Sunday, 5 February 2012

In which Some Old Finishes Finally get some Love.

As the title says, we all have old finishes stored away in our stash chests (or wherever) just pining away for some love.

The first piece is a very old cover kit from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 39, January 1996.  It was a lovely peacock bookmark which has lived in a box ever since.  When Calamity Jr made the 1000th comment on my blog I decided it would make the ideal gift for her.  I used a piece of the fabric samples I acquired last year to cover a bit of board, then stuck the peacock on with double sided tape.  I bought these lovely peacock cards from the local craft shop, they're for card-making and have lots of gold on them.  The piece of braid was the handle from the fabric sample book.  Waste not, want not!  I glued a piece of card on the back to finish it off,  Voila!

Do not adjust your set - this photo IS on the huh.


Calamity was absolutely over the moon with her gift which made me very happy too.

The second elderly lady in need of some attention (the peacock being the first, not Calamity!) is this one:

Just Nan - Winter Romance stitched on 28 count linen.

I stitched all four of these at the turn of the century (21st not 20th!) and they have languished in a box every since.  I got four frames for my birthday and fully intended to get them all up last Autumn.  One down, three to go!

This is the most beautiful piece in real life, probably my favourite of the four and the first of them that I stitched.  The colours are more vibrant now it's been backed and mounted.  I have fallen in love with it all over again.

I'm on a Just Nan roll now, I charted my part for Kathy's Band Sampler this afternoon and started a small last night - Spring Peepers.  These are both part of Fan Girl February on Theme-a-licious.

The third old lady is Madame Muriel, the Travelling Granny.  She's been a little quiet just lately I'm afraid.  I did have a couple of plans for her but real life has the annoying tendency to get in the way!  So my current plan is to try take her somewhere vaguely interesting during Half Term week and then make plans for her to be on her merry way.  Do not ask to host her yet - wait until you see her rider!

Finally, here is the current state of play on A Dark Alphabet.  It is now too big to fit on my scanner so you only get the bottom half.  There are four more blocks completed since I last showed you.  Phantom is based on the Lon Chaney phantom rather than the Andrew Lloyd-Webber one that I am more familiar with.  Maybe that's why it's not my favourite block.  The Queen of the Night is amazing, the tiny witch is so cute and the skeleton is just crazy.

You can see how close to finishing we are, only 7 more letters and the personalisation block to go.  The Large Boy and I have ideas for all the remaining letters except for X.   We are stumped.  He wants Ectoplasm to be spelled Exoplasm so we could have that.  The right hand border will have another column of stitches, I just got bored!

I did attempt some tiny Queen Stitches for Q but did 4 sided diamonds with one vertical stitch.  That is the only drawback to stitching over 1, the speciality stitches either don't work or are just too fiddly and don't show.  On the plus side it's a manageable size (A3) and I love the delicate look of over 1.  It's a 28count evenweave.


CalamityJr said...

Elderly lady,huh?! So glad you cleared that up, lol. I really do love the peacock finish, and I am getting older, so no harm done or said! Thanks a zillion.

Linda said...

I love your Dark Alpabet. Is that something you are designing? Great bookmark and framed piece.


Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love your finishes! How about eXhume for the letter X?

Lesleyanne said...

Both finishes look great. Lovely progress on your wip.

Nicola said...

Both of your finishes are beautiful. I especially like the way you mounted the peacock. Great progress on your alphabet.

Christine said...

Two beautiful finishes and the Dark Alphabet is wonderful

cucki said...

wow very sweet finishes and i really love the dark alphabet..looking so spooky..
hugs xx

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo, Doesn't it just feel great to finish off an "old" piece like these two. They are both lovely.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Giovanna said...

Great going on the Dark Alphabet! And your old projects are truly wonderful, how good of you to give them a new life.

gracie said...

Love the stitching...will be watching for the old lady...uh, not Calamity..Muriel!

Lisa S said...

Great finishes! Your Dark Alphabet is wonderful!

Miamina said...

What lovely stitching!

The peacock is stunning and what a lovely way of finishing it!

The dark alphabet is truly unique and I look forward to seeing it as a finished piece.

There is something very special about completing a project that has been hanging around for such a long time. Well done to you!

Topcho said...

The peacock finish is so beautiful and shiny! Love it!

Kat said...

I just love your dark alphabet! It's gorgeous!!!


Minnie said...

The peacock finish is beautiful and I love the Dark Alphabet.

Joysze said...

"I stitched all four of these at the turn of the century (21st not 20th!)"

*snort* Why do I feel like that's aimed at me. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I love your pieces, the Just Nan is my favorite of the 2.

Ooooh, just 8 more blocks to go on Dark Alphy!!!

Ewa said...

Your stitching is as beautiful as ever! Love the whitework sampler and dark alphabet is almost there!!!

LoriU said...

How about eXcavate with digging of a grave for X?

♥ Nia said...

lovely stitching :) and I also love the hearts floating on your blog :D

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D