Saturday, 11 August 2012

Happy Birthday to Kathy!

Nearly all my stitching so far this month has been for other people!  What with Round Robins, Birthday Cards and Giveaway prizes the only thing I'll be keeping is the Papillon ATW80.

I do enjoy stitching for other people, especially other stitchers because they are so appreciative of the love, thought and effort that goes into each piece.  The down-side is that you can't do "Show and Tell" immediately!

Anyway, it's Kathy A's Birthday today (she's 21 and then some).  I stitched this initial K for her last month and posted it off.  She emailed me to say it had arrived and Thank You so I can now show you all.  Then you can pop over to Kathy's blog and say Happy Birthday too.  You might know Kathy as Drew's Grand if you're a regular on the forums too.


This was another piece of Serendipity!  Recently I found a cross stitch book which had been put away in a different box to all the others when we moved.  It had the chart for a lovely medieval alphabet with little flowers in the style of an illuminated manuscript.  However the K didn't look like a K on it's own!  It was fine when you could see the whole alphabet but looked more like an H seen in isolation.  So I got my Celtic Cross Stitch book out and found the perfect K.  Which was too slim, I needed a square K.  So I got my graph paper and made it into a square K and voila!  A card for Kathy.

It's stitched on 32count white evenweave using DMC threads and mounted on a really shiny metallic card.  I had to take the photo at an angle as it reflected me in it!

I've got one more Birthday Card to stitch and a giveaway prize to start....

The Summer Postcard Blog Hop is continuing on round the World.  Cucki's card went to Gracie last week.  Here's Gracie's Blog - Needles, Pins and Dragonflies so you can pop over and see the picture and message.  I have a couple more cards waiting in the wings but would love more to send out.  If you'd like to join in then click on the sunset link to the right of this post.  It's a fun and free activity!

Talking of Gracie, remember Madame Muriel the Travelling Granny?  She left me for the sunny climes of Arizona and now she's arrived in Italy to stay with Chiara and the Grey Tail.  Here's her arrival announcement.  I bet she's having an amazing time there.  I am quite envious!

Finally, for my UK followers - Dawn from Crafty Kitten is putting in an order for Just Cross Stitch's Hallowe'en Special magazine.  Email her via the website if you'd like a copy for just £7 plus usual P&P.  Of course I never feel it's worth paying P&P for just one item so some of her gorgeous fabric will probably fall into the basket at the same time.  It'll protect the magazine in the postal system too...


  1. You did a beautiful job improvising the K for Kathy. I'm sure she is thrilled.

  2. you'll see Jo, you'll see.. :D
    it's a wonderful gift, you're so nice!!
    I bet Kathy loves it!

  3. Wow very sweet gift for Kathy xxx

  4. A beautiful card for Kathy, so pretty.
    Off to check out the next postcard and find a 'new to me' blog.

  5. Lovely card for Kathy. I agree some of those gothic fonts are very tricky to read ion isolation.
    Good idea to insulate your magazine with some fabric, I think a yard or so should just about do it...

  6. Oh gosh I have to catch up with Muriel. Sigh.

  7. What a beautiful Card you made for Kathy! I noticed it on her table today but forgot to take a good look at it! I will tomorrow!

  8. Thank you for such a beautiful card Jo. I love it. It sits proudly on my coffee table for all to see.


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