Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tree of Stitches and a mystery gift

As promised here is some more information on my Tree of Stitches.

This was issued as a SAL for the Yahoo group The Specialist Stitches and has been incredibly popular with trees popping up all over the blogging world.  The SAL is finished but they are keeping the charts available until at least the end of October so HURRY UP if you want to join in.  I have two favourites; Wendy from Stitch & Sparkle and Charbs of Bumpy Dog fame.  Wendy's is a pink blossom tree on blue fabric and Charb's is an Autumnal tree the first of all four seasons she's planning.  She has also used the most darling little buttons for the owl and rabbit.

My tree is also an Autumnal tree stitched in DMC 51, a lovely variegated thread in shades of orange from yellow through to red.  Some of the stitches I have stitched as it comes, with others I have "forced" the colours by doing the bottom half of the stitches first then the top half with another colour length.  This has worked really well on the Rice Stitches and the vertical Rice Stitches (they're Jerusalem stitches apparently).

The Mystery gift arrived today, a gift voucher for Willow Fabrics.  I have no idea who has sent it to me!  I suspected the squeaky person but she says "No".  I won a prize from her recently but that is supposed to be a stitched something.  I don't remember winning anything else, but I am older this week so my memory may not be as reliable as it was!  If not a prize then it is a very nice belated Birthday present.  I think most people are aware it was my Birthday recently?

If you sent it, then Thank You very much, please own up so I can send a Thank You letter.  I was very well brought up and always send Thank Yous and insist the children do too.  Do you make your children send Thank Yous or do you think a phone call/text/email is sufficient in the 21st Century?


  1. Love the colours on your tree of stitches...I have seen a few out in blog land and they all look so different depending on the colours used.
    I am always a stickler for thank you notes too, I think it's only polite to take time to thank the person for their gift. Hope you find out who sent it!

  2. The colours you've used are lovely! I wish I could do the SAL but it's not in the cards for me this time. I also love Charbs and Wendy's trees!!

    Nice mystery gift! I'm the same as you about the thank wasn't me just so you know.

  3. ooo nice colour on your tree ... soo sorry you've not found out yet .. and yes was brought up to do a letter as well as say too .. although it is easier to email peeps when you don't know their snail mail addresses .... love mouse xxxx

  4. i really love the is very beautiful and very different..beautiful colors..
    lovely mystery gift..
    have fun and lots of love for you..hugs xx

  5. Great going on your tree! The thread is really pretty.

  6. Autumn is my favorite season, so I love all of the beautiful fall colours in your "Autumnal Tree". Can't wait to see the finish of this beauty.

    What fun....a gift voucher for Willow Fabrics. How nice of the sweet "Mystery" person who sent it to you!

  7. Wow, your Tree of Stitches looks gorgeous!!
    I adore the colors you used, they bring that warm and comfortable feeling of autumn. Just perfect for the current season =)

  8. Love the thread color! If I ever finish the one I"m working on, I may do another and try out the DMC. DS was taught to write thank yous, don't know that he's very good about it though. Me? I've got much worse about it. My family doesn't send amongst themselves, but if it's outside family I definitely do.

  9. Love the colours for your TOS. It is a beautiful design. I have seen many different ones now, and I never tire of seeing the design being interpreted by each stitcher.
    My boys always wrote thank you letters to anyone who took the trouble to send them a gift,like I did as a child and still do. Our younger son celebrated his 25th recently and he sent a thank you note to my friend, who never forgets his birthday.

  10. Wow beautiful stitching on your tree. The colours are gorgeous. Beautiful work. Great surprise too. Someone is thinking of you xo

  11. Oh, that tree is beautiful! Do I detect some black-stitches in there? Love the colors and the stitches really do make it all pop - can't wait to see how your new stitching adventure develops. I am already looking forward to see new WIP pics! :-)

  12. Oh I love that colour! Definitely reminds me of fall!

  13. Oh wow your tree is beautiful! I love the colours.

    What a lovely surprise you received.

  14. Your tree color is so lovely. I love autumnal/fall shades so much. And thanks Jo for dropping by in my blog. Miss you girl!


  15. Great colors, Jo. Does this mean you'll be doing other seasonal trees? ;)

    I don't have kids, but for me, I'm used to sending emails. For me, it's about saving trees...

  16. I'm going to be stitching this piece in the new year. I love seeing all the difference floss and fabric choices. :)


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