Monday, 30 April 2012

Theme-a-licious Looking Backward and Forward IV

You do know that Theme-a-licious is a "It's Geek to Me" activity, don't you? 
Click the above pic to find out more.
April's Theme was Amazon April or your biggest projects.  I decided that BAP stands for Big Alphabet Project and worked on both Dark Alphabet and my Turquoise Baby Alphabet.  I also worked on My Lovely Sewing Tools (which actually has an alphabet in it, scattered around the piece) and had a completely unexpected start in Papillon's Around the World in 80 Stitches.

ATW80S is certainly an enormous piece of fabric for me and it's a full two years project so that will definitely count as a BAP.


Papillon Around the World

My Lovely Sewing Tools (includes an alphabet!)

Turquoise Baby Alphabet

Please come and follow The Stitching Gift blog.  There are a group of us who love the Gift of Stitching magazine and are going to be showcasing our WIPS and finishes from the magazine.  The final issue came out this weekend and it's a great finale.  Kirsten will still be involved in designing and sending out her newsletter.  She will also continue to offer the old issues to buy as bundles or individually.  There is currently a sale on, where everything is half-price!  You can get a whole year's bundle for only US$12.  Amazing.

May Memories -
Remember when you took that class? Or decided to commemorate that event? And then abandoned your poor WIP? Take a stroll down memory lane by working on it again.

Green Goddess is becoming a distant memory!  So maybe I should give her some love.  I also have an old Autumn sampler in my stash chest I could dig out.  Or I could decide to make some new memories - stitching things which relate to my blogging friends, charts they have sent me or recommended the designer.

I have signed up for a couple of small partwork SALs.  No, ATW80S is not counted as one of them.  First was a Hungarian Mini Mystery SAL from Manka's Blog which I found via Blu's SAL Directory Blog.  Manka blogs in Hungarian, English, and other languages too.  I do love multi-lingual bloggers, as Google Translate should be renamed Giggle Translate due to the weird translations it comes up with.

(edit to add - when you go to Manka's blog, the cursor turns into a little rose!  Even cuter than falling things!)

The 2nd small SAL I found via Dulcinella's blog.  It's from a French blog Voyage sur Toile.  You need to sign up for the newsletter and you will get Parts 1-3 with Part 4 due soon (Dimanche is Sunday, right?).  There is a Translate button at the top but for some reason my brain thinks it can read French although it can't.  Saying the words with a fake French accent is not the same as understanding what they say!

Finally, I have switched to Photobucket for my photo storage, my Picasa album was nearly full due to the fact I don't make my photos smaller before loading them on!  I could not be bothered to resize every photo in my blog so I've switched.  Sheila said she has trouble seeing the photos last post, so here is a link to the album.  If anyone else has difficulty seeing them on the blog, please let me know and I'll think again.

edit July2017 - switching to Photobucket was a huge mistake!  They decided to start charging for storage at no notice whatsoever and are holding our photos to ransom.  I can't even download my own photos from my folder there, so I'm having to photograph my screen to get them!


Christine said...

Lovely stitching Jo.
I haven't managed to download the last GoS yet, I think there are issues with the site at the moment

Anne said...

Haha! Jo! I just finished a post nearly stating the same thing about GOFT!! And your blog with the other ladies, The Stitching Gift!! I just back ordered all of 2009 and I think I'll get another year today too...might as well!! When I stitch one of the designs from GOFT...should I email all four of you to post the picture? It will be awhile yet, since I have lots of stuff to work on, but I will be stitching a lot of the designs!!

Great progress on all your BAP's!! Good luck to you with all the SAL's you have signed up for!! I love the weird translations! So much fun!!

Anne said...

Ps, Dimanche is Sunday :D

Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi and Dimanche

:D Wow I can't believe I remembered them all!

dulcinella said...

You have stitched on wonderful projects! If I see others to tempt you, I will let you know:-) You already made progress on the papillon sal! Which color of fabric are you working on? I love your colors, they look so joyful! happy may stitching....

Sherrie said...

Beautiful work! Love your My Lovely Sewing Tools piece. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Jan Gartlan said...

Great progress with the Dark Alphabet! I love reading the stories behind the letter creation from the designer. Who is the designer for the cute little boy alphabet? Thank you for the links. I will check them out now! I'll post my update for Theme-alicious today.

Julie said...

The french SAL is beautiful, i signed up for the newslette

Looking forward to seeing Green Goddess, she is beautiful

geeky Heather said...

I really, really want to start ATW80S...of course, I really, really want to start a lot of things!!! You are getting really good at fitting things in theme. ;) Dark Alphabet would count either way, though!!

LOL at your brain thinking it can read French!!! It doesn't even work if you read it like Inspector Clousea??!?

Green Goddess! Green Goddess!!! GREEN GODDESS!!!! =)

Giovanna said...

Great show of WIPs - and some very close to being finished :-)

Fiona said...

Great stitching and I love how you linked your projects to a theme. I smiled when I read about your French reading skills.

Susan said...

Beautiful stitching. Really like the colors you've picked for ATW80S. I think you have to speak louder and slower to understand a foreign language - at least that seems to be what most American tourists believe. You are too right about Google's translator. I have been blindsided a couple of times with what it thinks is being said.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

gorgeous stitching :D

Ewa said...

Well... good job Jo. You've just given me a whole bunch of new blogs to follow. I'm seriously considering buying the bundle of those stitching magazines. *think think think*