more about the details?


Dani - tkdchick said...

Another great kitty!!!!

rosey175 said...

Yay, a witchy kitty! He looks great on the orange fabric, too! I think the next time I get to the not-so-local LNS I will have to pick up a rainbow of perforated plastic for these little stitches!

I really thought your freebie find was hardanger at first! Please excuse me while I go adjust my glasses, haha.

Yvon (jioya) said...

I love your kittens and the fabric for the Mirabilia looks so good.
I would love to take part in the Advent Calender Blog Hop.
It sounds like fun.

Hugs Yvon.

Linda said...

The little kitties are so cute Jo. Thank you for the link.


Emma/Itzy said...

If you still need people for the blog hop then count me in! :)

Nicola said...

You have a fine litter of kittens there Jo.

Christine said...

One Isiah than the other. Groan! That is exactly the kind of pun my Dad would have come out with (he was very good at them)
Lovely finish though, and a very pretty new start.
I know what you mean about the WV, they are getting ridiculous, some of them a simply illegible, especially the blurred photos of house numbers. The other day I had to take 5 tries on someone's blog before it would accept what I typed

Julie said...

As soon as i read your title that pun came into my mind before i even read thats why you said it, my dad would have said that, he said a lot of things that made us all smile!

I hate the WV, makes blog reading hard work sometimes and not enjoyable especially when you have 4 or 5 tries and it still wont let you post a response ... rant over!

Beautiful new start, very pretty colours. Amazing what you can find at NH isnt it lol

Giovanna said...

Cute kitty, well done!

Kerryp77 said...

aww very cute! they look great in that frame!

Joysze said...

You totally lost me on that name thing... LOL!!!

Cats are cute, when are you starting the next one?

Advent, hmm.. I showed the little house last year, I don't think I have anything else to show. LOL!!

Kate said...

YOur projects are just adorable! Love to see what the Mirabilia RR will look like

Linda said...

Hopefully your instructions have worked!

Bea said...

Love Isaiah! And that lovely fabric you have.

Fee said...

Your new RR is going to look fabulous, if the centrepiece and the other examples of work are anything to go by, what a creative approach you have all had, well done!


Chaucer's Aunty said...

I'd like to take part in the blog hop if there's still some spaces! My blog is
Laura x

Bev said...

the halloween collection looks great in that frame you got, It makes it more unusual.

I would love to be in the blog hop too i have just got my fabric from crafty kitten and i have designed a chart that I am stitching for it, so i wont post it on my blog.

Elaine said...

love the halloween stitching and that gorgeous fabric for your mirabilia!

Sally said...

Very cute kitties!

Your new rr is so pretty.

Anne said...

I'll participate this year!! I totally missed out last year and I'm not going to do that again!! Give me a date a I'll do the rest :D