Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Advent Calendar idea, iStitch and IHSW

I has this fab idea the other day - an Online Advent Calendar with a different blogger posting a picture each day.  I would have a future-dated post on my blog with 24 little door pictures and a link to a different blog each day.

Each participant would be allocated a day (or 2 depending on how many sign up) and on that day they would make a post called "Advent Calendar" and post a nice festive stitchy picture.  Preferably of something they have stitched themselves.  Maybe some information about the picture and a Christmas tradition their family have.  Or if you don't celebrate Christmas in the traditional way then something about how you do mark this time of year.  I would then copy the picture into my blog so we have a central place to see all the lovely Christmas/Winter Solstice stitching.  How does that sound?

To sign up, just send me an email with your blog name and any days you can't do (if you're off skiing or shopping the German Markets for example).  Also, any days you would particularly like (something special to your culture or your family).  Once I have a few people I will send out the date(s) you have been allocated.  By signing up you give me permission to copy that one picture, just one time and repost on my blog.  Me and me onlyOther people can include links to the calendar but please don't copy pictures without the owner's express permission.  My email is in my profile.

Stitching news - I promised to talk about the iStitch Mystery Sampler which I have now finished.

The more eagle-eyed of you (and those that have stitched the design) may have noticed the slight difference in my finished piece.  The final block was for a Sajou initial and Carol gave us a whole alphabet to choose from.  Unfortunately the letter "J" is an awkward one.  It is not symmetrical at all and often looks unbalanced to my eyes.  I waited until other J people had stitched the piece but I still wasn't feeling the letter at all.  I tentatively emailed Carol asking for help, would she mind sending me the bonus chart so maybe I could use that?  Bless her, Carol sent me a rose!  I don't know if it comes from one of her other designs (which are all lovely BTW) or she charted it especially for awkward people but it's lovely.

Carol is my New Best Friend and Favourite Designer now, how many other designers would not only not be offended by whinging about their design but also send a replacement chart idea?  If you missed out on the SAL the chart is now available here for a very reasonable price.

The box was a Christmas present last year, it's from RUCraft and came filled with a selection of DMC threads.  It's been quite popular as one of the magazines gave it away with new subscriptions this year.
The fabric is 36 count evenweave and the thread is a blue from De Havilland threads many moons ago.  It is silky and smooth, one strand is fine for 36 count so I have loads left!

I'm signed up for the TUSAL as well as the WIPocalypse and my own JustNan-athon plus my "12 in '12".  This is being amended as you read.  Too many BAPs!  I also found this great idea on Heather from It's All Geek to Me's blog.  Theme-a-licious, each month will have a different theme.  I've added them all to my page about 2012 projects (see top bar).  They are all achievable for me except the Mad March one.  To join us just go to this post and sign up.

Finally, IHSW was last weekend and I did indeed stitch but can't show you anything because it's all for other people so you'll just have to take my word for it!  My tea-dyeing was a triumph though.  I know other people do use tea to dye fabric but how many make a cuppa first?  It seems a waste not to use the tea itself so as my tea-drinking brother was coming round I saved his teabags then used them to dye the fabric.  How tight-fisted am I? haha.  At least I let him have his drink first not make him drink it after the fabric had been soaked in it!

ps new follower Purple Stitcher - there's a problem with commenting on your blog, email me and I'll try help!


geeky Heather said...

Congratulations on the mystery sampler finish. I love the rose! I have the same problem sometimes...if I do my last initial, "L" can look awkward. Come to think of it, "H" can look weird, too, if they've done it so it looks lowercase.

Anyway! Thanks for the Theme-a-licious 2012 plug. =) We're going to have a great time! And I'll have alternate ideas for March Madness for those that can't do it like I do. I realize it's super-crazy!

Also, I'm emailing you. =)

Agi said...

Great idea of the advent calendar, I am in and emailing you!

RuthB said...

Love the advent calendar,,,, I'm in.

RuthB said...

Dang it -- I'm in the theme-a-licious adventure too! lol I need to be indepentdently wealthy so I can have some stitching accomplishments commensurate with my plans.

Christine said...

Beautiful finish on the SAL.
I'd have used the tea bags first too ;D
On line advent calendar sounds like a brilliant idea. I'm off to send an email now

cucki said...

wow great finish..i love it.
i love the idea of advent calender..please count me in.
thank you xx

Lesley said...

Lovely finish on the iStitch SAL and thank you for the info. I have just purchased the chart from Carol :)
I would like to join in with the Advent Calendar picture post too Jo.Will send my email.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the sal finish and the box too ..looks lovely with the rose :) and so glad you had a nice experience with the designer too :)
love the must drink tea bags first heheheh
love mouse xxxx
ps love the advent calender idea ... you know my email

Susan said...

Love the finish on your mystery! The rose is perfect. I'm still trying to decide how to finish mine, but hopefully something will come to me soon or it will end up living in the box with all the other unfinished-finished pieces for DSon to wonder about when he inherits everything! 8-)

Joysze said...

Congrats on the iMystery finish. It's lovely. :D

Awesome idea for the Advent Calendar, Jo. I love it!! I'm thinking.... I don't stitch for the seasons, so I won't have anything festive to show... hrmm... OH.. I DO I DO!!!! Emailing you... ;)

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the Mystery finish - wow, that box is just perfect! Thanks for sending me your thoughts on the tattoo book - interesting :-)

Rachael xx said...

I am glad you fitted in that box as I was wondering if when I stitch mine , if it would fit in my dmc box!! Thanks for that LOL

Anne said...

I love your finish of Carol's design! That's amazing that she is so helpful and kind!! I would do the same as you: make a cup of tea and use the teabags after!

Mangogirl said...

Love your finish! It's great that the designer sent out an alternative to you!

Anonymous said...

love the finish i would not have know that it was different, i am in on the advent calender too off to email you now