Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Continuing Adventures of Madame Muriel

What a busy week I've had, I've been to work!  Honestly, I haven't been to work since the days of Knitty Nora's Knitting Emporium.  (Joke for British readers!).  Anyway, this workplace is where my hostess pops off to twice a week to earn some money.  She's done so much voluntary work over the last 9 years she can't believe she actually gets paid for being there.  And it's in coins of the realm, not in books.  Although I'm sure she'd be happy to work for the latter.

Here I am, on the shelf at my age:
This is the Craft and DIY section which my hostess does her best to keep in order.  Knitting/crochet at the top, Sewing seperate to Cross Stitch and Embroidery, plus a small section of "alternative craft".  You can see them on the bottom shelf to the left if you click and squint.  "World of Geekcraft" etc.

I "met" this lady, or her merchandise at least.  She is HUGE right now (her persona, not her body!) and very popular.  You can buy just about anything in her little floral prints.  Here's a link to her website Cath Kidston.  I think some of her goodies may be coming in my travelling bag when I travel onwards.

I also "met" this lady, Kirstie Allsopp.  She is what they would descibe as a "posh gel", that's a hard "g" as in "golf" not as in "jel".  She has a TV programme where she tries her hand at craft, she's even met Emily Peacock and had a cross stitch lesson! 

This is the closest I've got to the capital city so far, it's from a book called "Stitch London", aren't those corgis cute?

Here is a poster advertising the area where I am:

This is Ed Hardy.  Cross Stitch from tattoos.  Whatever next?  Certainly Not Your Grandma's Stitching, which should please Anna no end!  If anyone is interested in finding out more about this book, my hostess owns it and is happy to send a review.

This is a footballer.  A footballer.  Not a soccer player and not an American Footballer.  But a real footballer who plays real football.  Well, it's a cardboard cutout of a real footballer.  Apparently he's written a book (or helped write a book or something) and came to the shop to sign copies.  They raffled the cutout off to raise money for his favourite charity.  What a nice footballer.

We also had a planning meeting for the "Save the Library" campaign, I'm a "silver-protester", such fun!  We're having a Tea and Cakes Afternoon of Support next week.  It won't be a sit-in.  We'd never get up again!!

Stitching photos?  Well, I can't show you the cards until they've been posted off and received.  The big thing is for someone else.  The little thing is for the Needlecraft Haven and can't be revealed until December.  Bit of a dead loss really.  We did do some tea-dyeing this afternoon, that's always fun. 

So, that's all from me today, so until next time I'll say "Cheerio".  Yes, Barbara, they really do say Cheerio when they're saying Goodbye to their friends.  It's a kind of Au Revoir sort of Goodbye when they expect to see their friend again soon.


  1. hello dear jo and he;lo to madam too..i can see she is having so much fun..looking so happy with you all...
    have a lovely evening dear..hugs x

  2. hehehe you look like you are having sooo much fun there ... knitting nora ..olololol can't wait to see where else you go :) love mouse xxxx

  3. LOL at Knitty Nora! The tattoo cross stitch book looks interesting, and is there really a book called world of geekcraft, I'm off to Amazon to look that up.
    Yes, definitely a footballer. How can anybody call a game where you pick the ball up in your hands and run with it football?

  4. Thanks for the tour! I've had my eye on the Ed Hardy book for a while...

  5. Sounds like a very busy day and thank you for the tour.

  6. Knitty Nora's Knitting sounds like a tongue twister. :) I love the Cath Kidston things and I have to agree with you that is definitely a nice footballer! :)

  7. I love the little doll! I wonder if she loved the footballer the best... he's so fine!! ;)

  8. My SIL once got me a Cath K. cross-stitched Union Jack pincushion. One of the only two pieces of cross-stitch Stella has eaten. She also got me a floral bag. So not my style!


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