Saturday, 3 September 2011


WOCS is World of Cross Stitch the popular magazine and here is the cover kit from Issue 181, a lovely Margaret Sherry Christmas design.  Stitched exactly as it said in the mag with the supplied material - hard aida and non-specific threads.  Margaret's designs are very popular so I will be putting the chart and leftover thread into my 1st giveaway.

GOS is Gift of Stitching, another very popular magazine, but a virtual one this time.  I've had my 3 issues for $3 and have now subscribed for a year.  I made sure I did this in plenty of time and saved 5%, then 2 days to go until the end of the month I got a "Save 25%" offer from them.  aaaaaghhhh, so much for being organised.  Oh well.  The new issue is great, two whole samplers and a partworks one too which I will be stitching.  There's another Treasure Hunt later this month and more stitching competitions on the way.  If you do decide to sign-up then mention "joanne p" in the Tell-a-friend bit and I get a free month's sub.

RAK relates to the Travelling Pattern (which has safely reached the Mousehouse).  You may recall I asked you who your stitching blessing was which made very interesting reading.  I wrote down all the names of individual people (not groups or "everyone on the internet"!) and we put them in Chaffy's nest for the large boy to select one from.  Who is Chaffy?  I hear you ask.  Chaffy is a small fluffy creature who hides in various places around the Chaffy-verse.  A cuter version of Wally.  The large boy and his Uncle (my little bro) are obsessed with Chaffy.  If you look on Deviant Art you will find some of bro's plushies.  He made 10 different ones.  Strange things, boys.  In case you are worried, Deviant Art is alternative culture not something to do with BDSM!  If you don't know what BDSM is, don't Google it, you'll get a shock.

Here is Chaffy sitting on the scraps of paper:
 Here is the large boy removing one piece of paper:
 This is the name of the person whose Stitching Blessing will be receiving a little something from me (in the not too distant future, definitely before Christmas!):
Notice the one space in the large boy's room we found to do this.  The rest is covered in toys.  This space is by the door.

Finally two more framed pieces, the first is The Travelling Pattern itself, I added the names of the stitchers so far to the sides.  That was fun.  I carefully charted the names making sure the four on each side would be the same length when stitched (pair longest with shortest).  Then started stitching.  Then remembered the weird count which made the letters very wide, so I had to freehand them which is why they're not the same length but still look okay.

nb Charity shop frame - £1
The final picture is the September Challenge freebie from The Needlecraft Haven.  Each month they choose a freebie and we stitch it but have to save it for the Big Reveal in the last weekend.
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cucki said...

hello dear, this lovely MS kit is on my to do list is so sweet stitching..
aww cute chaffy..i love him and the idea so much..
count your blessing stitching is looking so lovely..cant wait to stitch it..september challenge is also lovely stitching..i love it so much:)
keep well dear..hugs and love xx

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely finishes Jo. Very clever how you stitched the names on the traveling piece to line up with each other. I really like how that turned out


Mouse said...

awwww I'm every where .. love how you have finished your travelling pattern ... have got the floss pulled last night was amazed actually had all but one of the threads and going to finds something suitable for it later... (all being well ) love your other finishes too .... off to go and make a cuppa :) love mouse xxxx

Jenny said...

Wow, you have been really productive! The Sherry finish is absolutely adorable! I am not normally a huge fan, but throw in a bird I am all in!
The traveling pattern truned out fabulous too - you did such a great job with the names. I can't believe that you free-handed that - they look great!
And I am thrilled about how you stitched the cherries piece! Now I am thinking that I have to pop by the craft store to see if I can find myself some sparkling cherries too! What type of jewelry did you use? Are they glue on:s or something else?
Take care!

wendy111 said...

Lots of lovely stitching Jo. I like the names on your travelling pattern and the cherries and MS are very sweet.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Jenny, the red jewels actually have tiny holes on either side so I just stitched them in place. How easy was that?! I'm abit nervous of glue near my stitching.

Susan said...

Wonderful finishes! Really like the addition of the names on the Travelling Stitcher pattern, makes it that much more special

Sally said...

Your finishes are lovely Jo. I love how you've added the names of the stitchers on the travelling pattern :)

Kaisievic said...

Lovely finishes, Jo. We get WofC here in Australia, too but we seem to be a couple of issues behind - not sure why in this time of the world being like a global village.
cheers, Kaye xoxox

Ewa said...

Aw that's adorable! Love the framing on the traveling pattern, too. Goes to show that you don't need expensive custom framing to make a project look lovely :)

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching, all of it - congrats! The MS cart is really cute.

Christine said...

Great finishes. I love the idea of puttin the names on the travelling pattern

Karen said...

What a great idea to add the names of the stitchers to the Travelling pattern... can't wait to see the next stitched one.

happy stitching...

Sarah said...

verry nics, i love the card

Mvg Sarah

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great finish on the Count Your Blessings! I love how you added all of our names - I wish I had done that - It really looks great!

Love your little Cherries finish too - way cute!