Thursday, 19 April 2012

Y, Y, Y does it have to end?

Okay, it hasn't actually ended yet, but Y is the penultimate block on A Dark Alphabet

This is my favourite block of all (I know I've said that before!).  I love the design and the stitching technique, a nice geometric pattern.  The trunk and roots are as charted but the leaves are stitched in DMC 4045 a lovely variegated green.  Yggdrasil is the Celtic Tree of Life and as usual Becky has found out lots of information about it and posted on the Note of Friendship blog.  Apparently Julie is the designer for this alphabet who comes up with the pictures then sends Becky off to research and write the blog.  I think Becky deserves a huge round of applause for finding out so much about so many diverse subjects!

(edit - Yggdrasil is, of course, the Norse Tree of Life not the Celtic - thanks to everyone who reminded me of this fact!)

If you go read the post for Yggdrasil you will also find out which inspired person thought of using it - Me!  The Large Boy and I play "Guess the Next Letter" each time and we sent our suggestions for W,X,Y and Z to Julie who chose our "Y".  Fame!

I have signed up for the new Papillon SAL - Around the World in 80 Stitches.  I'm doing the speciality stitch version although I've heard the plain cross stitch one is nice too.  I'm going for a plain white fabric and I'll be choosing my colours this IHSW, probably pinks and purples.  I noticed bloggers all over showing their floss tosses and started a little list.  Then I thought it'd be nice to share this list with everyone.  So I asked Yvonne's permission and she said "of course you can".  So there is now a nice new page tab at the top of this blog which will take you to a list of Stitchers Around the World and a link to their latest SAL blog post.  There won't be photos, that's what Yvonne's Gallery is for, but it'll be a great way of finding other SALers and stalking following them.

So if you'd like to be included and I haven't asked you yet, step up and leave a comment.

Cherry Hill is steaming along.  I love this design and the Newcastle it's stitched on.  I made a slight error with one sheep, it's a line lower than charted so I had to fiddle with the word "Hill".
There are two different variegated greens in this, 92 and 4045.

Finally, while browsing T'internet (as they say in Yorkshire) I found this fascinating chart on Sprite Stitch:

Game of Thrones map

Anyone a fan of the books/TV show?  I love the opening titles.  Most programmes get them fast-forwarded but we always watch these ones in full!  I do love a book with a map in it.  When I was a child I used to spend hours copying the maps from my favourite books!


Kaisievic said...

How exciting, Jo, to have your word chosen. Lovely! Thanks for the link to the map of Westeros - my DS2 and I are huge fans of the books and the show - I have downloaded it to add to my one day pile. Love Cherry Hill - very sweet pattern.

hugs Kaye xoxox

dulcinella said...

oh, now we are speaking to a very famous person:-) Jo who suggested the word for the Y! I think the suggestion as well as the block are great. Thanks for the link for the around the world sampler. I also subscribed and am ready to stitch, but still deciding on the colors and the fabric...

Mouse said...

ooooo the fame ... lol and way to go there :)
well done on the stitching and nice to know you are doing the ATW as well .... think I shall have to get it know
and wow love that map but don't think I will be stitching it
love mouse xxxxxx

Julie said...

Yes, Jo is also our model stitcher seeing as she is stitching it so much faster than me! :D

I agree, Becky deserves a big round of applause for all her work on the blog. And she is probably quite put out with me, as she sent me everything for Z quite some time ago and I haven't found the time to actually go and put it up - soon, I promise.


Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces. Love Cherry Hill.


Thoeria said...

Great stitching :) Looking forward to seeing your choice for ATW - must admit that I'm still 2 minded about starting this one - do I *really* need another project?? :)

Christine said...

Your Y block is gorgeous, kind of reminds me of some of the LOTR illustrations - some nice maps there too. The Game of Thrones map is definitely impressive, but I don't think I'd ever stitch it.
Cherry tree Hill looks lovely and I would never had noticed that your sheep had slipped.
Have fun with the SAL.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on getting your word picked, and on stitching the new block. We're going to miss watching your progress on this once it's done :-)
Thanks for the link, I love maps too.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Love your Y block,reminds me a bit of LOTR too.Congrats to you and hubby for the Y suggestion.
I like your Cherry Hill..vibrant colours in there.
Younger son is on the penultimate George RR Martin book and I will be reading them in the future too.We have similar taste in reading
matter(except I read the odd pot boiler now and then )and is now getting each episode of Game of Thrones via Love Film.

tintocktap said...

I've definately got to explore your Dark Alphabet more - I love it! (Althought I thought Yggdrasil was Norse!)

Re maps - I used to spend hours copying and illustrating the maps from the books I read as a teen. I think I still have some of them! I had a lovely self-illustrated map of Middle Earth. Now you've got me thinking about stitching Middle Earth! Haven't come across Game of Thrones tho'. I'm just introducing my son to David Eddings and Raymond Feist!

And I've been thinking of signing up for the Papillon SAL too (but hadn't got any further).

Ewa said...

Yggdrasil is an AWESOME choice (coming from a Norse mythology fanatic). Also, that game of thrones map is awesome! I'd try my hand at charting and stitching it if I wasn't already stitching the Middle Earth map!

Becky in Wa said...

I am so glad you have enjoyed stitching this piece and the weird little tid bits we have found to share on each letter! It has been fun and afte "Z" we will have more fun in many other areas to keep you entertained! I promise. There is so much we would love to share and just so little time. But we do thank you and everyone for having fun with us!!!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations to you and the Large Boy on having your word chosen. Looking forward to seeing your thread choices for the SAL. I've been thinking about it but have been terrible at keeping up with them lately. I may just see how it looks after a couple of parts and then jump in.

Topcho said...

The Y block looks great and I love the bright colours and varigated greens of Cherry Hill!
I'm a newbie fan of Game of Thrones (meaning I've only seen the first episodes of the first season) but I too love the opening! And I share the map love :D I have two Discworld maps and one of the Middle Earth. I love the sketchy type maps in some books as well :D But of all possible maps, this one is my fav: :DDD I so want to live there.. mm but it's hard to choose where exactly! There will be many trips in any case!

Julie said...

Great block on the Dark Alphabet, how lovely to have your letter chosen. A very interesting blog, have become a follower, i'm always up for the brain leaning new things.
Off too look at the PAP SAL page, have resisted so far ....will it continue LOL

♥ Nia said...

I'm starting to watch the tv show, in a few days I will let you know if Ilike it ;) hehehe

Valentina said...

I watched the tv show and I like it very much, so I read the book and I like it even more!

Jenny said...

Love Yggdrasil - but I am pretty sure that it is the world tree in Nordic (or Norse) mythology? Being a Viking myself, I just wanted to make sure that there are no misunderstandings... ;-)
(See for more "light reading" on the subject. And sorry about being a messerschmeiser..)

Joysze said...

Haha!! Well done on the Y word. :D

I joined the 80 stitches too... but I don't think I'll be starting it anytime soon, so looking forward to yours.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

gorgeous stitching :)