Sunday, 5 August 2012

Triple Hearts, Round Robin and Papillon Progress

First up, my Triple Hearts finish:

Heart 1:

Heart 2:

Heart 3:

All three together:

These hearts came from the lovely Every Time Hearts chart Minnie sent me for being her 50th follower.  I chose 2 of the hearts and stitched them as charted but using only the pinks and purples provided.  Then I picked a 3rd heart and stitched the outline adding the names and date to the middle.  I also used silver metallic for the dots rather than gold and added a few more than charted!

All three were stitched on 40count Newcastle using 1 thread over 2 and framed in this perfect white distressed metal triple frame from QD!!  They are currently hung on my conservatory wall until I know when I'm seeing the newly-weds next.

Next up is the latest instalment in the Band Sampler Round Robin, Laura's Celtic piece.  Laura rather over-estimated the amount one can stitch in a round and made her sampler 190 stitches wide!  Angi did a sterling job and managed the entire width with some gorgeous Celtic lettering in the middle.  It was then decided that I would baste two columns of 90 stitches and the remainder of us would just stitch one half or the other.  My piece is a another Northern Expressions Needlework design, Celtic Leaves.

And here is the whole piece so far:

I changed all the colours to co-ordinate with the green theme started by Laura and Angi.  Nicole's charts are really great to stitch from, nice, large and clear.  There are good clear instructions for the speciality stitches all written in a friendly chatty style which makes you feel like a friend is teaching you to stitch!  If you look at the Designs page on her blog there is alot of background information about the design process and inspiration for each chart.  Fascinating stuff.

And finally, here is my "cheat" to feel like I'm keeping up with Papillon's Around the World in 80 Stitches SAL.  I'm just stitching the outlines of each part LOL.  My cunning plan is to stitch the outline as soon it is released then do the filling in as and when I get time.  That way I can avoid the annoying "two stitches in one colour and nothing else" thing which is so time consuming.  If I do all the backstitch vines in each part then I can do all of each colour across several parts in one sitting.  That's my plan anyway!

Progress at 3rd August 2012


Julie said...

A stunning keepsake for the happy couple, clever idea, i love it.

Great way to stitch the PAP SAL, it looks like it's grown loads this way too lol

My last month on my RR, we are then doing a speciality stitch one, going to be interesting seeing what everyone has chosen for that.

gracie said...

the hearts are lovely...nice finish.

McKenna C. said...

Everything looks great!

Mii said...

The hearts are really nice.
It will be a lovely memento for the newlyweds!

tadamama said...

Beautiful work! And the heart finish is lovely!

Karen said...

I just love those hearts, and the frame couldn't be more perfect for them.

That was a good idea that you came up with for your SAL. I'm doing something similar with the Passione Ricamo SAL.

I love your band on Laura's, and a big thank you for basting the remaining sections.

Cheers! ~ K

cucki said...

wow the hearts are so lovely..
beautiful stitching..
big hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

Your heart finishes are gorgeous and I love the frames.
Your other projects are looking lovely too.

Gabi said...

Wonderful stitching. All your projects are just lovely. Love your hearts. They look fantastic in those frames

Linda said...

Beautiful hearts and such a wonderful personalised present.

The band sampler is looking gordeous and what a great idea for the Papillion SAL. I'm still on part 1! Will catch up one day.

Mouse said...

love those hearts ... great way of keeping up must get mine started sometime soonish
love the rr :)
love mouse xxxx

Rhona said...

Love your hearts finish, so unusual!

Christine said...

The triple heart finish is gorgeous Jo!
Nice stitching on the RR too

Shebafudge said...

Oh my, those hearts are beautiful! They are absolutely perfect.

The other stitching is lovely too. I like your idea for ATW and think I might 'steal' that if you don't mind?

♥ Nia said...

Those 3 hearts look lovely!!! Great finish :)

Giovanna said...

The heart trio is just adorable - lovely composition! The RR and WIP are beautiful too.

SilverCuteDwarf said...

I like your hearts! Looks grate.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow Jo, gorgeous work. The hearts are so precious. I love the celtic sampler that is stitching up really well. I like your thinking on the Papillion, that sounds like it will work really well. Nice job stunner!!

Marilyn said...

The hearts look perfect in those frames Jo.
Nice Celtic RR also.
Your Papillon is looking pretty too.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D