Wednesday, 7 November 2012

As One Draw Closes Another One Opens

Did you see what I did there with the title?  Clever huh?  LOL at myself.

The draw closing is the Hallowe'en Blog Hop Mystery Phrase.  The answer was, of course, Witch's Cauldron.  A Big Thank You to everyone who posted pictures and their letter, you get one entry in the prize draw for that.  Another Big Thank You to everyone who played the game, you get one entry in the prize draw for that.  The Random Number Generator Boy was pressed into service to choose the Winner -

DJH is a new blogger only starting her blog in September this year so pop over there and say Hello!  She helpfully has a first post entitled abcs of me which gives me plenty of information to decide what she has won.  I don't have an email address for you, DJH, so hopefully you'll read this and get in touch with your address so I can send a little something to you.

The next draw opening is my 300 Followers Giveaway - ta-dah!!  I have plundered my box of cover gifts to offer 300 prizes.  oops strike that!  I  will be offering 3 bundles of 3 prizes.  That's better.  All you have to do is choose your three favourites items from the following pictures and leave a comment containing something about you using the number 3 or 300.  So you might say "Congrats on 300 followers" or "I currently have 3 BAPs on the go" or "I will never stitch all my stash if I live to be 300".  Anything you like as long as it has 3 or 300 in the sentence.
Oh yes and you must be a follower!

So here are the choices:

Number 1 - Fizzy Moon Stocking kit, includes materials and chart

Number 2 - Fizzy Moon Flowers kit, includes materials and chart

Number 3 - Koala kit, includes materials and chart 

Number 4 - All Our Yesterdays, four Christmas themed charts

Number 5 - Margaret Sherry chart, includes all 26 letters not just R B and G!

Number 6 - Lickle Ted kit, includes materials and chart

Number 7 - Boofle chart only

Number 8 - Robin, includes materials and chart

Number 9 - Reindeer cards kit, includes materials and chart

Number 10 - Festive Doves kit, includes materials and chart

Number 11 - Gingham Hearts kit, includes materials and chart

Number 12 - Star Garland kit, includes materials and chart

Once I have all the names and choices I will randomly pick one person to receive their choice of three gifts, then I'll remove all the names who also choose those gifts and select a second person from the names left, then I'll remove all the names who also choose those gifts and select a third person from the names left.  That way everyone received their top three gifts.
The mathematically-minded will have spotted there will be three gifts left over.  If by some random serendipitous chance anyone has chosen those three then they will get them, if not then I'll draw names and three people will get one each.
Complicated?  Not much, just be grateful all you need to do is make a choice and leave a comment containing either 3 or 300!!  I'll concentrate on my lovely spreadsheet of names.

Finally, the Advent Calendar Blog Hop will be starting on the 1st of December, same format as last year - sign up and be allocated a date.  Post a stitched Christmas picture on your date plus a comment about the festive season.  You can email me now if you like stating if you have a preference for an early date or later in the month or any dates you can't do.  I'll be posting about it regularly and adding a logo soon!


cucki said...

congrats to DJH..
big hugs cucki xxx

Linda said...

Well done on reaching 300 followers - here's to the next 300 x If lucky enough to win I think my favourites are 4, 8 and 11.

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats to DJH, which I think needs cheering up as she seems to be poorly!!!

McKenna C. said...

I would love to win prizes 1,2, and 9! Bet'cha can't say that 300 times! :D


Vickie said...

Hi Jo! I have... 3 kids!!! ;)
I like 8,10,12.

Nicola said...

Where do you come up with your ideas. Did you know that I used to have three boxers?

tadamama said...

Uh oh, I'm copying McKenna, as I also like 1, 2 and 9! I wonder if someone will be number 3 for that combination!

Congrats on 300 followers! I've posted about this on my blog too!

Linda said...

Jo for not being able to come up with a clever name - you sure come up with clever giveaways. My personal goal is to have 300 pieces started and someday finish.

My choices are 3, 4 and 5.


rosey175 said...

Oh oh, congrats on reaching 300 minions!! My favorite 3 would be 6, 9, and 12!

I have 3 cats! Final Fantasy will be on CCC (300) by the time I finish charting up the rest! Sometimes I act like I'm 3 (and sometimes 300)! If I had 3 projects going at once, I'd probably (most definitely) confuse myself!

Okay, I think I've covered my 3 bases. LOL~

Christine said...

Congratulations on reaching just over 299 followers. I am not using an integer that falls in the range >299 and <301 as I've pretty much got all those cover kits languishing unused at home already ;D
Congrats to DJH, off to check out the blog now

Christine said...

Forgot to say, sign me up for the blog hop

Kerryp77 said...

Great idea for a giveaway, congrats on the 300 followers. So as I leave this message its 3 minutes to 7pm...How's that?! My faves are 8, 10 and 12 :-)

Kerryp77 said...

...but not according to blogger! but now it is - sorry for second message ;-)

Kaisievic said...

Congrats to DJH and to you on reaching 300 followers. I am going to sit this one out, Jo, but good luck to all of those who enter this generous giveaway.

Susan said...

Congratulations on 300 followers!! While tempting, please don't enter me into the drawing - I don't need another thing in my stash - as your title says, "enough to last until you're 104 and I'm much closer than you are!! I'll have to think about the Advent hop, but am very tempted.

Astrid's dragon said...

Hallo Jo!

Fun, fun! I'm liking 1, 2 & 5. My favourite number is 3 and that's how many boys we've got!


Julie said...

Congrats to DJH.
Good luck to ll ho nether your giveaway, nice prizes!
Had a lovely catch up read here Jo, the JN is looking great and I love the big boys Halloween lunch.

Sonya said...

Congratulations on 300 followers! And what a creative way to do a giveaway. My favourites are 2, 6 and 10.

I'd like to say I only have 3 stitching WIPs at the moment, but it would be a lie. Hmm. Ah, I know! I've finished 3 pieces of embroidery this year...

DJH said...

Wow! I come back after being sick and I win! wooohoo! Thank you so much! And thank you to everyone for the congrats.
My email is

Thank you again!!

DJH said...

I might end up doing 3 comments on this one post!
I would like to be entered in the give-away. Congrats on the 300 followers by the way.
My favorites are 1, 9 and 4.

Oh, and I would love to be part of the blog hop. I can do most any week day in December, the earlier the better.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow congrats on reaching so many followers! (not entering contest, thanks!)

Joysze said...

Whooooot!! Congrats on the followers, Jo!! Truly well-deserved. :D