Monday, 28 November 2011

Travelling Pattern Travelling Onwards

I put all the names of the people interested in Cucki's Lizzie*Kate Travelling Pattern into a bowl and asked hubby to pull one out.  The lucky person is:

Please contact me with your address and I'll send it on to you.

Here's how I framed the picture:

I used a sheet of scrapbook paper and some sparkly stickers of hearts and butterflies.  I think I might have gone a bit OTT with the smaller stickers, it's a bit spotty now.  The paper was perfect.  I think I might scrapbook more of my smalls next year.  The local shop has some gorgeous papers for sale and it's got to be easier than making ornies!  I'm not good at it and I don't enjoy it.  My first (and probably only) ornie is off to it's new owner this week so I'll post a picture when she receives it.

There were some lovely suggestions for names for the hand-coloured paper - Threadbear's was Gobstopper!  Other people suggested:

Light of Love
Shine of Ray
Neapolitan Ice Candy
Sunshine Skittles
End of the Rainbow
Psychedelic Love
Love's Rainbow

Aren't they all beautiful names?  OK, maybe Gobstopper isn't the most beautiful but it is fun!

The Advent Calendar idea has been a great success, people think it's a good idea and a fun thing to do.  The first half of Advent is full but there are spaces after the 13th so if you want to join in then please email me as soon as possible.

I'll be posting the doors up on the 1st December with everyone's link under the relevant door with a new picture appearing each day.

I have been stitching on presents for other people so I have no progress pictures to show you this week, maybe next...

Finally, the Joan Elliott Round Robin will be taking place next year, we have four people so far, if you want to join us then follow this link and sign up soon.


cucki said...

hello dear, your stitching is looking so beautiful.and the frame is perfect..well done
congratulations to threadbear for wining the happy for her..i am off to see her blog too..
keep well dear and have a lovely week..
hugs cucki xx

threadbear said...

ooooo I won?? Oh wow! I never win anything! Thank you so much!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Congrats to the winner. I too hate making ornies trying to make myself so I improve.

Lesley said...

Great finish and I think the name is brilliant. Congrats to Threadbear

Giovanna said...

Very pretty finish, well done!