Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Yay!  Over 100 followers!  Although in true Blogger style they seem to think I have 102 followers but there are actually only 101.  So Hello Pam Grouette who is number 100.  And how fitting that number 101 is Giovanna who has been a reader of the blog since the very beginning and was actually the very first person to comment and now is an official follower.

As promised there is going to be a Giveaway.  But you have to put your thinking caps on for this one.  Remember the Victorian Doll's House I stitched?  There were four sets of initials (in the path, Joysze!) which represented hubby, myself, the large boy and the small boy.  So what I want to know is:

What are our middle names?

Here is a picture of the house to remind you:

Hubby's initial and mine are both "M"
Large boy's is "J" and
Small boy's is "Z"
All our names are normal English names, the boys do not have Jumper or Zebra as middle names!

There will be 3 different prizes. 
The first option is the Doll's House chart, one small caveat, the key just lists colours not numbers so you will have to choose your own colours.  The cover picture is very clear and will make it easy.
The second option is "The Cute Collection" as shown below.  Over the years I have collected several cute charts which are not really my thing, so here they are altogether.  There is a Somebunny calendar, Tatty Teddy, Forever Friends, Newton, Fizzy Moon, 2 Margeret Sherrys and a button booklet.

The third option is the "Mystery Option", basically if you aren't likely to stitch either of the above then I'll try choose something you will like.

As well as the charts there will be a random selection of things, such as fabric, trimmings, embellishments, something stitched, a postcard, anything I think "oooo, she'll like that".

So, to enter:

You must be a follower
Leave a comment with your 4 guessed names
Let me know which prize you would like.

I have enabled "blog owner approval" on all comments so no-one can copy the girl in front!  All comments will be displayed when the Giveaway finishes which will be next Wednesday 14th September noon BST (British Summer Time).  The first winner will be randomly chosen from the people who get the most names right.  The second winner will be chosen at random from all the people who chose different prize options to the winner.  (for exampler - If the first winner chooses the Cute collection, I draw the second winner from the Doll's House and Mystery people).  So even if you don't get any names right you're still in with a chance of a prize.  Fair to everyone? 

If you are an overseas person and do not understand what middle names are, then please email and I'll explain!


Lissanne said...

Oh wow, this is going to be hard!!

Your Husband - Michael
Yours - Michelle
Large Boy's - Jordan
Small Boy's - Zachary

Mouse said...

oooo now then you have me guessing with the names and also which prize to go for as they all sound good but i think the mystery one is the one for me ;)
ok DH .... Mark
you ...... Michelle
Large boy ....John
small boy ... Zachary
there you go probably all wrong but hey ho worth a chance heheheh :0 love mouse xxxxx

Mangogirl said...


Joysze said...

*giggle* I remember where to look this time. ;)

Ooooooh fun!!!! I'm in for the game, but if you don't mind, I'm going to pass on the giveaway. :)

Hubby: Matthew
Jo: Margaret
LB: James
SB: Z.... Zachariah?

Eyani Ryou said...

Congrats on 101 followers Jo!!

I'm gonna guess yours is Mary, husband is Michael, Large boy is James and small boy is Zachary/Zach.

If by some miracle I'm right mystery for me!!!


Rachel said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

My guess:


Julie and Becky said...

Oh, too fun - I'm going to choose VERY ordinary English names, hahaha


And if I win, I'd like the doll house chart, please!

Congrats on 100 members - it's fun to mark the milestones!


Adrienne said...

What a fun giveaway!! Thank you!

My guesses: Michael, Margaret, James, and Zachary.

I'll go for the Mystery Option!

Congrats on 100 followers!


Mangogirl said...

:D thanks for looking at my blog :D If I was lucky enough to win I want the cute collection :D They're just too cute!

Bec said...

What a fab idea for the giveaway!
I hope you don't deduct for spelling lol.
My guess is;

I would love the 2nd option, hoe could resist! :)

Anne said...

That's quite ingenious about keeping the comments secret until its time!! Anywho, my guesses are as such:

Yours: Margaret
His: Matthew
Large Boy's: Jonathan
Small Boy's: Zachery

And I would love to opt for the Mystery option!! Who doesn't love a mystery!!

PS, I've added a link to your giveaway.

good luck to all!

Sarah Beth said...


Hope I win.

Jenny said...

Wow Jo - this game is too cool!
So, I am guessing the following:
Jo M - I am guessing Marie('cuz that is my middle name...)
M for your DH - Maurice (hmm, is that a "normal English name", maybe not... LOL)
J - Joseph (cuz' that's DH's m,iddle name...)
Z - Zachary ('cuz that's the ony name I could come up with for "Z"...)

I would love to be surprised, even more than if I win, I mean... ;-)

Virpi said...

I hope you make a draw with all participants and not just the ones who guessed right =). I'm not good in English and I'm afraid I don't even know any names with Z! Anyway here are my guesses Michael, Mary, Jonathan and Zac (is that a name?) =D If I win I would choose the mystery prize.

Rachael xxx said...

Oh Erm I love guessing!!!
Yours ~ Marie
Hubbys ~ Mark
Son #1 ~ James
Son #2 ~ Zach/k
If my name was pulled out, I would go for The dolls house or the mystery as I love mysteries

Susan said...

I'll give it a go! How about Michael for Hubby, Mary (although I keep thinking Michelle) for you, John for large boy (but Jumper is interesting) and Zachary for (not so small) small boy. I'll live dangerously and try for the "mystery". Thanks so much for the give-away and the comments you've made at my blog.

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

I love it Jo - what a great idea...

Ok, my guesses...

Hubby - Michael
You - Marie
LB - John
SB - Zachary

On the off chance I'm anywhere near the ballpark, I love your cute collection :)

Congratulations on passing 100 - I'm getting excited about almost making 50.

x Kirstin

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Hi Jo,
Coingratulations on your 100+ followers :).
I would love to be considered on your "Cute Collection" giveaway and my guesses for the names are your hubby M for Mitchell, your M for Midleton, the J for Jackson and Z for Zachary... Good luck to all :)

Nel said...

hmmmm, lets think

Joseph, Zack

Michael and May

That house if fab, what a lovely job you have done.

I would love to have a go at it.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo,

What a lovely, clever giveaway. I love the house - now where did you get that pattern? I would love to add it to my stash? Is is still available do you think?

My guesses are:
You = Mary
Hubby = Matthew
Large boy = James
Small boy = Zachary

My choice of prize (if I am lucky enough to win is the Mystery Prize).

Also, Jo, thanks for putting me onto the Dark Alphabet - I have downloaded A to M already and plan to buy fabric and threads next week - Yay! Another new start for me!

cheers, Kaye

Christine said...

Congratulations on 100 followers!
I'm going to go for Michelle, Mark, Joshua and Zach
If I'm lucky enough to win please put me down for the mystery prize

Giovanna said...

OK, let's try - yours has to be Mary (I'm Giovanna Maria myself, so you must be the exact equivalent in English, right? lol). I'll go for Michael for your DH, and for Jeremy and Zachary for your boys. And I'll go for option 3, please. This is fun!

gracie said...

Let me think....Maria, Michael, Joseph and Zoe and I would be 3rd choice. How did I do???

Blu said...

This has to be one of the most unique contests!

I'm going with: Matthew, Melissa, Jeremy and Zachary.

(I had the most difficulty coming with two "normal" names for M! J & Z are easy!)

I'm going to throw my name in for the Mystery Option and I'm a follower~

Wagapapa said...


What a great and original giveaway!

I'm a new follower and I'd like to be entered for the wonderful Victorian Doll's House pattern.

I have posted it on my blog's sidebar so everyone can see it.

And now the answer, I think your middlenames are: Mary, Michael, James and Zack.

A big hug from Bilbao,

Noemi (

Tricia said...

Hi Pam,
I am a follower and love blog,
Your Hubbys and yours middle names are
Michael and Marsella
and your sons are
John and Zack

The prize if lucky enough to win would be the mystery gift

Measi said...

Hi Jo! I thought I was a follower of your blog already, but I guess I just added a subscription via Google Reader, rather than actually join through Friend Connect (that's now been fixed).

Here are my four guessed names:
You: Mary
Hubby: Michael
Elder son: James
Younger son: Zachary

I'd love to be considered for either #1 or #3. :)


P. G. said...

Hello to you too, I've been reading your blog for a while but now too am an official follower. My guesses are Michael, Michelle, James and Zach.

Thanks for the giveaway,

pamgrouette at gmail dot com

Raven/Missy said...

Hmm..M..Michael and Michelle, J: Jacob/Jonathan and Z: Zachary

Interesting way to do a giveaway :)

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

bah. i missed it, that'll teach me for being slow and unmotivated! looks like a good giveaway so i look forward to hearing about the winners

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thans to everyone who entered and Bad Luck Hannah :-(

I will be posting later tonight with the results.

Anonymous said...

you- Maree
Boy 2 -Zachary
If i am lucky enough i would love the cute package,thankyou for this lovely giveaway.